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  1. I found the Zoki mura 1/32nd Horton online for £70.....guess i was lucky, but OMG its worth every penny. Hoping its my next build.
  2. Awsome boat build Born to. I know the feeling trying to get enough energy in the tank to build something too. I had a tripple heart bypass and have only 40 percent heart function now. Keep up the good work there mate. I have the zoki mura 1/32 horton on my to do list ,Ijust hope I can do it justice
  3. Awesome as usual, all these planes,even as small as they are must be taking up shelf space lol.
  4. That's one good looking turd all the same STN. I've had afew kits in the past that would test the patience of a saint. Great out come all the same.
  5. Waiting for more De Lorean parts to turn up , So I was catching up on my Fantasy figure build in 1/4th scale. Its a figure conversion with mostly sculpted Appoxi sculpt added deatail. Never done sculpting on this scale before, It's a real challenge..
  6. Nice colletion big 10. Have not s een a big F14 in a while.
  7. Liking The Fury Radek,I remember the old Matchbox kits too. Nice job.
  8. Steam punk or Dastedly and Muttlys "catch The pidgeon"._._._.I love it! I just hope I am not The only one old enough to remember that old cartoon sieres.
  9. Nice. Thought I did not recognize this as a late wessex must be an early type?? (In British service)as I thought it had a longer nose section and larger exhaust nozzel......Don't quote me, I could be wrong as I am no expert on whirlybirds the last one I built was the old Matchbox(now Revel) 1/32nd Puma. But cool build so far GN.
  10. Nice topic GN. 1/32nd ? Whirlwind ?
  11. Yes those De Agostini kits are not cheap as a partwork but are cheaper if you can buy kit all in one. Liking the BSG. Raider and a Raiden if I am not mistaken GN ? Nice 110 too good work. You do like your barrel shaped Fuselages STN? Great work.
  12. Ditto....Nice weathering. That car looks so cute Wingless ...what is it? ...Nice! Prety cool Erla too Pfrances ,..not bad after a 12 year break ...I like a lot.
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