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  1. Planeset is updated in the manual (high resolution link will be updated soon). In the meanwhile, I'll leave it here:
  2. While decent when used against defenses and stuff like that, I still preferred 8x250 loadout for area damage back then. Now it's all about loading as much 50 or 100kg bombs as possible. Some blue pilots gave me nightmares using that huge bomb though. For some reason, there was always one or two blue pilots, who think that 1000kg is perfect antitank weapon, so they take their Stuka and load this absurdly huge bomb, then barely take off, and when they finally manage to get anywhere near the tank column, they drop it without proper aiming, usually missing completely and nearly killing themselv
  3. Since I started flying in this game back in 2016, small bombs were always more profitable, like in reality. It's funny that most of blue team bombers never noticed that, and kept hauling those huge cakes doing minimal damage when bombing loosely packed targets. Right now, large bombs are totally useless though. Building can survive near miss, and will stand tall while being inside of the crater (so it looks like it is floating in the air, because the bomb moved the ground below the buiding, but the structure is left untouched). It looks amusing, at the very least I am by no means an explos
  4. I would love such features too. Some pieces of equipment sacrificed reliability for performance and omitting that in game, creates image of a super weapon. Failures would emphasize that in combat, a little weaker, but much more reliable piece of equipment is actually better, and sometimes very little changes make huge difference. Prime examples are feeding jams in P-51 guns, later adressed in D model, or bigger wheels in G-4 model of 109, trading some performance for better ground handling. Little change, but it can make difference between life and death.
  5. Marginal? Haha. Take your ordinary 109F4, full fuel, and combat power only - that's your basic plane, check it's performance. Now take the same F4, 100 litres of fuel and this time use full engine power (turn off engine limitations in difficulty options, to fly it non-stop like a yak). Marginal difference? That is 300l fuel less (around 220 kg) and 150 hp more. Between 105PF and 105PA engines, there was actually a difference of 190 hp (1240, vs 1050). Remember that Yak lighter than a 109, and it's engine is weaker, so the relative change is even higher. If you want Yak-1 on early ma
  6. On the side note, I just noticed, that the forum war has broken milestone of 500 pages. Congratulations to everyone involved! I look forward to another 500. Hopefully we hit 1000 page mark in nearest future.
  7. Il2 has 240 bombs, so in theory it can wipe out both depots in one flight. Looks like you have never touched Ju-88.
  8. 1944? We are in the early 1943, fighting on a map that is supposed to represent last phase of Stalingrad battle from winter '42/'43. As far as I know T-70 production ran from spring of 1942 to autumn of 1943, so it's perfectly fine that there are still large numbers of T-70 present, but yeah, it's better to start conspiracy theories again. During first four maps, Russians have KV-1 tanks in each column, while Germans do not have any heavies. Why is that? Due to Germans not having any heavy tanks early in the war, or due to TAW administration being russian-biased? I leave answer to you.
  9. He means probably, that Hurri is the last fighter you get. It's mainly because it was hastily added to the planeset in the middle of the campaign.
  10. AI eat a lot of server resources. Ground units are easier to manage, as they can be dynamically spawned when there's someone near them. Aircraft flying from one point to another would have to be handled by the server all the time and would hamper it's performance very quickly. Another thing is 'fair play' issue. AI aren't really tough opponents, so there would be tons of 'aces' with huge streaks, mercilessly hunting poor AI in the night time.
  11. I've seen that devblog and I really like the idea of "stamina" in general. The thing is, with current set of parameters it is sometimes possible to pull very high g-load manuvers without any negative effect, which is not realistic. I don't criticize the new model as a whole. It just needs further tweaking.
  12. Being realistic is not about complexity or learning curve. Right now, a "fresh" pilot can easily pull out of a 700kph dive using full elevator and trim combined, with only slight greyout. Compare that to Stuka pilot's memories about dive bombing, while keeping in mind that they dived at much lower speeds than that. Back in WW2 your average pilot had very litte, if any, training or knowledge about mitigating g-loads, so he was not able to hold or delay black out. Whether predictable or not, rapid g-load increase causes sudden blackout very quickly. Have you ever tried to carry stuff that weight
  13. They equipped most of the fighter squadrons, operated in the most combat-intense sectors, so no doubt they inflicted majority of the casualties.
  14. Looks like lot's of work was put into the new G-load and fatigue system. It is undoubtedly detailed and complex. That's very good. Sad thing is, that, due to being very forgiving, it seems to be kinda "easy mode" and less realistic, at least compared to my own real-life experience. The framework is excellent, but exact values should be subject for further tweaking in my honest opinion.
  15. Sober Sky guys must have very large families of flight simmers then...
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