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    Ground Loop Simulation in BOS

    What does the rudder or rudder trim have to do with taxing? Neither of those are effective at taxing speeds.
  2. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Bullets Deviating ?

    As the other guys said - the shiny part of the tracer is just a chemical compound strapped to the end of the projectile that burns when fired. Sometimes (or maybe even more often) the burning bit falls away from the projectile and goes it's own way. That doesn't mean that the actual projectile got curved (though it might have negatively impacted the ballistics of it), it's just a funny effect that happens with tracer rounds sometimes. Also while on tracer topic, 1C can you guys make it so that tracer in game aren't 2 feet thick and moving at 20 feet per minute when observed from the distance, and give the germans proper green phosphorus based tracer?
  3. Wait, does BoX really have the option to enable lead markers and some other aim assist? This is a joke right?
  4. 4./JG26_Onebad

    G-14, K-4 wrong climb rate?

    Nope. At 1.3 ATA you will easily surpass 19m/s between 0-3000m.
  5. 4./JG26_Onebad

    G-14, K-4 wrong climb rate?

    Also those spec lists are as reliable as a Jagdtiger. They list F4 climbrate at 19ms which is like, not even close.
  6. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    I haven't played a flight sim in SP like, ever, because flying against AI is the same over and over again, so I don't care what FM they're equipped with. I'd propably fly against AI more in BoX if it was possible to include them in MP missions in decent numbers. Unfortunately this is where the game poops the bed. What amazes me more is how ya'll can dig for arguments against improving the spotting in a game you're supposed to like. C'mon bruh.
  7. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    I don't know man, maybe we should ask people over at 1946, CloD, or any other sim that did it better than what's currently in BoX. Man listen, all I'm saying is that a couple mile wide bubble is straight up unnacceptable in this day and age. It either needs to be increased, or overhauled. If this has been done in order to optimize the game then well, cutting corners is what it is. If anythings gonna change and I'm going to lose a couple frames over it then I'm fine. I'd prefer that than having a plane literally dissapear off of my screen because of magic.
  8. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    Then it would only mean that the optimisation is borked. If it would cost some frames, then I'd be fine. If some people would lose frames to a point of unplayability, then I'd tell them to get a better computer.
  9. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    It depends on how you look at the issue. For me rendering of a dot that is so faint that it's gonna be missed by 99% of the players, 99% of the time is better that not rendering it. Seeing (pun intended) how human eye has angular resolutin of 0.03 degrees (30cm at 1km) an aircraft that has a wingspan of 10 meters would be visible to a human at 30km. That's obviously in perfect conditions, and it would only be visible as a faint, dark dot. But multiply that dot by dozens if not hundreds, add to that many, many contrails and you have a B-24 formation that could potentially be seen by a keen eye. In my opinion there's no real downside to rendering objects at far distances as long as it's done in a way that doesn't scream "fake and overdone", and using some resources to simulate that is perfectly fine. It's definitely a better use of resources than, let's say, eye candy such water droplets when flying low over the sea. I guess it's a matter of priorities, but in my opinion 1C should redo the spotting system (hopefully bloody son) and I'm hopinh they'll do it the right way this time, cause what we have right now is literally on par with DCS just on the other side of the spectrum.
  10. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Tips and trick to improving visual spotting?

    Imho the further the render range the better. Any artificial limit on the render range is simply unrealistic. I agree that there are rangest past which spotting a small fighter is damn near impossible, but they should still render, just in a way where spotting it requirest an extremely keen eye. And yeah, spotting a plane past 8 or 9km is definitely possible, especially if you're already tracking it.
  11. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Best sentence I've read today...

    USAAF never adopted the Grasshopper in anti-armour role and it was never official. But, just as with some other aircraft you might customise your plane a little, especially if you're on good terms with your crew chief. Search for "Bazooka Charlie" to learn more, but keep in mind that he's very much an exception.
  12. 4./JG26_Onebad

    So who else is looking forward to P-38 ?

    For a twin engine aircraft, yeah. For single engined prop that's a standard by that stage of the war. Even the P-51 can squeeze out 4000ft/min with a lighter fuel load.
  13. 4./JG26_Onebad

    A tool for server admins to auto balance teams

    Pretty sure they're working on it. It's called Bokenplat or something.
  14. 4./JG26_Onebad

    TFS Developer Update - Patch 4.55 February 2019

    For christ sake release 5.0 c'mon bruh
  15. Do I care about AI for singleplayer use? Not one bit. Do I care about one's ability to implement AI into multiplayer missions in any significant numbers? Hell yeah I do.
  16. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I tried it in DCS and Cliffs of Dover, and the first time I ever played BoX all those years ago it was one of the first things that I noticed to be missing. I found it to be really important in those other games, primarily because it makes it extremely hard to shoot accurately while doing high G manouvers, which seems realistic and challenging. I see why some wouldn't like it so why not just implemented partially as a server sided setting/realism setting for the SP crowd.
  17. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Effects of Inertia on pilots head

    I would also love to have this feature implemented. In my opinion it's stupid that one can have his face glued to the gunsight through any kind of manouvers, as well as not being punished for flying inefficiently. For all the naysayers, best way would be to just implement it as a realism option - you want it? Tick the box. Are you a scrub at video games? Keep your game the way it is.
  18. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Fw 190A8 cooling

    Don't we all haha 😄 Honestly devs please look at this issue, I know people like myself would love to get their hands on the Bodenplatte aircraft but one sweep over the forums just makes you think twice.
  19. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Fuel amount changes the center of gravity on most aircraft, and in certain models the effects might be severe. The FW-190 Anton, for example, was famous for being faster with a full tank rather than when running on fumes. That's while I'd like to have control over it, and I don't really think it's too much to ask for. Just a normal engine control, another radiator so to speak.
  20. 4./JG26_Onebad

    84 slots, we need more

    So what? That doesn't mean that it cannot be improved again, does it?
  21. 4./JG26_Onebad

    84 slots, we need more

    Also, looking at optimising the AI and assets weight on the server performance would be great for multiplayer too. The Great Battles look very poorly in that department compared to previous titles of Il-2. Maybe renaming to Il-2:Moderately Sized Skirmishes would be a good decision.
  22. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Screw the clickpits, that's never going to happen in this game. Add the option to toggle the gunsight. Add the option to toggle fuel cocks. Add option to select fuel tanks. All of the above are some of the most basic switches and it's silly they're not modeled. Wonder how that's gonna work when the P-51 comes out? Is my pilot going to automatically switch between wing-tanks or am I going to end up dropping a wing halfway through a flight, hello? Let me toggle the gunsight so that I can see the runway when landing at night or so that it doesn't obscure my view when spotting for contacts on my 12 o'clock. I agree that clickpits are a waste of time for a game like BoX but it feels like some big ole' corners have been cut when choosing which features to implement, and which one to ignore.
  23. 4./JG26_Onebad

    P-47 Stall characteristic

    I support the discussion, and I'm also sceptical of quality of stall charasterictics modeled in game. However, if you're trying to compare that with the NACA document presented it's worth pointing out that you should make sure that the weight of the aircraft that you're flying in your video corresponds with the weight in the diagram which stands at 13,800 lbs. Weight affects center of gravity greatly, and center of gravity affects stall behaviour. If you want to be thorough with your feedback you should make sure that the weights are the same - unless you did already. Thanks for bringing that up - I'd like to buy Bodenplatte to fly the P-47 (my all time fav) but I've heard mixed opinions regarding aircraft quality so I'm looking forward to some fixes before I purchase.