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  1. Thanks Feathered . Tax disc, chassis plate and under bonnet decals make a more realistic representation as They're not supplied by De Agostini in the kit which is a real shame for a kit in this scale .
  2. Looking good there Bug. E Type update....... Doors on,check,wipers on(all three),check,Dashboard and steering wheel,check, modified Tax disc,under bonnet decals and finally the bonnet....... Buggered up one roof trim, gotta repair that and I will clean off the greasy finger prints lastly.
  3. Nice one Bug. Very different there STN mate. Next one A Rata?
  4. Awesome.....can't say more mate.
  5. Looking good there STN Mate. Last sea plane I made was the old Airfix Walrus I think. Definitely different there mate.
  6. Be a shame to paint it looks cool in bare metal
  7. Had a real E type in at work last ☝️☝️week for its annual MOT.__...._needless to say iI took lots of Reference pics
  8. Had another bit of set back healthwise Sallee. Now getting back to building again. Here is the subframe + engine and front suspension mating to main body. Cool Idea with the Lectric toohbrush. Milo.
  9. Looking good there Bug. Final parts to the E Type........Got no excuses....Better finish it I suppose.
  10. Hi Blitzen. I built the Airfix JU 87 in 24th a while back. Its wheel spats were in the unloaded position with no internal gear. To adjust height you had to cut the spats as the Stuka spats telescope inside each other. Hope thatmight help mate.
  11. Ditto, Nice job so far. Not so sure about a metal kit Wolf. I have yet to see an accurate metal model of a Spitfire. Any preferences on scale?, as this aircraft is well presented in plastic and other mediums with also wide price ranges and accuracy.
  12. A Bunch of Fokkers there Sallee........Cool. More E type Shenanigans soon, have the Main body awaiting, been busy of late with trips back n fourth to Hospital.
  13. Nice models there Semor. The Cylon raider is a great kit, I made one too.
  14. That looks so good Feathered, I think most people would be convinced it did come off a sprue, simply awesome.
  15. That U boat explosion looks awesome. Great work Feathered The Gunbus is coming along sweet, Your a genius in the scratchbuild stuff........Just cool. Nice Vids Sallee , thanks for sharing. Inspiring stuff there Richard thanks for sharing some tips. Did a seascape for an old Wave Skydiver in the way back, my 1st attempt at a seascape. Excuse bad photos a few years old now.
  16. Nice Elephant Baron. Cool figures Richard and loving the effects on your U boat and welcome to the thread.
  17. More E Type parts to come. Here is the bonnet half done.
  18. Cool idea with the tape Feathered , works a treat.
  19. Nice one Barron. E Type Update, more interior and fuel cap corrections.
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