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  1. Cool. Hoping to get my 2 figures done then back to some traditional modeling with........Not yet decided , but have a collection of 1/32nd german Wunder weapons, IE,Arrado blitz,Horton 229,Me 163,Heinkel Spatz and Dornier 335.........can't make my mind up.
  2. Gotta loft?, garage,?Or any where to hide under the bed?until later,then its "oh this old kit I had it for ages" try to wear a halo at the time though. Nice I was wondering where The Undercart got to?
  3. Wargamers are a rare breed. I dabbled way back in my teens.But moved on through many more hobbies, but the enduring one has always been modelmaking, be it R/C planes ,boats ,tanks ,cars. Then getting my Glider pilots license in 1/1 scale aircraft "incidently way easier than R/C flying".-,,Thanks for sharing.
  4. You could always build a Phaltz Zwilling with x2 fuz's LOL. Looking good feathered. Ditto
  5. Yes I haven't seen this level of paranoia since the Cuban missle crisis . But for sure social distnce is only gonna help beat this. Stay safe and healthy everone.
  6. Looking good to me ST. Yep were both vulnerable mate u Take Care now.
  7. That reminds me of a realy old tv show._.._..Anyone remember Vision On ?......The gallery??
  8. Think my heart is more stent than heart now. I now count 5 stents plus my tripple bypass 2 and a bit years ago. Ithink the NHS are tired of me now.☝️☝️ Think I need a holiday.
  9. Seemed I was special ....LOL. I had one on my left arm, one on my right arm, they couldn't reach the blockage so eventually through my right groin. So to date I have had three stents and a balloon through right groin 12 years ago, 4 angiogram /angioplast procedures in total now two of them back to back operations. Geez that was to say the least, tiring. My left arm is still black with bruising Bug, hurts like hell. But as I say "It could be worse, I might not be here at all" Looks like a long road to recovery this time around. Thanks for the concern guys and the jokes Feathered, are always welcome I need some cheering up. I try and see the upside to all things ,this means more modeling and flight sim time.😀 Close up for the firearms aficionados.
  10. On really close inspection the figure seems to be holding what looks like a H n K ish pistol. Usually Resident evil guns are remodeled and renamed, ie Jills berretta lookalike is called "Samurai Edge" in earlier Resi games.. All this on a game not even released yet in UK. But the figure is a mesh from this game Resident evil 3 Nemesis Remake
  11. Cheers guys. Some Progress on another subject.
  12. Cheers hope I catch a break soon. sheesh! 🤒
  13. Great progress STN mate. Haven't finished my figure builds yet. Had another health setback, another heart attack 2 weeks ago, another stent fitted, kicked out the door and now waiting for reassessment to see if I can continue working🙁 at all. Still could have been a lot worse I guess. So I guess I have no excuse about not having time as I have plenty of that now. Still great work everyone, keep up the great work.
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