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  1. But why are you quoting me here? I essentially said the same thing you did, only omitting what kind of sound would end up being the result.
  2. Quite honestly, saying fuselage mounted cannons cannot be heard on the basis that wing mounted machine guns can't be heard is quite fallacious. Even if the noise from the bullet's sonic boom and the expanding propellant gases is mitigated completely by the engine and slipstream, that still leaves the massive bolt carrier impacting the gun's floor piece at quite a high velocity. Especially for the 109 a case can certainly be made how the engine cannon should be very audible because its case protrudes into the cockpit area.
  3. What @QB.Shallot said. Any advantage the P-51's "wing of laminar flow design" (this is the actual wording used to describe it) may or may not have given the airframe was basically rendered moot by gunports, panel lines, riveting and irregularities in its surface coating breaking up the surface.
  4. Nothing is quite as constant as the creation of bugs during debugging. It's just a fact of software development that can't be helped. 😉
  5. Maybe it was only used in the PTO with any regularity, like on the P-51D?
  6. I'll add my 0.02$ here to say the Jumo 213C is just a 213A equipped with a gun tube for a cannon firing through the propeller hub. Still, that would require remodeling of the upper nose section due to missing the D-9's HMGs in favor of an MK108 firing through the hub. And with that come massively different drag calculations for the fuselage. E: this is all pertaining to the D-10. The D-11, -12 and -13 are a different can of worms due to the different engine as well as related modeling changes.
  7. This is all well and true, but IL-2 does not model any kind of pitot error as far as I know. As such, indicated speeds given in airplane manuals need to be counter-corrected with available PEC charts to get the corresponding speeds and limits in IL-2.
  8. German 109s operated without any wheel covers during winter at the eastern front because dirt and mud would've otherwise caked the landing gear struts and caused issues. I don't think pilots would've easily agreed to having them removed if they'd caused this much of an increase in drag.
  9. M20 API-T penetrates 21 mm of RHA at 500 meters, and still 11 mm at 1200 meters. M2 AP, 19 and 10. M8 AP-I, 16 and 8. Sources listed at the bottom of the linked page: http://www.inetres.com/gp/military/infantry/mg/50_ammo.html
  10. Then I don't get why you were responding to me with this; I'd made the exact same point in my response, albeit with a sarcastic comparison.
  11. If you quoted me to reinforce the point to X-Man et al, please disregard the following: Please read my response again, carefully this time.
  12. How DARE the allies expect the Germans to swallow the disadvantage of only getting homeopathic doses of their jet when the former have to swallow the much larger bitter pill of not outnumbering them 10:1?
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