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  1. I have built both the Hassagawa and this one in 1/32nd,TBH I am not sure which one is best as they both have faults. Meng has engraved pnel lines which are superbly done but as said is a bitch to get bits to fit. Hassagawa has raised detail but an easier build except the wing joints are a bit iffy and not sure wing incidence is correct.. Meng has better cockpit but at least Hassagawa fits. Swings and roundabouts.Lol.
  2. ME 163 finished. Meng 1/32nd scale ME 163 B Komet. This has been a terrible kit to assemble,....anyone remember the old Fujimi kits? This kit reminded me of them IE, They look great in the box but almost every part is well detailed but ill fitting. I could not recommend this kit unless you have great patience. Every part needed some kind of fetteling. I am not thoroughly happy with the outcome,but here it is anyways. Over all a not pleasurable experience ,..still you cannot win them all I guess LOL.🤪
  3. fantastic Waffle just fantastic. I like it ...a lot. Really nice rigging too , simply awesome.
  4. Grumman Duck ? Ooh ...intresting it is same kit well done Sallee. Yes the top pic is the re bagged 1/72nd commemorative kit.
  5. + 1 Nicely corrected Blitzen it has long been a bone of contention about the myth of the Aurora/ Airfix kits. The proof is here ...Thanks mate.😀
  6. Glue on the canopy.....how many of us have had that? I'm guessing all LOL.🤔
  7. Wow...looks like Morph ....ON ACID !..lol. Good stuff there.
  8. Ditto nice stuff there mate brilliant for just a beginer
  9. Shame about Wing nuts demise, I always thought that although their kits were excellent,but they were not excellent value for money and this probably did not help with their sales. Still their Quality WWI stuff was second to none. Update on my 163 build, Walter rocket motor attached,cockpit finished and under cart trolley doohicky ready This Meng kit is has high detail but some of the parts are soooo intricate but dont fit too well😒.
  10. Work in progress. Meng Me 163 Komet 1/32nd.
  11. Wow now that,s different. Look forward to seeing when finished. I don't think I have seen a model of that aircraft before.
  12. Excellent job as usual STN. Tail stripe looks just right from photo mate.
  13. Figure finished....Glue still wet. 1/4 scale ish .Jill valentine from Resident Evil 3 Nemesis game remake. From a 3d print mesh (probably lifted from game itself) because of lacking in fine detail ,textures would probably have been applied. Still here it is.
  14. Cool Pfrances. You have a squadron of b25's now lol. BTW you will never get that cockpit to fit.....LOL🤪
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