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  1. Chad 190 vs Virgin 109
  2. Any chance of making it so that landing enough machine gun hits doesn't cause decals/damage effects of cannon shells? That's one visual change I'd like to see.
  3. I have original documentation for every single Japanese aircraft ever made together with complete english translation, PayPal me $5 if you're interested.
  4. Yes, he's gonna lag/rubberband. Although in this day and age, any commercial internet is gonna be good enough unless it's dial up or a stolen McDonald's wifi.
  5. We're running a i7700K, 16GB RAM, NVMe drive, 1GBps port. With 84 people and a relatively complex map we had some minor rubberbanding here and there, but it was only reported by some players. FPS won't suffer because it's not server related, it's entirely up to the users PC. Although the more complex the map, the lower the FPS, you'd need some real potato computer for it to be noticable.
  6. "Into Uranus"? Who the hell came up with that as a mission name I ask?
  7. Amazing news. Been a long time coming. Now on the other hand, any plans on changing how the tracers and navlights are displayed in the game? Currently their both visible from miles away, and the tracers are huge and very slow when viewed from the distance. Almost like observing a star wars battleship duel from the surface of the planet. Thanks for your work.
  8. I've noticed that once the pilot get's killed, the aircraft will dissapear 10 or so seconds afterwards, often before hitting the ground. I'd like it to remain there, and not vanish mid-air. I imagine this can be edited in is an .sds file setting, but not sure which one. Halp?
  9. It's like what, 300 kilometers? It's not even that far of a trip, just fly on eco and you'll still have more than enough fuel for half hour combat.
  10. I rarely share those, but here's a bunch of rules I try to fly by. I pride myself in being hard to shoot down, even if my kill per hour isn't that high and it's mostly due to those: - Never commit to a ACM dogfight unless you're forced to it by having to defend. Or unless it's a rare time you're 100% that there is no 3rd party. ACM kills situational awareness - Treat every single enemy as if there was two of them - In combat keep your speed high (around top speed or higher). If you fail to kill an enemy within 30 seconds from since he spotted you, disengage and regain SA. - This one is painfully obvious, but hit your shots. The only times you're supposed to miss are the times you can't get a solution in a first place. Every solution should result in hits. - Master your own aircraft, but learn about the opposition. There is no "X outturns Y" or "Z outruns X". It's all dependant on speeds, altitudes and other conditions and blindly following nonsense will kill you - Slowclimbing in a hot enviroment isn't a way to disengage or defend, it's a way to die to an enemy you haven't spotted yet. Speed, speed, level speed. - Propably most important of them all - as a solo pilot, you can win 1v1s, maybe 1v2s. With a good wingman, you can kill squadrons. Wingmenship isn't two guys fighting in the same area, it's two guys working on the same tactic to achieve a goal. - Another obvious one, learn to fly clean and slick. All the maneuvers should be performed by muscle memory alone, and performed cleanly. There's an amount of speed you're supposed to bleed when doing an Immelman in each plane, if you're going over the limit, you're doing it wrong. Same goes for every other maneuver out there. If you're bleeding unnecessary amounts of energy when performing those, go to SP and keep repeating them until they're clean and effortless - Don't use your stupid navlights, they can be seen from miles away and you might aswell just tell the enemy where you're at. If you can't report your position to your wingmen verbally well enough to resort to using lights, fix that problem first. - Aircraft aren't divided into "energy fighters" or "turn fighters", fights are won by obtaining and maintaining energy advantage over your foe until he's dead. There are way in which you can score a kill without obtaining energy advantage first, but they're inconsistent and shouldn't be relied upon - And last but not least: combat flight sims are meant to be fun. If you can have fun while losing that's good for you. If you can only have fun while winning (like myself, unfortunately), you will have to spend hundreds and hundreds of ours perfecting your airmenship. Air combat it's a complex subject covering mechanical skill, theoretical knowledge, experience and mentality, and can't be learned by reading a post made by a dude on the internet. Get out there and frag out, peace.
  11. Yes I am sure. Everything is the way it's supposed to be, except the mission doesn't want to load into the server. Besides that issue it works fine.
  12. As the title suggests, upon uploading the map to the dedicated server, this is the mission that greets me. The mission loads fine in the ST Editor, but not when I try to load it into the dedi server. Anyone experienced a similar problem?
  13. I just don't get what your deal with is really. I say I fly with people who fly without technochat (on either side and I don't fly German often btw). We're fine without it. We'd like to have a server that has no technochat as a rule, and I'm asking the devs to allow it. You prefer to fly with technochat? That's fine. Fly on servers that do have it. You don't like unlimited ammo? Don't fly on servers that do have that option enabled. It's not really that hard of a concept to grasp that for various reasons people prefer to have different options on servers they host right?
  14. Yes. There's only a few engine sounds per aircraft, each represents whether you're in continuous, combat or emergency. Also I don't know how imprecise your controls are that you can't set your MP to whaterver it needs to be at. Sounds like an issue not an issme. Regardless, I just asked for technochat as a server option, I didn't want to spark a discussion on whether you can or cannot reliably fly aircraft to it's peak performance without technochat (it's possible and not at all hard).
  15. Because when I host the server I want to be to control the difficulty level of said server. I can already remove map icons, change planesets, even select the spotting system, and change many other factors to obtain the difficulty level I want the server to be at. Yes it's about me and my vision of the event I run. I also agree that the engine damage system as currently implemented by the game is subpar at best, but I fail to see how it really affects flying with no technochat. Myself and the group of people I fly with have the technochat disabled and we never had problems with engine failures. There's lots of feedback that let's you know whether you're in combat power or emergency power (engine sound, gauge readouts) which for me makes technochat redundant, which is why I'd like to get rid of it on my server in the first place.
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