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  1. I'm not going anywhere don't worry. I just said I'm not giving the Dev's anymore money until they properly support this product and other developers in the community. Why do people like you insist on being rude on online forums. Do you lack authority in your real life? That was a real quick response too. Just hang out on forums all day being irritating? If you haven't actually used the product, why would people care about your opinion?
  2. You've never actually used a Gametrix Jetseat have you? I stopped playing IL-2 because it doesn't support the Jetseat. I will keep happily playing DCS until such time as the IL-2 Devs properly support this product. I won't buy anymore expansions until you do. I really like Flying Circus too, but you lose too much immersion. People who have never actually tried the Jetseat should probably stop making fools of themselves.
  3. I got it ☺️ I just needed to pause my TrackIR (F9 by default, I have it mapped to my joystick) and the pilot head position keys become active. Thanks! The planes and terrain look gorgeous! Big Rise of Flight fan here. I'm excited I got to try this first day of release! Keep up the awesome work guys. I'm even going to buy your new tank sim! I'm sure it will be a while before all the campaigns and features will be up and running, but I guess it's time to retire my ROF pilot career.
  4. Is there a way to manually change the zoom and FOV in a config file? The viewpoint is too close in to the gunsight even when I scroll all the way out with the mouse. The pilot head position keys don't seem to work with TrackIR.
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