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  1. MADE BY ACG_TOAST Footage shot during the ACG Campaign - large scale, multiplayer historical campaign.
  2. I absolutely agree. The brightness and intensity of nav lights and tracer is borderline silly.
  3. I mean, during the compressibility tests in later 43 and early 44, two flights were performed with a Spitfire MkIX. One reached M 0.89, the other one M 0.92. The first one took no damage, the 2nd one had the propeller disconnect but the pilot glided it back to base. In neither of the tests the control surfaces have disconnected, yet in this game ailerons will fall off waaaay before you even get close to mach 0.8, let alone 0.89. Not sure what that was modeled after.
  4. My problem is that I cannot resave the mission (which means I also cannot open them). Is the apostrophe or prefix really the cause here? They worked fine prior to the update, and in the fixed mission you sent back there's still a * in the Olhovka AF group. Beside editing out symbols, what else have you done? Have you resaved it using the resave tool in the editor? How did that work step by step?
  5. That's amazing. Thank you. Problem is, I still have dozen or so missions I need resaving. Can you walk me step by step how you done that? I'll see if I can spot the error in my own attempts.
  6. Still gives me the error. Can you download my zip, delete the msbins and give it a go yourself?
  7. Can't resave - gives me an error (error reading mission file) when attemting to resave the folder. That is the case for each mission I tried it with. My mate is reporting the same. Any solutions? Can somebody try resaving that mission and let me know how it went? v4.rar
  8. Hey, I'm a part of a team that makes relatively complex missions, spanning approx. 4 hours with up to 80+ people participating at any given moment. Those aren't your typical multiplayer missions with a few scripts and spawn points, they also include AI, significant amount of anti-air, vehicles, shipping, a metric ton of blocks, smokestacks, battles and so on. So, my question is: what affects performace of the serve the most? Obviously players, then AI. Does it matter if AI aircraft are fighters or bombers equipped with multiple gunner positions? Does it matter if AI is clumped in one sector, or spread around the map? What other assets impact performance the most? Live entities such as firing artillery/anti-air/machine-guns? Scenery such as smoke? How impactful are blocks? I know they're not too heavy on performance, but there must be a reasonable limit, right? I have a some decent experience and I think I found some answers to those questions, but I'd like to hear from other, more experienced mission designers/server hosts. I'd love to find a good balance of immersive and historically accurate, but light enough to work in a multiplayer scenario with 40-60 aircraft duking it out in close proximity at times, +AI flights. Discuss?
  9. In my opinion the current sustained limit is a wee bit too low, I'm a fit guy in my twenties but the game makes me roleplay as a malnourished 11-year old with asthma or a 50 year old 172 owner with a double bypass. Altough more than the G-treshhold I am more concerned by the ways in which the mechanic is implemented: - I've noticed, that after pulling a tight turn then releasing stick pressure the pilot will suddenly black out very quickly, whilst near or at 1G - The fact that -G reduces +G is ridonculous - The fact that quick G onset blacks you out quicker than steady G onset is also stupid - disproved many times - The "double breathing" when the G onset triggers twice is infuriating (the sound itself is, but when played twice, makes me feel like I'm watching that kind of movie instead of playing a plane game) - Current limit actually prevents certain SOP maneuvers such as low release, high angle dive bombing in certain aircraft - With such a low treshhold dogfighting is now dictated by G more so than aircraft performance/pilot skill. - Bump the G to +1 overall and see what happens, just as there are plenty cases to be made about pilots killing themselves and crashing because of 4G Gloc, as many could be made about pilots pulling ridiculous amounts of G and recovering easily (bent wings, Max G meters in later P-51s, that Spitfire guy who tested compressibility in a MkIX and pulled so hard the front fell off) Another point could be made about the lack of physical cues to when you're actually about to start blacking out. IRL it's ez to tell that something's going on, but the game leaves you with just a vignette and some grunting, neither of which happens to be very telling of what's going on right now, especially when the vignette suddenly closes on you like it's the end of Looney Toones. Maybe this in itself is a good enough reason to loosen it up a bit, or change the way in which the effects are displayed (before you start going at me with the G-meter, miss me with that, no HUD for life and honestly introduction of the G-meter is telling if anything)
  10. Does anyone mind sharing more information about what the Air Marshal is supposed to be when released? My group is in dire need of a radar system for BoX for when we do a Channel Front/Normandy campaign but before getting all my hopes up I'd like to know more about the planned features of the system. Most importantly: is it going to model the curvature of the earth e.g are low flying aircraft going to be spotted later than high contacts? Is it going to model the delay which plagued radar systems of the period. Is the radar range going to be based on historical radar positions or is it going to affect all contacts regardless of where they at? And most importantly - is it also going to be available to use in Kuban which saw significant GC use by each side?
  11. I also prefer realistic approach and do not expect to be able to see aircraft hugging the deck from 20nm. But I think that the game is missing a key feature that allows to spot aircraft against terrain at close-ish ranges. IRL, when you view an aircraft flying below you, it's easy to notice because of: a) movement against ground catches your eye immediately. It is just something that humans are conditioned to pay attention to b) moving aircraft changes colours and shades, and those changes in lightning also draw attention I find that shading/lightning effects in the game behave different to what I observe IRL. Aircraft seem rather dull, they do not reflect light in a way that would make them easy to see against dark, forested areas and whatnot. Also maybe because the game is in 2D ( VR fliers correct me if I'm wrong) movement isn't displayed the same way human eye perceives it IRL. My points apply to dark backgrounds - forested areas, dark waters (such as black sea) and dark sky. Sometimes the sky is very intensly blue and it's very hard to see aircraft against it, they "blend in" very well.
  12. I'm gonna sound sassy, but if 105 MPH is slow to you, I'm afraid to ask what speed you land the rest of your fighters with. Spitfire's don't stall until about 65 MPH in landing configuration, so for a smooth touchdown cross the treshhold at about 80-85 MPH, then hold three point attitude a few feet off the ground until your speed drops below stall speed and the aircraft settles itself on the ground. Remember, if you ever bounce then your landing technique is at fault here - if your touchdown speed is correct your aircraft won't have enough airspeed to get back up. Don't break until very slow, just let her roll out. Runway lenght shouldn't be a problem if you touch down at low enough speed.
  13. 'm not the OP you responded to, but in one of the interviews available on YouTube Bud Anderson mentions that at some point they realized that killing pilots was considered very important to him and his buddies. He doesn't specifically mention shooting parachutes or strafing crash landed planes, but it's implied.
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