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  1. Meanwhile, a squadron of Tempests taxing to the treshhold:
  2. It's running okay. Our missions are relatively large and complex, so it's running worse than your typical deathmatch server, but we can sustain 70 or so people without any crashes or significant problems. Server overload message does happen a lot though, even when no side effects are visible.
  3. Now that the team already works with some community members, is there a chance to include some of the tracer mods into the vanilla game? The community made tracer effects are really brilliant and it's a shame to have them ommited.
  4. .50 API can pen an inch of facehardened armour at 600 feet and half an inch at 1800 feet, so it will easily go through an aircraft's armour plate at pretty much any range you would open fire at. Of course succesful penetration may not occur if the round tumbles or hits at such an oblique angle that it will richochet way, but a good dead on hit should penetrate pretty much every time.
  5. Cool. Although that gun is called M3, not M-3 but I guess it's just me being reeeeeeally nitpicky xd
  6. It's not even better than Steel Fury and that game was released 15 years ago.
  7. In the video trailer the M4 is described to have the 76mm M1 gun but it has the 75 mm M3 gun.
  8. The game in it's current state suffocates when running 70 to 80 players and a few AA guns on the map. Unless a major optimisation update comes out there's no way it can succesfully replicate two task forces duking it out with 100 odd guns on each capital ship and wings of 60 to 200+ aircraft engaging in battle. One can hope though.
  9. Also for ineffective high caliber flak you can experiment with the WWI assets such as the 7.7cm L/35 or the 13 pdr.
  10. Okay, but that still doesn't mean my point is invalid - you should be reaching that sort of speed with the oil radiator controlled automatically and 3000 RPM as per source material. There is no documentation that states that reducing RPM increases top speed. Wing tanks full or so, standard 6 ,.50 armament. Radiators all controlled automatically. There's a stability report for the P-51B also saying that putting the 85 gal tank in the fuselage and additional weight '... has no measurable effect on the maximum speed of the airplane', and if tweaking the rads or weight can gi
  11. Yeah alright that's exactly what I though which futher strengthens my point. Additionally, the top speed of 382 MPH at sea level at 75"Hg is also at the low end of all tests performed with that engine power with some tests stating 390 MPH and even more.
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