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  1. Truly awesome build there Bug.....EPIC.
  2. +1 Mate Nice! Wonder Woman Progress so far.
  3. Cool story Happy. That sums up the reality of movie work. I would not describe my self as a Trekie but some of the designs over the years are really cool. I remember watching the original series on TV The first time round.
  4. Cool , I have seen the movie props and they do not stand up to close scrutiny unlike a good model.Still most movie props are on screen for seconds , so dont need to look so good. I posted pics of Gerry Anderson studio scale Skydiver a while back to represent such modelling types.I see some peoples model exact replicas like this complete with overspray and finger marks lol.Keep up the good work.
  5. I know the feeling too, Get well soon Bug Mate. Here is my latest project, !/4 scale Wonder Woman figure, Scaled up from a 1/6th scale mesh and 3d printed buy my best mate. Very little clean up needed primed and starting to paint whith alclad chrome.
  6. I love the Trek figures cool.Look forward to seeing The bigger one if you can show?
  7. Thanks for the Encouragement. I used Aves epoxysculpt, it has a working time when mixed of around 2 hours then cures as an epoxy normally dose. You can also use a wetted finger or any tool to get a smooth finish, meaning minimal sanding needed. The character is an old D n D role playing character from years back called "Tsu", a Half Elf Rouge thief type. The artwork was drawn by a very good friend of mine the coloring was done with photoshop by myself a long long time ago and has taken a long while to finally do a figure sculpt. I am not too displeased with the outcome considering its my first attempt sculpting in this scale. But for sure the sculpting epoxy was way easier to use than I anticipated and for some of your models Feathered would probably be a godsend for making parts like seats and alike.
  8. Finally finished the figure. From original artwork, to 1/4 scale action figure conversion. With Major sculpting headaches. 1st time sculpting in this huge scale. Sword and belt buckle detail is etched brass parts. Nice practice for next big figure.
  9. I found the Zoki mura 1/32nd Horton online for £70.....guess i was lucky, but OMG its worth every penny. Hoping its my next build.
  10. Awsome boat build Born to. I know the feeling trying to get enough energy in the tank to build something too. I had a tripple heart bypass and have only 40 percent heart function now. Keep up the good work there mate. I have the zoki mura 1/32 horton on my to do list ,Ijust hope I can do it justice
  11. Awesome as usual, all these planes,even as small as they are must be taking up shelf space lol.
  12. That's one good looking turd all the same STN. I've had afew kits in the past that would test the patience of a saint. Great out come all the same.
  13. Waiting for more De Lorean parts to turn up , So I was catching up on my Fantasy figure build in 1/4th scale. Its a figure conversion with mostly sculpted Appoxi sculpt added deatail. Never done sculpting on this scale before, It's a real challenge..
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