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  1. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Forum profile customisation

    That's why many options should be included. Everybody wants to express themselves in their own way, and all those options should be provided. Not every transsexual person refers to themselves the same way.
  2. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Forum profile customisation

    I'd like to see more options being presented for the users. As it stands in your profile, you're a male. Unfortunately, male and female are the only options to choose from, which isn't up to standards of this day and age - I believe that flight sim community is mature, tolerant and inclusive enough to allow other genders express themselves as well. I'd love if there was more options to choose from, such as: - Nonbinary -Genderfluid -Polygender -Transwoman -Transman -Transfeminine -Transmasculine Those are just a few examples of many more to chose from - our world, our bodies and minds are so diverse it would be silly to lock ourselves within just few terms. #wingsforeveryone
  3. 4./JG26_Onebad

    I thought the bf109 could fly inverted?

    Sounds about right.
  4. 4./JG26_Onebad

    I thought the bf109 could fly inverted?

    Yes, even aircraft with fuel injection will suffer from long periods of inverted flight. That applies even to modern jets, which can hold inverted flight for a very long time but not permanently. At some point, gravity will always win causing problems with feeding fuel to the engine. Obviously when comparing the Bf-109 and early Spitfires the fuel injection system of a 109 is vastly superior, but no piston engine fighter will be able to hold inverted flight indefinitely.
  5. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Forum profile customisation

    I have noticed, that even now as year 2019 is coming upon us, you can still only select either male or female genders as displayed on your profile. In my opinion this is highly disrespectful towards LGBTQ+ community members that are just as interested in flight simming as we, CIS males are. I urge the forum moderators/admins to have a look at that. Regards
  6. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Fw190 seating height

    Why? If it still hasn't been changed then it's worth bringing up, right? Sometimes the only way to be acknowledged is to be loud enough for long enough, and if it wasn't for the people bringing stuff up we'd still propably have to deal with artificial engine limitations like in... Oh, wait.
  7. 4./JG26_Onebad

    What draws you to historical Flight Sims

    Wrong forum for that poll😄
  8. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Spotting is awful

    Il-2 BoX is a weird one regarding spotting. I like how the aircraft are rendered when between 1 - 3km away, lighting reflecting on the metal seems realistic and when fighting in shade or overcast it's pretty hard to spot which I find to be annoying, but in a good way. What's really upsetting is the bubble surrounding you, that prevents you from seeing further than I think 10km away. It's really awful and prevents from tracking fleeing targets which will dissapear even if fixated on, and one's situational awareness suffers from that tremendously also.
  9. I'm an english speaker that used to play on TaW and WoL. From my experience people do fly together and coordinate, but it's rarely on public servers. Usually, squadrons and groups have their own server which they use for communication between them. If you want to fly people to fly with, join a group and fly with your buddies.
  10. Man, too bad the P-47 falls apart after a handful of cannon hits just like any other airplane in the game 😕 I'm quite happy to see multiplayer latency and such getting some love, hopefully it will make the experience better.
  11. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Developer Diary 210 - Discussion

    So you're introducing a Bf-109 K4 with a DB 605 DC engine, which has seem such limited use I'm not even sure if it has seen any combat at all, but "there's not enough data" to introduce 150oct powered allied planes or a Spitfire Mk.XIV. Yeah right.
  12. After taking the Spitfire for a few flights last week I've noticed that it handles much differently than what I can remember. It's definitely more prone to spinning (not like it's a bad thing and I wish more aircraft would feature wing stalls and flat spins) but it generally feels different, and I can't recall seeing anything in the patch notes. So, is it just something wrong with me and few of my friends who share those observations, or has something really been changed?
  13. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Is there a red out in this game?

    There is redout, as in it does appear on the screen. The problem with it is that just as with blackout, the limit on it extremely high, and even when your screen goes completely black you can still control your plane (even though you can't see jackshit). It could definitely use an overhaul the, whole G-pulling thing is kinda broken. The fact that you can hold a sustained turn at 500kp/h or more for ages and not suffer any blackout is ridiculous.
  14. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    Yup, my bad. I didn't realize how big the map actually is, and that far western airbases will be included.
  15. 4./JG26_Onebad

    Spitfire Mk.XIV poll

    I'm struggling to find any sources that would confirm that. As far as I know no K-4s were operational prior to October 1944, so if you have any sources proving otherwise and wound't mind sharing I'd be forever grateful.