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  1. I've updated the first post with screenshots.
  2. I understand, I also don't like seeing mods without screenshots. The only thing I did in this mod is bringing back few sky files from the previous version (especially skydome.dds), I didn't tweak anything in them. It should be very close to the old sky - very close because there were other files changed by the developers in the new version, and I didn't touch them. I'm quite happy with the effect, especially in comparison to the new sky, so I don't think I'll change anything else. I've wanted also to try to modify the new skydome.dds, but I've a problem with the file format - I don
  3. I'll do this later today. You can basically look at any pre-3.0 video on youtube to see how it looked like - more like a real life sky, especially winter sky, brighter and less saturated.
  4. This mod brings back the sky color from the pre-3.0 game version. I really don't like the new sky color, it's oversaturated, candy-like; it doesn't look like the winter sky I see outside the window. Old sky color was better, more life like - and more "gray war day"-like, not "colorful kids game"-like I didn't touch any of the files, they're taken from previous game version. old_sky_color.zip Use JSGME to install it. Btw, anyone knows in what dds format are the skydome.dds files? Before: After
  5. Not sure if I'm oversensitive, but this ruined the game for me. The color is oversaturated, candy-like; it's especially jarring in the winter seasons. I really hope you will reevaluate this decision. Or if it's possible to change some files to correct this - please let me know; I'm good technically, so I'll manage to edit them. (I've tried reshade, but it's global, and I would like to correct only the skydome lighting.)
  6. Hi When I compare the look of the cockpit instruments that I see in the game with some youtube videos or screenshots of cockpits, they look "flat", like the glass was missing (I play at ultra 4k, without ssao and hdr). Is it normal and intentional?
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