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  1. Graphical issue with the model of the P38 pilot. During a QMB flight.
  2. Right, I never notice that before. But don't worrie when you do level bombing with the Pe2 or A20 you can open bombs bay doors when you are approaching target that's not prevent to drop your external bombs first. Both planes have four external bombs racks. You can count your drops before opening the bombs bay if you are doing some diving attacks on target or low flying pass. Nice behavior, we are not enough doing that.
  3. You can see the bombs you carry on bombsight view and knowing if they are internal or not. He 111 can also have Sc 250 in internal, 4 for H-6 and 8 for H-16
  4. The La-5-F and La-5-FN with bubble top canopy are 1943 planes. The La-5-F we got in the game is not really a La-5-F, this is a La-5 type 37, a 'basic' La-5 motorised by a M-82F. After some succesfull test with this motor on a prototype in November 42, the NKAP have decided that all the La-5 will be equiped with this motor, and in december 42 all the La-5 in production start to be equiped with it. This is the plane we got in the game. The real La-5-F, the La-5 type 39, introducing a lot of modifications, the Bubble top canopy is a part of it, and join the units in March 1943. All the La-5-FN have a bubble top canopy, except some prototypes.
  5. The bf109/U4 appeared in the unit in late 1943, and was used to intercept bombers raids over Netherland and Germany. Some were send in Italy too. I didn't know any use in the East front. La-5-FN have his first operational used during Kursk Battle, and start to be common in the Autumn 1943. The 1944 La-5-FN is know as La-7, plane we didn't have in this game.
  6. In the annouce of BoBp, FC, TC, and u2. "Last but not least, part of our overall plan is to work with one of our long-time professional development partners to produce airplanes. This is not a guaranteed success and much work needs to be done to make this a reality, but we are giving it a shot. There is much more to our airplanes than just the model. Much training will need to be done to pull this off. If successful, we plan to make the Li-2 next. We are making NO PROMISES, but here are a couple very early WIP pics." I have always though, that the original C47 would be a better choice than the Li-2, we would have the possibility to use it over all the frontlines possible. Over USSR too, the VVS used a lot of american made C47 during the war thanks to lend-lease. The Li-2 would be only usefull over USSR during ww2 and over Korea if this theater is done.
  7. Thank you. Anyway it isn't an annoying bug, we are not many to search cloud cover with the Hs 129, and even when the bug is visible it doesn't interfere with gameplay.
  8. The Filter become totally visible when we fly in clouds or in rain. Normal: Clouds: Rain: Cordialy.
  9. Thanks, I didn't see the inside scale, was looking on the outside one. I usually learn alone, the hardway, it took me more than 3 years to find the fuel gauge in the mc202. 😥
  10. Push "e" button, the first engine will start, wait him to reach 6k U/min, then push the 1st motor ignition and maintain it (new button to key bind), the U/min will reach 1200 and fall to 0, at this moment push the 1st motor throttle around 18% and stop pressing ignition. Same procedure for the 2sd motor.
  11. This is a propaganda video, there is a real possibility they mounted 20mm gondolas just to do this video shot. The 109 appear much more dangerous for the public with these, give false information to any ennemy who see this videos, and politics peoples are happy to see their pilots using weapons they paid for them.
  12. Rudel is know to have belonged to neo-nazi groups after the war. At a time when he coudn't ignore the horror that engendered the 3rd Reich. This show that he totally assumed his position, this is why he is a truly despicable human.
  13. Normalement si tu as acheté un opus sur steam et que tu as un compte sur le site officiel, en lançant ton jeu au moment de login tu dois avoir un message qui demande de lier les 2 comptes ensemble. Après tout ce fait automatiquement. voici le lien de la mise à jour qui a mis ça en place: Essayes en anglais la prochaine fois, tu auras plus facilement de réponses. 😉 Sinon il y a un sous forum 100% français.
  14. We have 67% to have a DD each week. If we are in a good week. Less than 1% of the DD have been made on a wednesday. Tomorrow you'll have around 15% of chance to have it, and around 82% friday, in reality these percentages are more closer to 10%-90%, considering the majority of the DD posted the thursday were made during the year 2016.
  15. Flying with open canopy is historically correct in Lagg 3 or La 5, VVs pilots often flying like that due to the bad pexiglass and the poor ventilation of the cockpit. And more flying with removed canopy with the Lagg could be a field mod in this game.
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