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  1. ok another Dumb new guy question which is probably nothing to most of you but doesent seen right to me.So if you are out destroying targets and such for your team and you earn a rank and points,but die it takes you all the way back to 0?? shouldn't it or it should just take you back to zero for that rank you have earned, and secondly I earned a medal in the box and now its gone??and I have the requirement as well aren't your awards permanant..Should be this way. it was ther for like 2 missions now gone.
  2. Yeah funny thing too Klaus as I was specifcaly looking for the AAA I was circling like 5x and a 109 went in and I saw the1aaa shooting and got it and some other the stuff then leaving bang bang from wherever,lol.
  3. Klaus,Fidelity,Roblex you all have been playing way longer than I but you are thinking along the lines I was. Kathon your link didn't show for me but basically I got 4 ground kills and got shot up by a 61- K from somwhere.I made it back but my tire was gone when I landed and spun out on the field.i wasn't awarded a combat mission but.like I said I didn't die be captured or wounded.I am not a stat guy or am I a good enough player as you all can tell by my stats but I try my hardest when I'm out there but that mission if I was credited would've gotten me a 87 back but didn't and then I went on and proceded to get shot up and die and was set back further,eventhough I made it back on that one.now whats not to say I would've bought it next run. But my long winded point is I did a mission hit the target got hit but made it back and should be credited with a combat mission.as this happened in real life too. I am not mad sir just rying to understand the game better or yet bring something up that may enhance your server next war. thanks again for your hard work on the server. Eugene (SCG_Borchers)
  4. Question, I made it back to base, but had a wheel shot up up over tgt and spun me out on landing ,I made it back to my base but got no mission credit even though I killed 4 tgts.I didn't die or get captured, what happened. and if this is normal. don't you think the players should get their mission credit. I can see the ditched, but you accomplished your task and made it back. Beat up or not just like real world.
  5. Another New Guy? So i wanted to expand my gameplay and learning. I made another Character to Fly VVS. and the profile is in TAW and on the IL2 Fourm (SCG_Kamozin) but when i try to login for the game to get to the Multiplayer or just game in general. it tells me Invalid Email or Password. I sent a support ticket on the forum to help desk but got an email back stating they had no idea what i was talking about. So my question is how do I login with my other SCG name to fly VVS. or what do steps i need to do. I' ve scoured the forums and such and nothing is coming up so i am here.
  6. Hey All I attacked a position today. With a 500 and 2x 250kg bombs. At near vertical from about 3k the position was full in my gun sight and outside. Almost crashed coming out. Pulled out on egress and watched the explosions. But yet after after I landed my best one yet. And dominant a yak. I didn't get any credit for hits or damage.how can that be.
  7. Mr Kathon No worries sir. Points reduction I could see and understand. But I was at next rank so I thought it would just go to 0 for that rank that was achieved and not go below.My thinking as you progress to the next rank it is permanent but your points can go up or down. No worries thank you for all you do with TAW even though I'm not very good I still love it. Side note I landed at my base safely after a mission and struck my prop but feathered and rolles out safely to parking area, but was credited with an emergency landing and a ditch in plane set. But I was landed already what did I do wrong. Did I park in wrong area.
  8. Hey Neon!! Small world that was me sitting there doing warm up yesterday. I remember that. Scared the carp out of me cause there was no AAA
  9. Ok all another new ? Not about balance:). I just went up in rank to Oberfeldwebel and 1/2 way to 200 went on a mission. With a wingman and absolutely blasted a target. And received nothing. Then I got shot up but emergency landed unfortunately it showed captured. Now my partner made it back and showed no ground kills just like me. And I did not die. And now it shows i went all the way back to 0/100 and lost a rank. I read thru rules and don't see anything about that. Just that if you die you get no points. Can anyone help me on that.?
  10. Am I missing something about the server, I see alot of people saying the server is lopsided and LW is overmatching and stuff and they want restriction and penalties and all this, but everytime im playing its always pretty even 22/24 somewhere in there or even the other day it was 21 to 8 Red advantage and 4 to 17 . I have never seen the unbalance people are talking about, is there an update or something i am missing?? i just got back to the game like a week ago. And everytime i think i am getting to an objective im shot up. Or is it only for the Higher Level players ?? like for Example right now 1/29/18 1140pm it is 5 Axis to 17 Allies. Kuban map #4- i see the unbalance but Red to Blue. last 3x
  11. Hey all I need some new pilot Quick help I cannot get my propeller rpm to change in game and ive mapped it.3x with different keys similar to Mac above I do t get any notification that it is changing. I fly, well trying too JU87-88 andHE111 or Better yet which keys do I need for the RPM control thing. I found how to do the Radiators but cannot get how to make the RPM go up and downlije i see in guides and videos but I still don't understand. I've tried single player and multiplayer just siting there i get everything working on keyboard and my throttle but not rpms that. And it makes me crash everytime I get flying i can't climb and the my motor seizes. Please help.
  12. Hey all I need some Quick help needed fo rme.I cannot get my propeller rpm to change in game and ive mapped it.3x with different keys.please help.O do t get any notification that it is changing. I fly, well trying too JU87-88 andHE111 or Better yet which keys do I need for the RPM thing. I found how to do the Radiators but cannot get how to make the RPM go up and down. I've tried single player and multiplayer siting there i get everything working on keyboard and my throttle but not that. And it makes me crash evrrytime. Please help.
  13. Hi Everyone. New guy ? How do you offload the cargo on JU52 after landing at baseFor resuspply.
  14. Hey all Quick Question. I have 7 Ground kills but nothing has registered and been 2 days. Any clue?? http://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=SCG_Borchers
  15. Hi all New guy Here, looking for a little help. First wow this War thing is Awsome!!! Thanks to the Devs. Now on to my Help request. Ok first off is there a guide out there for the 110,JU87,JU88,JU52 a basic engine guide /Check list?? I have found a couple, but way over my head I have tried to take off an d Fly 26x and got off 10x i thnk. and have only made it to a target 2x, I have either crashed on take off or Ditched because my engine sized or over heat or in JU87 both times it said RPM damaged and then engine went out. I was only flying at like 60% throttle and i couldnt even climb so i wasnt adding extra power or stress. and the other time I got 1 shot by an AA gun from somewhere around a target in a 110. I have mapped all my keys mutliple times on my keyboard and my Joystick ( Thrustmaster 16000M and Throttle) to see if thats the case, and it seems sometimes the Keys work and some times it doesnt., but works everytime and everyway in offline play. I apoligize to my Axis teamates for not even being able to take off and Contribute, Ive tried Slow power to Full power take offs, Full Power Holding brakes then realse take off. and either get going good then Fishtail left and right and then crash or i get going then just spin and spin around, Hell i even Seized and over heated and engine just trying to taxi back to take off point after an Abort. How is that? And i still cant figure out how to get the flaps down on the JU52. PLease can anyone help so i can contribute and actually try to have fun. Secondly, I actually made it to a target by accident whille running from a fighter and got 9 Ground kills but they havent shown in my stats?? its been 2 days? any insight on that?
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