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  1. PainGod85

    P-47D Level Speed

    More like the M gains over 23% in mass and the resultant climb rate is reduced by almost 15%. Meanwhile, the ingame P-47 - and I'm rephrasing your own numbers here in order to get the comparison to go in the same direction - gains 50% in weight (your 1/3) and loses 33% of its climb rate (your 1.5 times). Oh look! The changes in climb rate for their corresponding reduction in mass correlate! You, sir, fail at statistics.
  2. PainGod85

    P-47D Level Speed

    Simple. You model both sides' planes to manual limits, completely ignoring one had stopped caring that their engines' MTBF was 20 hours when the plane was likely to have been shot down before making it to 5. (Yeah, the numbers are an asspull, but that doesn't invalidate the core sentiment.)
  3. PainGod85

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    It's not like I translated the placard or anything. :v
  4. PainGod85

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    The written part says: "Deploy flaps below 295 km/h". The other, handwritten parts are what I assume to be maximum permissible indicated speeds at certain altitudes: 480 km/h at 9 km 610 / 7 720 / 5 850 / 3 900 / 2
  5. PainGod85

    Tactical Air War

    So much this.
  6. Meanwhile, IRL: 15 minutes at 74" 8 minutes at 70", assuming 600 kph CAS near SL. But let's break the engine after 5 minutes at 67", let's see how that's going to end.
  7. PainGod85

    Tactical Air War

    You are revolting.
  8. It's old news for me, and the Russian thread is citing much of the same resources that were linked here, IIRC. The guys over there are equally dismayed about the state of things.
  9. PainGod85

    P-47 dorsal fin Por Favor!!

    Long story short, at or below the speeds where aileron reversal should occur, aileron detachment takes place instead.
  10. I think your link is broken. It leads back to this page.
  11. So explain how 3 minute limitations for 1.42 ATA were magically hand scribbled on the boost gauges of various 109s when - according to your indubitably profound knowledge of engine mechanics - the powerplants would stop working if used for this long in combat? Even better yet, explain why you think the same engine fitted on a fighter, using the same fuel and assuming it gets adequate cooling - you know, the same as on the test stand - would somehow get a significantly lower engine life than the one on said stand. We're talking about a 67% reduction in engine life at maximum boost here, that's not even statistically significant anymore, it's statistically a completely different set of data points.
  12. PainGod85

    A-26B For Sale in Canada.....Eh! =o)

    Right. That was a funny looking A-20, come to think of it. 😛
  13. PainGod85


    Yes, you're making my point. Hell, transfer the current engine modeling on the 262, with the current engine model I wouldn't be surprised if we got 20 seconds of maximum engine performance before it blows up. Exaggeration for emphasis.
  14. PainGod85

    A-26B For Sale in Canada.....Eh! =o)

    Why is this A-26 engined with Double Wasps, though?