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  1. Is not you is the DLC. Hope someday they will upgrade the AI/pathfinding of the tanks and finish the project. The models are top notch (and more after the great skins at this forum) but the gameplay lacks quite much (unfortunately)
  2. The new binocs are great
  3. The new binoculars for tank crew are great !! Now we can use normal zoom and the binoculars actually have a good use 🧐 Thanks! πŸ‘
  4. Same watched it some hours ago. Quite enjoy it πŸ‘
  5. believe me is NOT hate. Is pure sadness to see a quite expensive tank simulator with such nice tank models lacking of quite important stuff and more after playing some older games that have those features that make the overall experience much better. I know is based in a flight sim engine but hope that at least the AI shooting thru houses and trees will be fixed during the early access.
  6. + No infantry. Even some soldiers with anti tank weapons (panzerfaust and similar) can be nice to be hiding between houses and you can kill em using the tank machine guns. We already know that a Steel Fury quality infantry interaction level is a no go here (cpu cost, developing cost...) but still some anti tank teams can add quite a lot to immersion. But on this battlefield seems that most of the people were abducted by aliens, no trenches, nothing πŸ™ƒ Maybe make the running AT gun soldiers/tank crews killable someday will be nice for make use of the MG or personal gun.
  7. Totally understand your Early Access pain, also the waiting game here with DCS. Playing a lot with SB Pro (again) and heavy modded Steel Fury (with infantry fun an post battle report) for easy the things. Then add Star Citizen to the mix plus hope to survive the pandemic to see Cyberpunk 2077 installed. Hard times. Just saw that new sim and cos we all love tanks wrote the heads up but I understand that investing more money now in unfinished projects is not a good move.
  8. Sad but true. Beautiful tanks, awful AI, weird control system, command menu that you have to use VoiceAttack external app for can control it in some faster way... Right now is a much better experience playing Steel Fury with STA mod enabled, even Panzer Elite with Ostpak mod is more fun sometimes. Also a new modern tank sim in on the horizon called Gunner Heat PC (https://gunnerheatpc.com/) I want to Tank Crew to succed cos the money invested but after two years, still not very playable don't give me many hopes. Hope this will don't turn in the Star Citizen of the tank sims.
  9. I like to think that Tank Crew is like a super Early Access sim. Hope it will evolve well with time. The AI and all that. Tank models looks fantastic (more with the texture mods and a big plus is to have the user made missions kindly shared here) but right now I'm back to Steel Fury with STA 3.4 mod enabled and having a blast. Hope Tank Crew in the next patch will keep improving. More patience will be required.
  10. Please add support for Tank Crew , thanks! πŸ‘
  11. I have the fear that maybe will never be solved. maybe to "CPU expensive" to make the AI see the trees and hills. Hope I'm wrong
  12. great news TIGRE88 ! Please maybe you can then upload the "100 pack" all together in .rar or .zip , that can be great for have sure we got them all thanks for all the good stuff for Tank Crew you are creating
  13. Also the binocular "activation" animation is too SLOW, when you switch to third person you can see the animation is faster (and better) Hope we can mod that πŸ˜…
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