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  1. 47. Readily available API that allows to create custom apps/programs to enhance the experience (e.g a dope radar/friendly plot tracking system)
  2. Yeah, that's a matter of precision. Of course 400 meter shot when firing a rifle off hand is really hard to land, but the 7.62x51 out of a G3 will still make any dude fold up like a garden chair if connected. But now put the same G3 or a proper MG on a tripod, drop an ACOG on it and you can reliably drop dudes at way farther than that - of course the accuracy will be mostly by volume, and not precision but it will kill. Even when they're hiding behind wood/drywall/anything that isn't hard cover.
  3. 350 meters is definitely not an extreme range by any means for a machine gun. It's close range in terms of MGs (as far as infantry goes) where it can still kill and penetrate stuff with no problem. That being said it shouldn't penetrate armoured glass that is specifically designed not to be penetrated by this sort of a bullet.
  4. To be honest, having RW lenghts, RW headings and ASL data for airbases is quite necessary at least for night flying missions. Wish they were included somewhere in-game.
  5. I get your point - guncam clips only (or at least mostly) show the successful victories. Even then, they're a good source of first hand footage of what a row of .50 cal does to an aircraft. Fires are common in those, as is a significant amount of debris. In the more high res ones, you can easily see parts of the skin missing which would be enough to cause significant instabilities on their own even without fires or systems damage. But to say we don't have guncam clips of German aircraft burning under .50 cal fire is plain wrong. Even the most common ones available on YT have plenty of those. Also a guy with 1488 in his name liked my previous post and ugh, I'd like to say that I have nothing to do with the ideology those numbers represent.
  6. Why is nobody posting guncam clips in those threads? So much real video evidence of the .50 turning Jerry and Hiro boys into burnt ends.
  7. I can't speak for the bomber aicraft since I don't know them very well, but the FW-190 types control their flight surfaces with push rods rather than cables, which should make them a little bit more sturdy (although some parts of that system are still just cables).
  8. Is there a way for a server host to remove literally every piece of GUI/HUD? That is technochat, compass, G-meter, everything?
  9. PvP only missins. Realistic ranking and medal structure. Character progress - you get assigned a guy and if you lose him he's dead AF. Historical campaign every Sunday - aiming to reenact the second world war with the attention to detail not seen in flight sims anywhere else <-this is the main part. 120+ active members. Primary sim is BoX, plenty members flies various DCS aircraft and other games. Active with both mature members and absolute chimps like myself. Umbrella organization for 15 historical squadrons. https://aircombatgroup.co.uk/forum/index.php If you're interested, make a thread in the Looking to Join section on the forums.
  10. Have you ever tried flying without it? An 11 year old on crack could do it and never break an engine.
  11. That just got me wondering. Any chance for a Spitfire MkIXb with 4x303 and 18lbs boost, possibly as a modification to the existing Spit? Kinda hard doing pre-D-Day Ops with just the Bodenplatte spitty and the XIV. Also, is the XIV going to have the 150 oct modification? 😄
  12. No technochat! My prayers have been answered! Just when I gave up, I have been blessed.
  13. I watched a lot of guncam footage, like, a lot a lot, and the one thing you immediately notice after watching Thunderbolts and Mustangs go to town on some krauts is that basically every kill is either a full blown fire, or a bunch of small fires (which I imagine are mostly internal). In BoX fires are relatively rare, maybe because fuel lines aren't modeled (are they?) or the fact that in game .50 cal isn't AP-I (is it?). They're still bloody effective, but a little harder to confirm a kill with since fires don't happen to often here.
  14. Where the hell did you get that from? Majority of popular western aircraft engines (Merlin, R-2800, R-1830) and so on, were test-ran for hours on maximum power to search for stress damage patterns and other weakpoints. In most cases those mentioned engines could sustain 3000RPM full manifold pressure operations for 20+ hours continuosly (sic!). Engine change was unheard of, because there would realistically never be a need to change it, as long as it's maintained semi-regularly. There are studies of those test runs available online, I can DM them to you if you want to have a read.
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