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  1. Hi Guys, Possibly this is a recent updated item but: I just noticed that in quick mission, with weather setting slider on 'heavy' it actually features multilayered clouds!!... Provided you are below a certain altitude. Not sure whats the max altitude for this, but boy...Is it awesome to fly between clouds during sunset... Also did you guys guys try flying trough a cloud in a P51?? with the rain drops on the bubble canopy? its truly beautiful! Makes me wonder why this effects is not more outspoken on other (older) aircraft...
  2. Noob question here: how do you guys know these times so specific? The Notes only specify 3 settings with 3 rpm's and 3 MP's? Also with tech tips and dashboard enables, it tells me the engine mode, not an actual timer?...
  3. By the way, with regards to the Intercooler inlet temperature... Is it possible to destroy the engine by overcooling it?? or is it just a way of fine-tuning it without influencing anything but MP? Admittedly i haven't flow in last few days, but on the last try i could quite easily reach 35.000 FT. But the more i hear the supercharger whine...the more the RPM needle fluctuates...
  4. No.. i dont think i did, i fact on both occasions the entire flight time was less then 15 min... But im starting to suspect i might have overrevved the turbosupercharger....
  5. Yeah, it confused the hell out of me....So now it begs the question: will it burn full bright when the Turbine is actually overspeeding? or will it go blank entirely?
  6. Awesome replies! Thanks guys!! watching video new, ill give it another run later tonight!!
  7. Hi all, I recently got the P47 and i like a lot...But it EM is not exactly comparable to anything else so far: This happened to me a few times: The turbo charger light was blinking constantly, even though the Turbo RPM is solid and below 20000 RPM I noticed that at high altitude (approx 20000 ft) the prop RPM was erratic, carb inlet temp was at orange arc. And engine was at combat mode, but with Boost off, (not at WEP) Oil and cylinder temp okay. But few minutes later the entire engine seized. What am i doing wrong? is it ic
  8. Yeah, like hunting for Submarines or attacking MBT's....
  9. Hi all, Not far from where i live, on the Dutch coastline, there are to be many locations used by the Germans for seaplanes and S-Boats. While flying around that area in IL-2, it got me thinking; Are Seaplanes in IL-2 a viable option? Such as the He115, AR196 and the B&V138? Or the PBY or SuperMarine Walrus. I mean, is it possible to model them in a similar fashion as in RoF? And how would you appreciate them? Additionally this would translate great to other theaters such as PTO, For example the F1M2 Pete, or The Beriev BE4 in Kuban. Admitted
  10. From what i remember, The P40 supplied in-game was a hand-down from the USAF, since it was already build in great numbers but considered to heavy to counter either german or japanese fighters. I never understood who the Devs chooce to model this version of the P40...especially since it was apparently not likes by any airforce who fielded it.. Moreover, its only real use is very much similar to an Il-2.... except its engine management is super sensitive....
  11. I know this topic has been discussed a great many times but, I was hoping someone has an option to switch it 'ON' inside the cockpit (1st person view). Is it possible to alter a config file? As i said, i personally loved it... Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I havent posted anything for quite a while and i apologize its a question of this kind, i tried searching for an answer but came up blank. How to switch on the motion blur when the camera is in the cockpit? I noticed it works fine outside the airplane with "cinematic camera" enabled. But just not inside any airplane...Is there any config file to adjust? I know many people disliked it, but for me it really added extra dimension, and i'd love to see it back... Thanks!
  13. This happened to me aswell about a year ago...not sure if its a bug or an exploit. Happened on the same WOL server.
  14. Maybe frozen? or jammed because of pulling to much G forces? Dont know if any of that is even modeled...But it would be cool though.
  15. I think so..but.. would,t that be a waste of money? cause it means you have to buy an entire set double... Makes me wonder if the Deluxe planes such as P40 and M202 will be available for individual purpose anytime soon... Edit: i just found out it will be available if not allready. So means that the P38 will be available separate from the Ops Bodemplatte at some time aswell...
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