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  1. Fritz_X

    37mm damage

    You might have a point, sort of. Yet I still feel like simply neglecting the younger audience, which sure is a minority, is quite unfair. My first flight sim was Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1. I was immediately hooked to the genre and switched over to IL-2 as soon it was released back in 2001. I was 14 at the time.
  2. From what the devs wrote so far, it seems like we'll be getting the Mk.II with five different gun configurations: 1. 8x 30cal 2. 12x 30cal 3. 4x 20mm Hispano 4. 2x 40mm 'Tank Buster' 5. Russian Field Mod, 2x 20mm + 2x 12,7mm * ninja'd by edit
  3. What I'd wish for: Italy 1943. What I actually think will be coming next: Eastern Front 1944/45.
  4. I agree. Even though both Tempest and Typhoon look rather similar, the latter one still always looked way more appealing to me. Thicker wings and the longer cannons seal the deal for me. This dev diary is packed with awesomeness. The Typhoon, the new pilot models, the improvements for TC and especially the new VL summer map (plus the updated winter version), nothing but great news. The devs really never fail to impress and once again their dedication and generosity shows by giving us quite some modifications for the coming Typhoon.
  5. Someone mentioned this in another thread about one or two months ago. But nowhere as detailed as you did. Nice work, much appreciated.
  6. If there's something weird on the Eastern front. Who you gonna call? V-V-S!!! On a serious note: The VAP-250 napalm dispenser is not available in Great Battles.
  7. Why can I upvote this only once? Can't repeat myself often enough, Italy 1943 would be a dream come true for me.
  8. I always take the wing mounted 7,7 mm Breda machine guns when flying the Macchi. I don't feel like the added weight is that much of a penalty and even though they are just rifle caliber they are better than no additional fire power. What I also like about them is that the trigger time of them roughly equals those of the main guns.
  10. Totally stoked about today's update! The Spitfire family is my favorite airframe (along with the P-38). The announcement of the XIV joining our sim was already a highlight for me, but now getting to know that I'll be able to choose my favorite version (e wing with eliptic wing tips) is just perfect. Many thanks to the devs for their hard work. And for giving us so many options to tailor single planes to our likes.
  11. Agreed... I can hardly imagine what those poor chaps must have felt when they realized things took a wrong turn, trapped inside such a tiny and dark space, not being able to escape. The horror. Transporting additional personal in the fuselage of fighter planes seemed to have been a common tactic among other air forces as well. I've once read about a Soviet pilot (forgot his name, sorry) who lost his life while trying to emergency land his plane (think it was a Yak type...) after a technical problem. He was ordered to bail out, but refused to do so, because he was transporting a member of his ground crew in the fuselage. Unfortunately the landing attempt failed and both were killed. I bet somebody on here can give a more detailed insight of this tragic event.
  12. I agree on eveything you said. Though I'd like to add that flying this plane is nothing but a treat even if you don't use VR. Yes, from a competitive view this plane won't get you far. But the experience you'll get from flying it compares to nothing else in this game. Absolutely priceless and worth every penny.
  13. What I'm looking most forward to are the three British planes (Spitfire Mk. XIV, Typhoon, Mosquito) and the channel map, which will give us users the opportunity to create early war scenarios. I'm curious about what iteration of the Spitfire Mk. XIV we will receive. If I had to make an educated guess, I'd say we'll be getting the high back version with a C-wing, even though I hope for the devs to add an optional E-wing. Doubt we'll be seeing a low back with bubble canopy...
  14. Thanks for clearing this up. And sorry for causing confusion with my answer, but it sounded pretty logical to me. Again, it came from a math teacher of mine. I can actually remember now when he said it, it was when our class was supplied with new scientific calculators, which could be set to different units, including both degrees (360 max. value) and gradian (400 max. value). On the latter one he commented that we wouldn't need to use it, for it is only used in other countries, mentioning Russia as an example. Guess this was just a joke by him, or maybe him simply passing on misinformation. This 'information' and the maximum value shown on the I-16's gauge and the 53 degrees from the planes description almost corresponding perfectly when compared in both degrees and gradian units simply led me to my false assumption. Again, sorry for my wrong answer. And no, it was not intended as a 'in Soviet-Russia' cheap shot.
  15. Just here to wish you a happy birthday 🙂 Please don't count this post of mine as an entry for your giveaway, though. Still thanks for your generosity. Ps.: Living a happy life after eventually turning thirty actually is possible. Various scientists from all over the world have confirmed this.
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