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  1. Tank commander!! and those flames please add binoculars thanks!
  2. I hope they add binoculars for the crew
  3. @thenorm thanks for clarification!
  4. yes, it looks so nice! Looking at this preview picture I notice that there you can see your own body. Is that option in game now? Thanks!
  5. Tank crew (looking great) + holding gun = shoot running infantry (basic) in future updates? 🙏😁
  6. Amazing stuff! Hope you can "jump" to other tank of your "controllable platoon" when you actual one gets killed (like an user option, not always) thanks for the quality art !
  7. Great !! Hope we can use the machine gun of the turret now that IL-2 have killable running soldiers (last patch) thanks!
  8. wow! Please add those soldiers (and more) to Tank Crew
  9. amazing work! tank crew looking fantastic
  10. Awesome! At soon I finish updating DCS will continue with IL-2 (love both) Will be a great combat night here
  11. What a beauty! Each day u learn something nice. Thanks!
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