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  1. For all it's issues, BoX is pretty well balanced I think. As long as you have a medium-decent PC, running it at stable 60 is hardly a problem. Same definitely cannot be said for other titles in the genre.
  2. That's stupid cause the flaps on the P-51D have preset positions that you move a lever to. No idea how that can be translated to an axis.
  3. They literally get blown away by explosive charges around the edges, they can be opened at any speeds.
  4. Peen + BoN It's a great initiative, thanks for doing this. Good luck everyone.
  5. Hey, how can I make AA in my missions less effective? I'm trying to build an online campaign, in which strafing ground targets will play a decent part, but I don't want people to feel like commiting to a few gun runs is almost suicidal. I'd still like to have some visual AA effects in the air though. Is there a way to get a decent amount of smoke-puffs in the air, without making every squadron in the area lose half it's aircraft? What types of AA are least lethal? What's a good amount that would give me the visual effects but least lethality? Cheers
  6. That's one of the first things that popped up when I started researching the subject. I'm most interested in primary sources when available, thanks nonetheless. Cheers
  7. Hey, I'm searching for a reliable source containing VVS's units and equipped aircraft, particularly from November (1942) to January (1943) around Stalingrad. Any trustworthy sources would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance. Regards
  8. It also has a switch on the stick that allows the pilot to remove the G limit.
  9. Bf-109 E-7 is exactly like the E-4 because it was an airframe conversion to fit additional pylons, E-4 on the other hand is just like the E-3 except that it has an automated propeller system. I-16 on the other hand has no business turning well because it's a fat barrell with no wings, it only turns relatively well because it's slower than the speed of smell.
  10. The thing I love the most about those forums is how people can somehow separate their own favourite aircraft from the discussion, and only focus on the opposition when calling out FMs and DMs. Truth is, most of it is complete bogus, but depending on whether they have JG or No.XX in front of their names the discussion only goes one way. Learn to look outside the cage you built around yourself guys, and change your tone if you really want this game to improve. There's plenty to improve on, but I can assure you devs stopped looking at those "Mineshell does no damage" or "Yak-1 overpowered" threads somewhere around 2016, I imagine.
  11. Dear Santa, I'd like a fix to flap behaviour, stall characteristics and something done with the engine timers. Maybe some further DM improvements if that's not too much to ask. Also, with the Normandy coming out, I'd love to see the Air Marshall feature or API support that would allow to create a homemade radar. Thanks Jason Santa
  12. Not so easy for me this time about, Jerry nearly done me in.
  13. It's not just AI that shoots through clouds. I do, and so do many other players. If you're zoomed in on the enemy you can easily see/track them through clouds.
  14. So here it is, Battle of Normandy. Can't really say I'm surprised at all, it was an obvious choice. Most of the aircraft are already in the game to some degree, I imagine most of the labour will go into creating the map. As opposed to PTO, most of hard work and research has already been done in preparation for Bodenplatte. I imagine we won't even have to wait that long for the actual release. I'm quite happy with it, I love PTO but I'm not really that hyped for it in flight sims, it would be near damn impossible to recreate it properly, and ETO is piss easy in comparison. The only thing that freaks me out is the Arado, it's a late '44 aircraft (with miniscule production numbers), where the rest of the aircraft are '43 and around. I think some better choices could've been made in that regard, e.g Do-217, Ju-188, Bf-110 G-4 (night fighter variant) or some other wacky stuff that Germany developed. But I guess novelty of the Arado will sell well so I can't really blame the guys.
  15. If engine timers were any realistic Battle of Britain would be a distaster for the RAF and London would look like a pile of rubble seeing how at cruise power it takes Hurricanes like 20 minutes to make 24000ft.
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