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  1. Oh my God! If you drop all that parachutes plus the Dakotas, the PC screen explodes 😁 I am very happy to read that everything is going well! Thank you for all the effort made by the entire 1C team. Perhaps a small map of the Asian jungle and a Zeke along with the P-40 that we already have many happy. Merry Christmas
  2. Thanks for the info 😉. I will consider it for again. Thanks to all for the help.
  3. THE ROLE OF THE AVIATION IN THE BATTLE OF NORMANDY The aviation played a key role in the Allied victory in Normandy.It should be said that the Allied air forces enjoyed an overwhelming superiority over the Germans, with 11,000 aircraft at their disposal. The Luftwaffe, on the other hand, had only a tenth of that number available – a little more than a thousand aircraft – and had to content itself with putting in sporadic appearances in the skies above Normandy, only showing any real activity under cover of darkness. The heavy bombers of the RAF’s Bomber Command and the Eighth US Air Force continued to destroy roads and rail junctions in the days that followed the Landings in order to delay the arrival of German reinforcements. They were also used to “soften up” the enemy by carrying out carpet-bombing missions during major offensives, as was the case before the launch of Operations Charnwood, Goodwood and Cobra. However, the most important role was without doubt that played by the tactical aviation, in tirelessly supporting the troops fighting on the ground. The indefatigable activity of fighters and fighter bombers belonging to the Second British Tactical Air Force and the Ninth US Air Force was one of the main reasons for the Allied victory. The construction – begun in the hours following the Landings – of at least fifty aerodromes on Norman soil, mainly in the Cotentin and Bessin regions, enabled them to extend their intervention capability still further. Spitfires, Thunderbolts, Mustangs, Lightnings and Typhoons held the skies above Normandy, dive-bombing even the smallest concentration of German troops, remorselessly attacking enemy convoys, sowing death and terror on the roads. These, for example, were the aircraft which single-handedly smashed the Germans’ counter-attack at Mortain in the early days of August 1944. http://histoire.normandie-dday.com/en/discover-the-history/the-main-phases-of-the-battle-of-normandy/the-role-of-the-aviation-in-the-battle-of-normandy/
  4. Thank you very much Razor is already fixed. But the correct process is like this: 1) Press the F9 key to free the view that is poorly centered and to correct it, you must first center the view of the pilot's head with the mouse. 2) Then with the "Insert / Delete / Home / End / Pageup / Pagedown" keys make the correction of the centering of the luminous cross inside the collimator glass. Up down right left. 3) And to finish and leave the changes fixed (well centered) press the F10 key. 4) Then restart the Track-IR and check that everything has been fine. 5) If you have to make some correction, do the same process again. And as a recommendation, be very careful when pressing F9 or F10 while flying in the simulator. Thanks again PS: Maybe the admin can leave it as fixed (pushpin) in case someone has the same problem.
  5. Idea of airplanes for Normandy Three of the plans that would be good to have on the Pre-Normandy map would be these of the images. Bf-109 E4 or E3 / Hurricane I or II / Spitfire MKI
  6. Please I need help. For some time when I try to fly on the Bf-109 G2, the pilot's view is on the side and I can't focus my eyes when you enter the plane. It is as if the pilot was on his side and higher in the seat. With the sight shot so there is no way to fly this device. This does not allow me to continue doing the pilot race in squads that have the G2. I have tried everything. It is not corrected by pressing the numeric keys on the keyboard, and the view centering button does not work. I am desperate and I am thinking of doing a clean new installation, but there is still someone who can give me a solution to fix this bug without having to do a new installation of the sim. Thanks in advance. This is how it looks inside the G2 with the views centered.
  7. Well, I have already pre-purchased Normandy. Now I hope someone believes this skin of P51 B. Thanks
  8. I think the decision to create the map of Normandy has been a smart choice. This map of the English Channel will give a lot of play and is complementary to what they have already developed. This development team deserves all our help and support so that we can continue to enjoy the best WWII simulator. I, for example, can hardly fly on the last map of Germany since my equipment is old, but since I can do the Pre-purchase of Normandy even though I cannot fly it due to lack of power on my PC. I hope that Santa Claus remembers me and brings me a new PC Greetings to all, and as I do not enter much the forum MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR ALL. Do not be angry, that developers work hard so that many of us can enjoy hours and hours. I think as Winston Churchill once said: "Never in the field of human conflicts have so many (Virtual Pilots) owed so much to so few (Developers)"
  9. Very good! Then it works! I'll keep it in mind. Thank you very much for the video, and as for English I see that we study in the same academy ... 😁
  10. Mi opinión personal es que el Pacífico, si lo terminan sacando, será otro fiasco como lo fue en el IL-2 de Oleg. Las horas que volé en aquellos mapas de millas y millas de mar eran insufribles. Al final, al cabo de unos meses de la novedad de volar embarcados, ya nadie volaba en el PF. Otra cosa que sí entiendo es que los pilotos USA quieran volar en el frente que les tocó más la moral. Pero creo que será una novedad pasajera. Y ya no cuento si el cliente es de los que vuela solo, en "Campaña". ¿Como haces una campaña del Pacífico? Te vuelas misiones de dos horas sobre el mar? Creo que la decisión de haber hecho el mapa de Normandía tiene más sentido. Es una opinión personal
  11. Está precioso!! Yo tambien soy un Ex-Piloto de RC de hace muchos años.
  12. Hi jetsimace As I have commented to III/JG52_Lothar29, these changes can no longer be made in the records of the databases no longer works, since those changes were made in the databases of servers owned by IL-2 I'm sorry
  13. Como ya te he comentado por el privado. Ya no se puede. Creo que ya no hay forma de rectificar la base de datos alojada en su servidor. 🙄 Habrán detectado cambios en remoto en sus servidores y lo habrán tapado, ya en el fondo es un boquete de seguridad en sus bases de datos.
  14. Thank you Panthercules. I already managed to fix it was a very simple thing: You had to click to see FULL SCREEN. Is that the new PC has a 2K monitor different resolution and format and is that it was not visually showing the entire screen. Thank you very much for the comment. Sorry for the delay in answering you but I have been sick.
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