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  1. That is a really breaking news, we'd like to help the chinese localization😄 Wish the BOS become better and better! 哈哈,加油,奥利给!
  2. THX for helping me update on YouTube!~~~~And enjoy this video
  3. its really a loooooooooong and tough match.
  4. yes,i have the track see clearly.how can i show it? and thx for tanks problem. maybe i didnt count clearly
  5. And another problem.we axies clear all 3 defense near kalach and our tanks convey only lost 2 tanks near kalach.but the next mission the kalach not be captured or close and all tanks disapear.if the same situation happense to Allis,they will captured or close our af even they dont clear the defense with tanks only has half left. i wants to know what is the caculate method of last map? thx
  6. today #699 mission. one yak dive on me and over shot .myfw190's wing broken his enginge and i hit his wing and his oil leak.and i shot again he stall and be killed.but there is no recoed in my fight log.and his log has no damage coming.but he really be damaged.
  7. why the axis has the great advantage in 5th map,but it drawn when it shot down?and why the map keep going when Allis advantage?and why the server will shut down as soon as axis advantage?
  8. I think the register rule should add limit.When one side have 20 player(or more) more than the other,player can not regist the more player side until the gap below the limit.Or the server limit the gap.Sometimes huge player numbers gap make game a little boring.And sometimes only ai.
  9. after update bos, everytime i start the game whether i use steam or not, the imagine will disappear and be black screen after the il2★sturmovik and there is only the background sounds. my laptop is Lenovo Y480 i5 650m 4g win7 and i already updated the dx11. so is there anyone meet the same question?can anyone solve my problem?thank u very much
  10. Merry christmas!Thanks for your generousity.I'd like a key too
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