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  1. Real flight controls has much more distance between the axis and input itself. So I guess 0% is to sensitive. I would like more configurable options for flight controls, like DCS. I would set a linear soft output for the first 90-95% of stick axis with an abrupt increase for the last 5%-10% just to activate the tail wheel lock.
  2. Hello, I know the problems related with coronavirus but when to expect the new patch? I'm curious about the new DM.
  3. Some argue that radar allowed British to make good use of their resources, so he could deliver the right amount of fighters, optimal altitude etc at a determined place. Some argue that the high command of luftwaffe ask to 110 to act as close as possible to bombers, negating possible advantages... I guess Goering made false conclusions about the use of radars and ignored the problem.
  4. Many argue that Me-110 was outclassed by hurricanes and spitfires but some sources claim it had a better kill ratio than even Bf-109. His K/L was equal to english fighters even they was fighting, during period, mainly enemy fighters, while many english victories was made against bombers. Where is the truth? https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/me-110-underrated.45345/ https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/threads/bf110-exchange-ratio.26265/page-12
  5. Usualy the armor plate is not the first thing the bullet hits. The effects of sloped armour are well know at WWII too. https://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=54&t=213355&start=60
  6. Armor piercing is a function of the angle of inicidence of the bullet with the plate armor. A controlled fire experiment at an ideal 90 degree angle does not occur always at a real combat. Deflection of armor piercing is modelled in game? I guess not.
  7. How you know if he had engine issues? If my engines overheat and damaged sure i will bai out. Why I should stay in a plane with damaged engine? Better to bail than die. Since in the game is too easy to get pked (and lose one of 3 lives) why i should stay and fight with no engines? In TAW if you bail out, even in enemy territory, you have more chance to not be captured if near the frontlines.
  8. Even the weak ShvaK brake 110 apart, pked (few shots) fairly often in this game, i can't even bail out, imagine tempest 20mm? Is a flying coffin. I ll lose my lives in a blink of an eye and get kicked 20 hrs. I do not have BoBP. I will not buy it, maybe after DM patch. There is no A5 and G6 there.
  9. Only BoBP planes. Buy BoBP or fly the 110 "flying coffin" (take a single bullet and break apart or pked). I will not fly.
  10. Expecting next TAW encourages fighters to assist attackers and bombers. What is the purpose of medals for fighters only defending targets, not assiting in attacks? I have never seen a map lost due lack of aircraft or pilots, due to lack of tanks yes. Ground attack wins the war. Begins tomorrow?
  11. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/ Nice forum, maybe well know by devs. Need to register and login to access data and figures.
  12. Fairly often I get killed or crippled with a single shot of tempest 20mm, 109 20mm does not do the same effect. I know that tempes has four but I'm comparing a single shot. How I known a single shot hit me? I verify it on tacview. Comparing a single bullet, not four weapons instead of one (this would make more difference at convergence range) and rate of fire too, I guess tempest 20mm is far stronger than german 20mm. I guess IRL it will not, take a look at this: http://www.quarryhs.co.uk/WW2guneffect.htm Although at the end I have no access to game code my attempts continue merely subjective, so we should ask the devs if a single bullet of 20mm are the very equal on both sides. Some excerptions of above text: "Clearly, the resulting scores can only be approximate, and in particular will vary depending on the particular mix of types included in an ammunition belt. The power calculation takes a typical mix of ammunition, where known. They also take no account of the fact that some incendiary mixtures, and some types of HE, were more effective than others. However, they do provide a reasonable basis for comparison. There is no point in trying to be too precise, as the random factors involved in the destructive effects were considerable. If we compare the values with the few data known from ballistic tests, we have some indications that the factors assumed in the calculations are realistic. The 20x80RB M-Geschoss and the 20x110 (Hispano) HE were rated as about equal; the greater blast effect of the M-Geschoss was countered by the greater penetration and kinetic damage inflicted by the Hispano. They do indeed emerge with similar scores. Also, the Luftwaffe reckoned that it took about four or five times as many 20 mm shells to destroy a heavy bomber as it did 30 mm rounds. The power relationship here is 3.6 times for the MK 108 and 6.2 times for the MK 103, which neatly brackets this observation." Finally, the damage of tempest is 201 / 194 (MK II/MK V) (a single bullet of MK II is stronger, but MK V has better rate of fire) while german 20mm has damage of 110 / 109 / 236 (API/ HEIT/ HE(M)). Explosive ammunition of germans are fairly destructive even at 20mm. The ShvaK damage is 86 / 120 (API/HEI). If I would choose my ammo belt I should feed it with more explosive rounds. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/ Nice forum, maybe well know by devs. Need to register and login to access data and figures.
  13. What is the discord of microprose?
  14. There is option, but before you need to save at gimp format, flatten image, and only after "the add layer > transparency > add aplpha channel" will light up. After export as .dds. First: open .psd and save it as .xcf. Second: go image > flatten image Third: go layer > transparency > add alpha channel Fourth: export as .dds
  15. I am seeing better now. Two days i bought a LG ultrawide 29 WK500 with better contrast ratio and IPS. https://www.kabum.com.br/cgi-local/site/produtos/descricao_ofertas.cgi?codigo=102358&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIjbSo4qvr5wIVl4WRCh0hqQglEAQYAiABEgJoLPD_BwE After buying it this one, with 1ms (Motion Blur Reduction) time response, IPS, better contrast ratio, black stabilizer had their price lowered: https://www.kalunga.com.br/prod/monitor-led-29-ips-ultrawide-1ms-75hz-pro-gamer-29um69g-lg-cx-1-un/477104 Oh no... p.s.: i would like a bigger ultrawide but my budget faints.
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