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  1. Dear Santa, I'd like a fix to flap behaviour, stall characteristics and something done with the engine timers. Maybe some further DM improvements if that's not too much to ask. Also, with the Normandy coming out, I'd love to see the Air Marshall feature or API support that would allow to create a homemade radar. Thanks Jason Santa
  2. Not so easy for me this time about, Jerry nearly done me in.
  3. It's not just AI that shoots through clouds. I do, and so do many other players. If you're zoomed in on the enemy you can easily see/track them through clouds.
  4. So here it is, Battle of Normandy. Can't really say I'm surprised at all, it was an obvious choice. Most of the aircraft are already in the game to some degree, I imagine most of the labour will go into creating the map. As opposed to PTO, most of hard work and research has already been done in preparation for Bodenplatte. I imagine we won't even have to wait that long for the actual release. I'm quite happy with it, I love PTO but I'm not really that hyped for it in flight sims, it would be near damn impossible to recreate it properly, and ETO is piss easy in comparison. The only thing that freaks me out is the Arado, it's a late '44 aircraft (with miniscule production numbers), where the rest of the aircraft are '43 and around. I think some better choices could've been made in that regard, e.g Do-217, Ju-188, Bf-110 G-4 (night fighter variant) or some other wacky stuff that Germany developed. But I guess novelty of the Arado will sell well so I can't really blame the guys.
  5. If engine timers were any realistic Battle of Britain would be a distaster for the RAF and London would look like a pile of rubble seeing how at cruise power it takes Hurricanes like 20 minutes to make 24000ft.
  6. Anotha one This time I choked hard and kinda sucked Also this is mission #3 but I messed up the thumbnail Guess I can just reuse it next week
  7. People who complain about planes being too durable and guns being weak are just crap shots don't @me and are swollen with confirmation bias Everything in BoX is so ridiculously fragile that suddenly when your target doesn't die in a handful of hits it freaks everybody out
  8. I was considering giving TC a go, but I'm wondering about a few things and I couldn't find a good answer. - What happens to tanks post-penetration? Does penetration of crew compartment always result in the tank being knocked out/crew bailing out? - How realistic is the asset implementation? Are there AT guns or other infantry manned AT weapons? Or hunter-killer teams? Or is the game mostly about tank vs tank combat? Mines? - What about the Prokhorovka map? Are there any annoying things like ultra tall grass or any of those kinds of jabronis? - What are the ballistics and projectile collisions like? Can you shoot through thin walls or trees or do bullets collide with any object? - In single player, can you communicate orders and organize your platoon? I'm a huge fan of Steel Fury Kharkov 1942 which in my opinion was the greatest WWII tank simulator up to date, but a fool would argue that it didn't age. In fact, it looks like it was made the same year as the events it attempts to portray, but many of it's features were groundbreaking and only seen there. I'm curious to see if Tank Crew can de-throne Steel Fury and I want to know what you guys have to say about it.
  9. I'm pretty certain that the P-51 (and maybe some other Bodenplatte aircraft) can suffer landing gear damage in combat, and overall it seems as if the damage model on those newer planes is somewhat more detailed than older releases. Which makes sense.
  10. I don't know if CloD footage is OK to post in this section in the forum but here's a video from the first Leaning Forward mission, taken today.
  11. Starting today we're beginning our 1941 RAF offensive campaign in Cliffs of Dover which is likely going to be followed by 1942 Fall Blau. You don't have to be any good. We have a few members who are well into their 70s and 80s and they still fly and enjoy the campaign. Also, challenge is the first step to improvement. You should give it a go.
  12. What the hell didn't know an engine can just fall out of it's casing like that in CloD! Not sure if it's realistic or not but it looks funny as hell, love it.
  13. https://aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/index.php Weekly historical campaign events in both CloD and BoX. Persistent characters, after action reports and so on. Once you're assigned to a squadron, you'll meet your mates that will surely with with you aside from the main campaign event.
  14. Muzzle velocity is velocity AT THE MUZZLE. After the projectile has left the muzzle it slows down as it goes forward. If you actually want to spark a reasonable debate, then measure exactly how much distance bullets cover in game, and then compare it to reliable sources on ballistic for that particular projectile.
  15. Why are ya'll getting so upset about someone pointing stuff like this out? Yeah it's pretty miniscule and hardly vital, but the sole reason of why sims exist is to get everything right, or at least everything that's possible to get right. Now, lemme make sure the tire grooves are all in the right places.
  16. Does anyone have historical performance charts for the D-28? I've only seen ones for the D-10 and later, N and M series and each one of those outperform the one we have in game by a long shot.
  17. Following up on this logic this either means that the aircraft in game are modeled incorrectly (if real life manuals don't apply) or the spec pages are poorly written. Though unsure of the former, I'm certain that the latter is at least partially correct for some aircraft. Also, I'd rather fly my aircraft how the manufacturer or operator tells me, than to what a guy in Moscow somewhere has to say.
  18. To be honest the specification pages are hardly the most trustworthy source and are often much different compared to actual manuals for given type. Best to either just use those and test stuff like top speed/climbrate/stall speed yourself. Here's one for the P-51D
  19. I can only speak for the P-51. Personally I fly without any HUD/GUI, so I'm not even sure which ratings are considered combat/emergency power by the game. So far, in about 8-10 hours of pure multiplayer in the Mustang, I broke my engine a grand total of zero time, despite abusing the living crap out of it. I haven't bothered to test the actual limitations because in the enviroment I fly in it never appeared to be necessary. That being said, I'd love to see some hard numbers if anyone can provide.
  20. Yes, after initial difficulties with carrier ops, Corsair in American service was redelegated to USMC, with which it operated exlusively from airfields. It was only after Fleet Air Airm figured out how to "safely" operate it from carriers, Corsair became widely adopted by USN. It was still prone to accidents, and more were lost to operational hazards than in combat, where it managed to achieve 11:1 air kill ratio.
  21. Corsair did. Not only did match it's land based competitors, it outclassed most of them too. Though the difficulties with carrier operations kind of make the Corsair half-shipbourne, half landbased at best.
  22. The 262 is great fun but actually getting an MP kill on a fighter is really hard. It does make you feel immune, but I don't think allied pilots worry about the 262 any more than they do about German props.
  23. Yeah I'm not even complaining right now, pre-release Kuban map was also pretty lackluster and it got much better once officially released. I'd imagine the process will be similar with Rheinland, and even though I'm not too nitpicky when it comes to maps, I'd love to see Bastogne/Foy/Hurtgenwald and some other things done right.
  24. ...seven roads leading out. Now, let's take a looksie here? A town know for it's strategically important roads ends with a literal dead end? Doesn't seem quite right 😄
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