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  1. My best mate a pro modeller too has a SLA 3d printer and the quality depends on the polygons and 3d sculptor but as you can see he turns out great quality stuff such as The Wonder woman figure i did a few pages back .BTW that was from another guys mesh.My hat goes off to him. I should point out though he dose his own Meshes too but WW was not his. He never takes credit for other peoples work, his own speaks for himself.
  2. Welcome Spectre. Post away,The more the merrier. Very nice indeed. Welcome Vini. Nice builds My own choice would be Alclad Chrome and a little weathering. I know sone peoples prefur to use foil too but that won,t be as shiny on the fabric control surfaces. If The XIX has them ofcourse?
  3. Had my eyes tested a few years back ....Perfect long sight , I now use reading glasses and 2.5 mag for modeling. Now unlike Feathered and yourself My models just get bigger. I guess what I am trying to say is , with age eyesight flaws come to us all lol I am having a nightmare atm with my DeLorean build, I am at the infamous part 91 ....The wiring , with all my additions to the model itself I have made a rod for my own back . Just hope the effort is worthwhile in the end. Ouch!
  4. An epic build to be sure. I found the cockpit parts an absolute Sh!$ to fit and IMO is from the rumored attempted kit from the late 70,s but fuz and wings brand new.. IE The Cockpit has all the problems of Airfix,s older 24th range as cockpit parts also never fitted properly ,that said it is a impressive model when built, I agree many will stay unbuilt. But excellent job and impressive photo,s too. Looks great.
  5. Your patience holds no boundaries ....so far☝️lol. Torpedo looks great .Awsome
  6. Not much help , this one I think but man! it,s almost impossible to find pics with engine in situ. I even looked on the Flying IL2 pics too.
  7. Featherred The blind flying hood looks spot on,well worth the effort . Another triumph mate ,hat off to you.
  8. Ditto. Great photograpy too ,I had to double take it looked real at first.
  9. Very very nicely done. Ditto another clear coat will prob save it...Fingers crossed. Fingers crossed Birdman.
  10. Nice one Matt. The Tie Interceptor and Datrth Vaders Ties were allays my favorites. I made the old MPC AT AT many years ago .....looks like the Bandai one seems more accurate. Looking good. Been slow going on My De Lorean as my health is not so great ATM.
  11. 60/40 Works for me to ._.Though desert climate would deffinatly not describe Our weather here. Looks great so far from your great pics.
  12. Loks great so far Matt. That Engine looks cool feathered too , so far so good.
  13. Anyone else remember when Tamiya tank kits first hit these shores?, the Japanese translations were terrible and the grammar also, but was always good for a laugh and their tank kits were so superior to anything we had seen at that time. Good work so far Matt..
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