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  1. Pues gracias a los dos, Creo que desnistalaré el juego y lo instalaré de nuevo desde cero. Cualquiera encuentra esos ficheros corruptos o modificados!! Desde luego yo no he hecho nada ha sido un día funciona y al siguiente sale esto.
  2. Hola señores, Pues eso que cuando trato de iniciar el simulador me aparece esta pantalla con el error 10027 Alguno sabe como arreglarlo? No tengo misiones cargadas, solo recuperé en su momento la carpeta de la CARRERA pero de esto hace mucho tiempo y todo funcionaba bien hasta que un día le dio por sacarme este letrero. Estoy por desinstalar e instalar desde cero. Lo publique en foro general en inglés pero ni caso... 0 respuestas. Será quizás por estar la captura de pantalla en español. Gracias
  3. Failed to login to IL-2 Hello, since the last update it shows me this error when I try to enter the simulator. Any possible help? Thanks in advance
  4. ÑOSSS!!! Vaya alias que te has puesto. Si quieres mi recomendación ponte un Nick, alias o nombre que sea legible y que se te llamar y pronunciar en la radio (Discord o TS) 😁
  5. Yero, thank you very much for your contribution. The truth is that it is better not to fly like Iron Man ... and seeing how difficult it is to recover a pilot, you have to think very carefully before hitting the "end mission" button without first checking if at the end of the mission you were alive and within your territory, or border (Captured) if you have had to jump or land with your belly on the ground. I look at it two or three times on the tour screen, and only if I am very sure do I finish the mission. If I am not sure if I fell near the border, I will restart it. Since
  6. The Waco CG-4 will not be modeled to represent D-day? It is an easy model to model in 3D The Waco CG-4 will not be modeled to represent D-day? It is an easy model to model in 3D It would be a very interesting plane to develop a scripted campaign. I would buy it. Of course it would be an IA plane. It would also serve to decorate certain air bases.
  7. Hi gerriaz, When you lose your life or are captured after hundreds of missions it is very frustrating to have to start again from scratch. Yes I also keep a backup copy of the CAREER folder. Although if there have been several updates to the IL-2 it may not work well if they have touched the code of the career part of the pilot.
  8. Thanks for the update. You are a fantastic development team !! Thank you very much Andrey "Petrovich" Solomykin. The P-47 is beautiful.
  9. https://www.keypublishing.com/brands/aviation/
  10. I recommend this book to you https://www.amazon.es/Don-Quixote-English-Miguel-Cervantes-ebook/dp/B06XSZ1QQ7
  11. Anyone know when a Luftwaffe pilot was allowed to paint his plane in a personalized way. It was based on numbers of demolitions, years of fighting, graduation or if it was considered an AS. I ask, because in the luftwaffe there are hundreds of skins or camouflages that are from famous squads but some well-known pilots had their own camouflage paintings and they were yes historical.
  12. Do you know what a "Gambita21" is in my country? A small prawn with a small brain. 😁 As I see you are: History, Aviation, Design and Illustration, 3D modeling, texturing and rendering. You should move on from the mission editor and do them as a programmer would, by typing the entire code by hand with the SublimeTex. https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carlo_Gambino 😬 I hope it's not your family.
  13. I will not answer an answer in this tone. So ... No comments
  14. Gambit21, I don't know what kind of missions or events can be done in the current editor that could not be done in the Oleg IL-2 editor. I personally created a whole campaign of The Battle of England with hundreds of airplanes coming out of many airfields and airplanes that appeared at the stipulated time. That is to say, not by simple it is less powerful. And it also gave no mistakes and allowed hundreds of fans and professionals to do scripted campaigns that we have never seen in this new editor. In fact there are only a few campaigns with decent script to buy them. There is
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