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  1. Its 2 decades. im still here. remember picking up IL2 at the store in 2001.
  2. 357th fighter group. because of Bud Anderson and Chuck Yaeger. they are both still alive at 97 years of age. and still friends. I have just finished the book To fly and Fight, amazing life story.
  3. Flaps was used alot in the P51, there are many pilot reports where pilots deploy flaps. Ken Wagner that fly the P51 Lady Alice at air shows also talks about deploying flaps to tighten the turn in one of his videos, so its not totaly unrealistic. I have also read a few books with the german aces, where some talk about situastions where they deployed flaps to force an overshoot or thighten the turn. But i agree with the P47 flaps, but i think this will change when bodenplatte is released.
  4. Would it be possible to have the Norden bombsight mod, the so-called Drop Snoop. Remove all forward guns and have a bombardier there with the norden, then all the rest of the p38s drop bombs on his que never even seeing the target. Would be a cool thing but i guess not so necessary.
  5. Thanks for the tip, but there should be an option to have a higher fuel load, hope they can ad this.
  6. Would it be possible to increase the fuel load on the P47 on this server, the highest fuel load in the P47 is around 20-30% while all the other planes have 70%. You realy cant take any fights as it is right now because once at full power and water injection you will deplete that 20% fuel very fast.
  7. I checked ingame specs, i think it was 607kph lvl speed with MW50. And 19m/s climb at combat power @ sea level.
  8. From the interview: On the multiplayer side, some players are concerned about competitive balance between jet fighters and some rarer engine mods for a couple of German aircraft. Is the team hoping to add additional modifications to some Allied types (i.e. engine boost options) to give them some added options as well? How difficult is it for the team to build these features into the sim? Jason: “Adding more options takes valuable time, but I hope so. We know you want added boost and fuel options for certain aircraft. Battling the Me-262 is not the only reason they are requeste
  9. Lets hope they bring in the 150-octane fuel that was used in mid 1944, since we are flying against the late K-4 and Dora 9. There was an interview with the developers that adressed this subject. An increase of about 950 ft/min in rate of climb and about 30 mph in all-out level speed is achieved by the increase of boost from +18 lb/sq.in. to +25 lb/sq.in
  10. So to simulate realism in bodenplatte, we should sit in the 109s with 20% fuel and have random engine failures. And only 10 players allowed on blue side to simulate allied strength in numbers, this is not how a flight sim works. anyways we will not be fighting over 6000meters as there will be no strategic bombers, bodenplatte will be about low flying with bombs on the p47s and p39s and this is more the 109s domain.
  11. Its very bulky takes up alot of the cockpit, but i find it very fun to use. Where it shines is when somebody tries to climb away and you have time to adjust the range, its very effective to make hits from 300-400 meters in those situations.
  12. So i have been getting into the p39 trying out engine limits etc, and the aircrafts specs says you have 2min of full power with 100% mixture setting. that is actualy quite nice as the g6 only gives 1 min. but if you fly at full power with 66%mix auto rich, does this effect your performance, and does 100% mix give better engine cooling, i know from other ww2 aircraft you could use emergency rich to spray the sylinders with fuel and thus cool them. Is this so, and is this modeled in-game?
  13. The spec says so yes. but you can go up to 830kph in a dive, at 850kph you start loosing parts. that goes for the Mark5 as well.
  14. Its not modeled in multiplayer because of latency issues. If i remember correct there is turbulence in singleplayer.
  15. Yes, i asked about this to. But that was not easy and almost impossible to get information that way, either from museums or from pilots flying them today at airshows etc. They just dont care about a video game developer, anyways thats what i was told when i asked why it took so long to develop the P47.
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