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  1. hi everyone, our squadron may be interested on joining the next campaing, when you are planning to take out the next version of it?
  2. no please or the Lw players would go crying for a entire year
  3. i'm not surprised to see so many iron crosses
  4. yes of course, the poor germans are always the best players and the most heroics for their willing to fly superior planes ))))
  5. lot of vvs left out due to balance and other issues, personally i'm not going to play this current taw due to the same old uber-hartmans guys who fly only germans fighters, germany has technology advance and numbers, so tbh playing vvs is not entertaining and exciting at all
  6. hi guys, i loving so far how the server is going but can we have please a "time left counter " like all the other mp servers please?
  7. it's not about lives is about the fact that seeing 40 vs 20 on the server makes vvs players not willing to take part anymore for the campaign the russian campagn had the german tecnologically advanted but outnumbered where the vvs could have a chance thanks to their numbers in TAW the germans always have Tecnological advance and numbers, tell me whats fun and exciting of having 6 germans at 7000 altitude while you are three yaks 69 trying to defend your airport at a lower altitude the server should limit how many germans there could be contemporary or at least if they are more than the VVS, force em to fly bombers too
  8. Totally Agree, that's why some of our squadron stopped playing TAW and the rest of it might not play the next edition if nothing changes
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