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  1. Some drawing routes functions, add marks for yourself(private) and for another players (public), text etc. This server can hide targets until someone makes Recon and marks on map. I would like option to share them with other players. Option to turn on/off each type of mark like dcs.
  2. Bad comparison. 110 was designed as a twin engine heavy fighter, il2 not. 110 is faster than il2. But maybe il2 was leading a turn and out of a dive. Anyway i guess there is something wrong with control autority near the stall in game since ac have good control for precise shots near the stall. Hanging on the prop like a helicopter, stalling, without torque, and firing precisely is a common maneuver of russians fightes. Try to handle like that on DCS, you're toast. Never do a steep climb, straight or spiral, even with energy advantange in game.
  3. Energy takes into account momentum E=1/2mv^2 and p = mv. E = p^2/2m. p = sqr(2mE). More energy equals more momentum.
  4. Type of improvement: Aircraft Structural Damage under G-loads (positive and negative) and Overspeed. Explanation of proposals: Aircraft suffer structural damage under Heavy G-loads. The ones implemented in game is not satisfactory. It is possible to dive at 600-700 and pull the stick hard without punishment. Benefits: difficult to do dangerous manouvers hardly seen IRL.
  5. I have never seen a plane broke his wings after a pullout, hard g, at 650 km/h in this game. I made a test in quick mission, dived in a yak 7b, picked up speed and yanked the pitch, nothing, no structural damage.
  6. Nice to read about that. Why is not implemented on IL2 GB yet? On some moves VVS take more than 600 km/h and pull a hard g without structural damage. On old il2 mig had reluctancy to follow on a dive since the wings should fall apart more than 700 km/h. After Team Daidalous you can't pull too much at very high speed or the aircraft should suffer structural damage. Some people are "confused" but it was implemented on old il2. Team Daidalous have done a good work before. See the image, im not talking shit: https://www.pprune.org/tech-log/443530-limit-load-factors-ww2-fighters-eg-spitfire-mustang.html https://aviation.stackexchange.com/questions/36012/why-does-overspeed-cause-structural-damage-or-failure-when-limit-load-factors-ar
  7. I am curious but without expectation about the new physiological model. I'm an enthusiast of all things that made simulation better and more real but I'm distrustiful if the hard G maneuvers without punishment will take an end. Defensive flight online is clearly dubious. If devs are reading i would like to ask if its possible to add structural damage when performing G maneuvres beyond the aircraft limits. Anti cheat policy is nice too.
  8. Would be usefull to assign forward back movements to buttons but when opentrack is on buttons not work. How to solve?
  9. Cut the turn rate of VVS since there are no gforces over the pilot, no fatigue, no confusion, nobody need strenght to pull the stick. : ) Ok, it is an idiot solution such as to remove gunners. No reds was complaining about pe-2 sniper shots.
  10. I guess i will dedicate to attacker aircraft: ju87 and 110 every time i touch a fighter shit happens. Colided with another 109.
  11. I will try to invite ABR: https://jambockvirtual.webnode.com/alianca-abr/ They have 20 pilots, i guess more than 10 are active. They fly RED. I guess you should invite them and other too.
  12. Polaco, estamos precisando de reds para voar contra na TAW. Sabemos que o ABR é um esquadrão grande, com excelentes pilotos. A TAW oferece uma experiência única em termos de imersão, os pilotos tem que preocupar-se em sobreviver e poupar as aeronaves. Estamos tendo poucos "vermelhos" em nosso horário de vôo que é sempre à noite. Você consegue reunir o seu pessoal e convidá-los. S!
  13. Im not acctualy complaining about people not showing up. I known people get busy, have family etc however strict quorum rules should kill the server on US timezone. Many mates are jumping on WoL becauss they cant play on TAW or are at nth position to take off. Rules about life, incentives to fly correctly with táctica ok. Its difficult to convice people to give a try and when they enter cant fly. It is unpleasant.
  14. I AM saying i would fly outnumbered If i find mates att EU time. I understand general numbers equal in servers but even equal numbers i would manage to have local superiority, energy advantage, strike and run, fight on my own terms. War is not to be fair is about tactical and strategy. If you are outnumbered manage a plan to counter. Two or three maps before we were being cornered but we took off decide to vanish the last red tanks. (We were without tanks). We lost but we tried. TAW is amazing server since they do not have unrealistic features that turns strategy and tactical decisions in vain.
  15. If reds continue to think like that: I will not fly cause outnumbered they will continue outnumbered. Have you heard about local superiority instead superiority itself. Call your friends, fly together, go to same place, attack together and get out. One advantage of taw is no icon. So Blue to get there will take time to locate themselves, gather and navigate there. Instead of that on wol someone writes "they are xyze". All press O, see icon, add power and reach there in no time, degenarating on huge furball. Five person at same place can do better than a bunch of spread on the map. Icons on give less margin to work local superiority concept. Icons on give less margin to work local superiority concept. I would fly even If outnumbered If with 3 ir more pack. Im on vacation but i cant findo mates at EU timezone. Maybe i should join an EU group for a period. You guys should come out from your cave for public TS hehehe
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