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  1. Awesome! looking too see the Axis ones too
  2. the skin needs a little bit of tuning tho
  3. i need to practice before the P-51 template is relased i have this in mind
  4. Brief description: All my steam bought planes are gone Detailed description, conditions: i purchased 5 collector planes from steam during summer sales and today i can't found em anymore in my account while in the steam library they are still there, it looks like my account has been disconnected from the steam one and i cannot relink em anymore even if i reinstall the game Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs) :i can give you all the screenshot you need for verification Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): (Windows) But I don't think this matters in regards to my specific issue.
  5. thank you, with the wire frame is totally better, i still have to practise with the free hand, i bet a chequered like that needs some fixing and requires a lot of time
  6. @325th_Bugsy how did you made the chequered that good?
  7. hi guys i'm starting to getting used to makin skins with GIMP, but the only thing that i've have problem with is making chequered nose on planes like the P-47 did someone can teach me how? The only solution i have for now is leaving a gap between the junctures but as you can see looks awful thanks for anyone willing to teach me
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