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  1. Nice colletion big 10. Have not s een a big F14 in a while.
  2. Liking The Fury Radek,I remember the old Matchbox kits too. Nice job.
  3. Steam punk or Dastedly and Muttlys "catch The pidgeon"._._._.I love it! I just hope I am not The only one old enough to remember that old cartoon sieres.
  4. Nice. Thought I did not recognize this as a late wessex must be an early type?? (In British service)as I thought it had a longer nose section and larger exhaust nozzel......Don't quote me, I could be wrong as I am no expert on whirlybirds the last one I built was the old Matchbox(now Revel) 1/32nd Puma. But cool build so far GN.
  5. Nice topic GN. 1/32nd ? Whirlwind ?
  6. Yes those De Agostini kits are not cheap as a partwork but are cheaper if you can buy kit all in one. Liking the BSG. Raider and a Raiden if I am not mistaken GN ? Nice 110 too good work. You do like your barrel shaped Fuselages STN? Great work.
  7. Ditto....Nice weathering. That car looks so cute Wingless ...what is it? ...Nice! Prety cool Erla too Pfrances ,..not bad after a 12 year break ...I like a lot.
  8. Yes The E Type is cool close up. As an MOT tester for a job I get to see at least one once a year. That's where I got some cool detail pictures for my model. Cool floatplane STN, shame about dropping it......Seems always happens to me when I spray too.
  9. Thanks Jon, The kit does not come with carpets. In 1/8th scale this kit is woefully lacking in details esspecially under the hood.I simply Couldn't let that go as you can see in previous posts.
  10. FINALLY DONE !. If The De Lorean is furniture then its a cabinet and sideboard,It is only 1/4 finished and already weighs a ton....PHEW! Liking those single float plane designs too STN ,my favorite is The Vought Kingfisher. Well done so far.
  11. BTTF.De Lorean Time Machine .....so far.
  12. Sweet wear and tear on the scamel there Bug . My E type is finaly finished excepting a replacement part thats in the post.Pictures to follow when its all done. Next project allready started is 1/8th Back to The Future De Lorean._._._ Allready have lots of mods for this one._._.Pictures soon too.
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