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  1. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Fuel amount changes the center of gravity on most aircraft, and in certain models the effects might be severe. The FW-190 Anton, for example, was famous for being faster with a full tank rather than when running on fumes. That's while I'd like to have control over it, and I don't really think it's too much to ask for. Just a normal engine control, another radiator so to speak.
  2. 4./JG26_Onebad

    84 slots, we need more

    So what? That doesn't mean that it cannot be improved again, does it?
  3. 4./JG26_Onebad

    84 slots, we need more

    Also, looking at optimising the AI and assets weight on the server performance would be great for multiplayer too. The Great Battles look very poorly in that department compared to previous titles of Il-2. Maybe renaming to Il-2:Moderately Sized Skirmishes would be a good decision.
  4. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Will there ever be a manual engine startup?

    Screw the clickpits, that's never going to happen in this game. Add the option to toggle the gunsight. Add the option to toggle fuel cocks. Add option to select fuel tanks. All of the above are some of the most basic switches and it's silly they're not modeled. Wonder how that's gonna work when the P-51 comes out? Is my pilot going to automatically switch between wing-tanks or am I going to end up dropping a wing halfway through a flight, hello? Let me toggle the gunsight so that I can see the runway when landing at night or so that it doesn't obscure my view when spotting for contacts on my 12 o'clock. I agree that clickpits are a waste of time for a game like BoX but it feels like some big ole' corners have been cut when choosing which features to implement, and which one to ignore.
  5. 4./JG26_Onebad

    P-47 Stall characteristic

    I support the discussion, and I'm also sceptical of quality of stall charasterictics modeled in game. However, if you're trying to compare that with the NACA document presented it's worth pointing out that you should make sure that the weight of the aircraft that you're flying in your video corresponds with the weight in the diagram which stands at 13,800 lbs. Weight affects center of gravity greatly, and center of gravity affects stall behaviour. If you want to be thorough with your feedback you should make sure that the weights are the same - unless you did already. Thanks for bringing that up - I'd like to buy Bodenplatte to fly the P-47 (my all time fav) but I've heard mixed opinions regarding aircraft quality so I'm looking forward to some fixes before I purchase.
  6. 4./JG26_Onebad


    Mixture is a combination of oxygen and fuel that is being fed to the engine. Lean mixture is used when fuel consumption is a concern, but the power isn't - for example on long cruises. Rich mixture is used when fuel consumption is not a concern, but power is - for example in combat. As a rule of thumb increase mixture richness when you want to go fast, and decrease it when you want to go far. On public server where mostly you wouldn't be flying for longer than an hour you can get away with flying with full rich mixture as long as you want. Also on some aircraft enriching the mixture will result with higher maximum manifold pressure when below max throttle height. Various other aircraft also sometimes have manual mixture, but with presets (idle, lean, rich) rather than just a lever going from idle all the way to full rich.
  7. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Is the cockpit clickable in VR?

    The entire startup process is you pressing one button, and then the ghosts of fallen pilots will perform the entire procedure for you.
  8. 4./JG26_Onebad

    "Multiplayer erratic behavior" 24/7

  9. What do you mean by thoroughly? Il-2 isn't a study sim by no means so there isn't really much to learn from it. You can obviously learn how to employ it in combat and that's a very vast subject to dive into, but from a technical standpoint everything you can learn is pretty basic.
  10. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Please tell me that those "long awaited and important changes" are either the removal of those silly timers from the engines or a netcode overhaul that would allow for more significant AI/asset numbers on MP servers. Please, pretty please.
  11. 4./JG26_Onebad

    P-47D Level Speed

    I said that before and I'll say it again: Fuel consumption and temp management should be the only factor to prevent people from going full throttle, just as it was in real life. Yes, increasing the engine life was a factor for engineers and crew chiefs, but trust me it was cheaper to overhaul the engine more often than it was to replace an entire aircraft and train a new pilot because the old ones were too afraid to push the throttle forward and are now embedded into the ground somewhere. If you'll spend some time reading through actual after action reports you'll find many sources quoting "I pushed the throttle forwads and ran WEP for 40 minutes because I panicked". If the engines are modelled properly, people on public servers shouldn't fly on full throttle while cruising at all time simply because they'll run the engine too hot and will actually end up having to decrease power when getting into slow climbs or turnfights. If that's not enough of a reason, mission builders can always decrease the fuel load on aircraft to an amount that will make people have to think twice about running WEP for 30 minutes, cause that might be enough to burn through the entire tank (looking at you FW-190D). I think the devs had a good and creative idea while modelling the engine ratings, but there's a reason why this series is like, LITERALLY THE ONLY SIM that does it. There's no worse feeling than having to think "how long did I run WEP for" rather than just being able to take a sweep around the cockpit, making sure that T's and P's are all in check and carry on with the fight.
  12. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Is TrackIR best choice?

    If you're looking for immersion and you're more of a single player type of guy then VR will get you hooked in like nothing else. If you're more about being competetive online and owning noobs then, in my opinion, VR hasn't gotten there yet (emphasizing "yet") and TrackIR will most likely be a better choice. I firmly believe though that next wave of VR headsets will have good enough resolution for TrackIR to go out of business as the immersion factor between the two is beyond comparison.
  13. 4./JG26_Onebad

    P-47D Level Speed

    Pretty much this. Flying a plane that was originally developed to survive more than a week pretty much puts you at a disadvantage. Ridiculous.
  14. 4./JG26_Onebad

    50.cal ground hit effect and gun spread

    I never said it should be increased past reasonable/realistic values. I meant to suggest that it should be increased to meet those values.