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  1. If you model it right you won't have everybody flying around at max power for the whole flight becase: a) fuel consumption is going to become a problem really quicky (e.g FW-190D has a 500 liters tank and over 500 l/h fuel consumption at full power). b)engine will start to overheat after a certain amount of time and will die if you don't pull the power back No other flight sim on the market currently has those timers modelled, and they don't suffer from "everybody flies on full power all the time", except on maybe the airquakiest of the servers, though the same happens in BoX now. What we have right now is a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist in the first place, and the implementation of said solution is god awful on top of that.
  2. ITT: MP Chads vs SP Virgins
  3. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/cliffs-of-dover/ It says Messerschmidt where it should say Messerschmitt.
  4. Reading this made me really, really sad and I can hardly believe in what I just read. I argued against Kwiatek so many times, and agreed with him some others. Even when we disagreed I really enjoyed his opinions and arguments. Blue skies for you Kwiatek, rest in peace.
  5. You really played yourself with this one didn't you? Tbh though as far as real life goes purposely turning enemy pilots into cat food is a perfectly reasonable thing to do as they're enemy combatants that will go out of their way to return home and get airbourne again, it's up to individual to take moral highground of not doing so. Some pilots took that highground, other ones didn't.
  6. Regarding balance: If 1C sticks to available documentation, there's gonna be some dissapointment. Yes, the Me-262 is really fast (though not as fast as many seem to think). That speed comes at prize. Me-262 doesn't turn or roll. The acceleration is terrible, and the higher you go the worse it becomes. Since the acceleration is terrible, any kind of turn needs to be very slow and methodical, otherwise you'll get caught up to and killed. The manouverability is god awful, and the lack of roll rate is potentially the biggest hindrance since it makes gunnery near damn impossible if you're aiming for anything more nimble than a B-17. So essentially, what you're left with is a relatively good bomber killer, but a surprisingly dissapointing fighter. I'm rather certain that in MP enviroments the 262 will become nothing more than a nuissance, unless used as a hard to intercept bomber, where it might fare rather well.
  7. I fly in an organized group that runs a weekly multiplayer campaign. Try attacking a flight of 6+ bombers flying together in a tight box. The gunner situation is bad when discussing classic multiplayer scenario of one or two bombers being attacked. When the enemy is flying in a squadron sized force and implementing actual tactics it goes from funny to beyond ridiculous really bloody quick.
  8. What does the rudder or rudder trim have to do with taxing? Neither of those are effective at taxing speeds.
  9. As the other guys said - the shiny part of the tracer is just a chemical compound strapped to the end of the projectile that burns when fired. Sometimes (or maybe even more often) the burning bit falls away from the projectile and goes it's own way. That doesn't mean that the actual projectile got curved (though it might have negatively impacted the ballistics of it), it's just a funny effect that happens with tracer rounds sometimes. Also while on tracer topic, 1C can you guys make it so that tracer in game aren't 2 feet thick and moving at 20 feet per minute when observed from the distance, and give the germans proper green phosphorus based tracer?
  10. Wait, does BoX really have the option to enable lead markers and some other aim assist? This is a joke right?
  11. Nope. At 1.3 ATA you will easily surpass 19m/s between 0-3000m.
  12. Also those spec lists are as reliable as a Jagdtiger. They list F4 climbrate at 19ms which is like, not even close.
  13. I haven't played a flight sim in SP like, ever, because flying against AI is the same over and over again, so I don't care what FM they're equipped with. I'd propably fly against AI more in BoX if it was possible to include them in MP missions in decent numbers. Unfortunately this is where the game poops the bed. What amazes me more is how ya'll can dig for arguments against improving the spotting in a game you're supposed to like. C'mon bruh.
  14. I don't know man, maybe we should ask people over at 1946, CloD, or any other sim that did it better than what's currently in BoX. Man listen, all I'm saying is that a couple mile wide bubble is straight up unnacceptable in this day and age. It either needs to be increased, or overhauled. If this has been done in order to optimize the game then well, cutting corners is what it is. If anythings gonna change and I'm going to lose a couple frames over it then I'm fine. I'd prefer that than having a plane literally dissapear off of my screen because of magic.
  15. Then it would only mean that the optimisation is borked. If it would cost some frames, then I'd be fine. If some people would lose frames to a point of unplayability, then I'd tell them to get a better computer.
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