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  1. Your memory is deceiving you. BoS takes place in 1942, BoM in 1941 and BoK in 1943. So the devs already went 'back in time' when they released BoM after BoS. Didn't hurt anyone, did it? I'd also disagree on the 'going backwards in performance' part. The Spit Mk.XIV, which is expected to be the next release in BoN's development cycle, is most likely going to be the fastest piston engine fighter we are going to get. It will be faster than the Mk.IX that came with BoBp and definitely is going to give opposing K4 pilots a chase. The Ar-234 as a dedic
  2. Even though I'd choose my words differently, I have to agree here. The new style is rather bright, too bright for my personal taste. Kind of my own fault, since I'm using dark mode for all the apps and websites I use. Is there a dark mode option already? I looked up for it but couldn't find anything so far. If there is none yet, would it be possible to add this option?
  3. 20 years, yet it still feels just like yesterday. I was an avid CFS1 player back then, I loved that game dearly. I don't know where exactly I heard it first, maybe it was a friend of mine telling me, maybe I read about it in some gaming magazine, but I somehow learned that there would be a new WW2 flight sim called "IL-2 Sturmovik" soon to come. But could this be any good? Would it even stand the slightest chance against CFS? Unlikely. Would it be the better at simulating the "real deal"? Hardly. Would it have the better graphics? Not a chance! I was a reade
  4. As a user with a single monitor setup, I feel like the default head position in most planes is already quite optimal. I only decrease the zoom to minimum level and then save it. The only planes I really feel the need for additional adjustments are the Hurricane and all of the FW-190's (especially in the Dora), where the default head positioning is too far to front, therefore moving it backwards quite a bit.
  5. Maybe I worded myself not too well in my initial post, but I'm in the very same boat as you: I'm greatly looking forward to fly the C6. Can't wait to do some mock-up night fighter missions in it. I'm just still quite astonished the devs actually went for this plane type.
  6. I have to agree, unfortunately. The Ju88c6 is one of my favorite planes, yet it feels out of place to me. When the plane roster for BoN was announced, I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it being listed on there. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that the devs picked this plane up, for as stated above it is one of my favorites. But from a business outlook I couldn't really understand the pick and still can't. In a 1944 setting the plane is underpowered, even if we should get the optional BMW powered variant. It won't be able to outrun any of the Allied planes. For a hea
  7. Wish I could upvote your post more than once for what you just wrote right there. What amazes me most about our favorite flight sim is, next to the transparency in communication from the devs, is how far the software has come since its' initial release. Upon its' release it got mixed reviews by both critics and gamers, and rightfully so. It looked very good on the outside, but felt lackluster in so many ways. Missing features, little content and a few bad decisions (I'm looking at you, weapon unlock system) that simply kept the sim far from greatness. But Ja
  8. Did you check your key bindings? If your engine always shuts down when hitting G, the key might be assigned to an engine command. Edit: ninja'd.
  9. Plus all of them would fit quite perfectly into the given time frame of FC1 and FC2. I for myself would also hope for a Rumpler two-seater, which I already dearly missed back in RoF.
  10. What a pleasant surprise this is! Honestly, I always had the bad feeling that the journey of Flying Circus was already over with the release of its' first installment. Really glad I was wrong about this. Looking forward for more information to come! I dearly hope that both the Gotha G.V and the Nieuport 17 will make it into the roster.
  11. For gun convergence setting I use the following rule: The further the guns are off from the plane's center line, the lower the value of the convergence setting. In general I devide my choice into three options: 1. Planes with center line mounted guns (Bf-109 F/G/K, La-5, Yaks, etc.): 400 - 420m convergence. 2. Planes with a mix of center line and wing root mounted guns (FW-190, Bf-109 E, I-16, etc.) 300 - 320m convergence. 3. Planes with wing mounted (far from the plane's center line) guns (Tempest, Spitfire, etc.): 260 - 280m convergence.
  12. Wow, this is really deep... Thank you for sharing this very personal information with the rest of us. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. And always blue skies to both of your grandpas.
  13. Although they are close, they are not the same. With the tail section being the most noticable visual difference. In a historical context they are also not similar: When flying a Luftwaffe campaign at Kuban, the early G-6 will be available in the later phase of the battle. The late G-6 most likely won't, since it wasn't around at the time.
  14. I feel like I see where you are coming from, but... The 109 was the Luftwaffe's main stay fighter throughout the whole war. Choosing it as a fighter plane (along with any FW-190 iteration) simply is the most reasonable thing to do. If you combine this with what Audgisil said, namely that you basically can't sell a module without such an iconic plane to players who are new to the franchise, the developers' margin of choice gets even more limited. Even though my nickname might convey something else, I only rarely fly for the Lufties. And when I do, I try to av
  15. Currently the Spitfire Mk.IX with 150 oct. fuel and elliptic wingtips (I really don't like the clipped wings, they just take away that classic Spitfire look). Could be eventually replaced by the Mk.XIV... I have to admit that all of the British planes have a very pleasant ring to them. Their designs and flight characteristics (though being quirky at times) are quite amazing.
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