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  1. If it does become f2p what will those of us that paid for it get as compensation? I dont think they could change to f2p now.
  2. I also feel that the QMB should be left as a sandbox mode to allow for testing and other activities such as machinima making or general tomfoolery
  3. Everything In the game for me is a solid foundation. The campaign has alot of potential and the graphics and FMs are wonderful. My constructive criticism however is as follows: 1. There needs to be some sort of narrative drive to the campaign I.E pilot names, squadrons, historical accuracy. This is all possible with the current campaign as a base however it may take some time. 2. The unlock feature bothers me for the following reasons. I dont mind the unlocks in the campaign as it drives you to take off again. But it has no place in MP or QMB MP is restricted by the system and many p
  4. Wow...... Just wow.... instead of fixing the issue you took away the one thing that made it even slightly bearable. Now i really am going to have a hard time picking this game back up come November.
  5. This whole unlocking stuff in campaign is horrific. I played three missions past the tutorial and im already bored out of my mind and have gained nothing towards unlocks. The thought of having to do this 10+ times for each aircraft is excruciating. Until such a time as I don't have to grind through a single player campaign to unlock skins and mods for planes, through a purchase system like ROF or whatever im out. It has totally killed my enthusiasm for the game. I don't have the time, energy or want to do this. Not to mention the fact that the multiplayer has been been severely effected by thi
  6. Here are 2 videos i have made myself. There not gameplay as such but more of a machinima. but they do show that you can turn of the icons and stuff in game. 1 2
  7. SYN_Adamfp3


    A Video I created meant to show the side of war so often forgotten.
  8. Yes i have and it doesn't really effect the performance in anything unless you play battlefield 4 or assassins creed 4 So if you don't id just wait for an official release
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