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  1. Why are ya'll getting so upset about someone pointing stuff like this out? Yeah it's pretty miniscule and hardly vital, but the sole reason of why sims exist is to get everything right, or at least everything that's possible to get right. Now, lemme make sure the tire grooves are all in the right places.
  2. Does anyone have historical performance charts for the D-28? I've only seen ones for the D-10 and later, N and M series and each one of those outperform the one we have in game by a long shot.
  3. Following up on this logic this either means that the aircraft in game are modeled incorrectly (if real life manuals don't apply) or the spec pages are poorly written. Though unsure of the former, I'm certain that the latter is at least partially correct for some aircraft. Also, I'd rather fly my aircraft how the manufacturer or operator tells me, than to what a guy in Moscow somewhere has to say.
  4. To be honest the specification pages are hardly the most trustworthy source and are often much different compared to actual manuals for given type. Best to either just use those and test stuff like top speed/climbrate/stall speed yourself. Here's one for the P-51D
  5. I can only speak for the P-51. Personally I fly without any HUD/GUI, so I'm not even sure which ratings are considered combat/emergency power by the game. So far, in about 8-10 hours of pure multiplayer in the Mustang, I broke my engine a grand total of zero time, despite abusing the living crap out of it. I haven't bothered to test the actual limitations because in the enviroment I fly in it never appeared to be necessary. That being said, I'd love to see some hard numbers if anyone can provide.
  6. Yes, after initial difficulties with carrier ops, Corsair in American service was redelegated to USMC, with which it operated exlusively from airfields. It was only after Fleet Air Airm figured out how to "safely" operate it from carriers, Corsair became widely adopted by USN. It was still prone to accidents, and more were lost to operational hazards than in combat, where it managed to achieve 11:1 air kill ratio.
  7. Corsair did. Not only did match it's land based competitors, it outclassed most of them too. Though the difficulties with carrier operations kind of make the Corsair half-shipbourne, half landbased at best.
  8. The 262 is great fun but actually getting an MP kill on a fighter is really hard. It does make you feel immune, but I don't think allied pilots worry about the 262 any more than they do about German props.
  9. Yeah I'm not even complaining right now, pre-release Kuban map was also pretty lackluster and it got much better once officially released. I'd imagine the process will be similar with Rheinland, and even though I'm not too nitpicky when it comes to maps, I'd love to see Bastogne/Foy/Hurtgenwald and some other things done right.
  10. ...seven roads leading out. Now, let's take a looksie here? A town know for it's strategically important roads ends with a literal dead end? Doesn't seem quite right 😄
  11. Pilot's physiology system is tickable as an option and I fully intend to keep it on, I really like the system. The audio cues aren't tickable and I'd love if they were.
  12. There's a bug with the sound of the pilot grunting when pulling Gs: If sufficient G-force is applied, then lowered, then reapplied and so on, the sound effect will be played each time, which results with something reminiscent of an xxx production. It's a teething problem I'd imagine and easy to fix, also, any chances of pilot grunting being a tickable option? Not a huge fan of a disembodied voice that's not even remotely similar to my own breathing in me ear.
  13. I think I would to better than an average pilot, as long as I'd receive regular training as anyone else, to get accustomed to my assigned aircraft. Obviously that would be necessary to complete such training to learn the aircraft properly, since flight sims can only teach you so much, but once that's done I'm sure I'd do decently in combat. I think that, because besides flight sims I have decades of air combat research available to me today that wasn't available to a G.I Joe back in the day. So, with tons of theoretical knowledge and some training I'm hoping to do semi-decent at least. Chances are still that I'd just get bounced and dunked on my first sortie, but hey, that can happen to anyone.
  14. My view of the last mission. Editing went to hell and it's not as good as originally planned but hey.
  15. If you're looking for a realistic online experience search for www.aircombatgroup.com We run a weekly campaign with all the planesets and whatnot trying to mimic the actual situation on the front to the best of our ability.
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