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  1. This happened to me when I disabled SSAO from game settings. SSAO enabled works fine.
  2. SSAO disabled and game wont start in fullscreen mode anymore. Edited startup.cfg to SSAO=1 and works again in Full Screen.
  3. No I disabled three out of four cores manually before starting the game. Seems like that has nothing to do with FF problems. Not 100% sure though...
  4. I started TrackIR, set it to run on only one Core. MSFFB2 worked fine after that. Only one night but so far so good. Edit: Next day problems are back it seems
  5. More 110's would be better match against Pe-2's and IL-2's instead of Heinkels and Stukas...?
  6. Very nice. CloD is awesome and the servers are great too. Really should fly there more...
  7. English info still talks about Supply points and Battle points, doesn't mention Credits...?
  8. Hacking or cheating is another matter. I'm just wondering are these turns and rolls we are making in dogfights realistic at all. Planes are really maneuverable even in high speeds, the ability to change direction and maintaining energy while turning with these birds is amazingly good.
  9. Yeah well but when flying fast the plane doesn't bleed speed too much which means the turning radius isn't that tight. But I see people making all kinds of really tight turns and snappy rolls with this, I would like to know is there any tricks to do these. Like changing RPM in certain situations or when to drop flaps etc...
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