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  1. Ditto. Great photograpy too ,I had to double take it looked real at first.
  2. Very very nicely done. Ditto another clear coat will prob save it...Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed Birdman.
  3. Nice one Matt. The Tie Interceptor and Datrth Vaders Ties were allays my favorites. I made the old MPC AT AT many years ago .....looks like the Bandai one seems more accurate. Looking good. Been slow going on My De Lorean as my health is not so great ATM.
  4. 60/40 Works for me to ._.Though desert climate would deffinatly not describe Our weather here. Looks great so far from your great pics.
  5. Loks great so far Matt. That Engine looks cool feathered too , so far so good.
  6. Anyone else remember when Tamiya tank kits first hit these shores?, the Japanese translations were terrible and the grammar also, but was always good for a laugh and their tank kits were so superior to anything we had seen at that time. Good work so far Matt..
  7. Agreed. That truly saddens me. Why do a model building company feel it has to comment like that?? Truly hope it's some kind of sick joke...not by them I susspect I agree with Feathered if it,s for real I will certainly be boycotting their products.....I mean WTF is wrong with the world? Keys to the outrage bus in hand. Nice Val BTW Birdman.
  8. Featherred may not be a Gnome ,but he is a masocist ,but my hats off to The Genius. Keep up The great tiny plane factory.
  9. I use Florey models washes , they are clay based and have no problems to date. Only tip I use is not to let dry more than a couple of hours on Matt surfaces I always satin first add decals and wash last before re matting all surfaces to get even reflective quality.
  10. I have been modeling most of my life.......you never stop learning new skills ,cheats, or short cuts . You kinda find stuff that works until you find something better, quicker, easier in my experience. Great work.
  11. Looking good. Yes I always thought "what if Blom und Voss designed spaceships?".
  12. Nice Y wing Matt I always liked that design of ship. I love the detail on your Zero's instrument panel Birdman mate. Some of Airfix's new kits are awesome like that P40, way better than the old stuff. Wow that float is detailed STN. Hi DD. Mixed media models plastic, metal whatever material all welcome. No restrictions here, any models welcome I think we all like to see something like yours. Also a different subject matter is always welcome I love your bridge diorama... shows great imagination mate, thanks for sharing. Personally I have been from one subject to another of late. Back to my De Lorean build as I have all the parts now I have no excuse. Bodywork panels added to under frame just like the real De Lorean's stainless steel panels are............In places the Eaglemoss model is sublime and in other areas sadly lacking as most partworks are..............still lots of scope for extra detailing I guess which of course I am doing just like the Jaguar E type(or XKE depending what side of The pond you are.). So far I have added 3d printed and corrected seats Supplied by my best mate, Modelmodz power supply,flux capacitor,The SIDD or Christmas tree, their 1 to 6 switch center console replacement ,their Remote control unit,their EL wire flux bands and reactor lighting kit and spare wheel correction mod. Also many extra wires and corrective paint detailing. Virtually all The Mike lane mods decals ETC to be and have already added. Going to be absolute nightmare to wire up ,but hopefully will be worth the effort.
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