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  1. So as @SCG_Riksen noticed.. After making a debut on TAW in Luftwaffe service, this campaign Hospiz is flying for the Soviets. See ya in the sky.
  2. If someone wondered why there are so many squads flying and repeatedly visiting Knights of the Air, I want to share with you 10 reasons why we in =/Hospiz/= do it: 1. Waiting for engine startup is not boring😴, it looks awesome.😊 2. You have that great feeling of replaying history when you and your buddies form up to fly another dangerous bombing mission. 😮 3. Flying in a formation is much more enjoyable, and you all together have a lot of gunners to defend. Or even dedicated fighter squad covering your back😊, like =LG= did on this sortie. (I am wondering why we didn't take any pic with both squads together.🤔 A must have for next time.) 4. When you finally bomb the target, you create a real mess down there. 💥💥💥💥💥 5. Even flying back home is better in a group - for example you can make friends with Hungarian people, they are really nice guys. 😉 (As a sign of Polish-Hungarian friendship our leader takes Hungarian camo whenever possible😆). 6. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when nearly everyone makes it back to base.😅 7. You can do some experiments, impossible to do alone. Here you can see a prototype of Bf110Z😁 - twin tailed variant of popular Zerstorer developed by =/Hospiz/= in order to improve combat capabilities in a harsh environment of KOTA server..... 😉 ...And here is brand new 110 with VTOL capabilities.😨 Another plane can safely 🤔 taxi underneath of hovering Zerstorer as shown in the photo. 8. Think of how effective ground pounder is a single 110. Now multiply it by 6.💪 Same with good old Stuka 👴 - even if you all are average pilots and can take out 2-3 tanks with that short ammo supply, together you are capable of wiping out entire column.😈 9. Cooperation and teamwork🤝 helps with swift completion of objective. When one pilot wrecks 🤜AA guns...... ...others can quickly and easily take out tanks.😎 10. And if something bad happens to you and you will fall in combat, your sacrifice will be remembered by your comrades😢 and stories will be told about how you rammed an enemy tank after taking a lethal hit from the enemy 😄 So don't wait any minute longer - find yourself a squad of your nationality, jump on KOTA and have fun together. I guarantee you will have unforgettable moments and maybe you will even make new friends soon! As always, thanks to [HRAF] for such great server, with every big action on KOTA, we enjoy the game even more. See you next Thursday (maybe sooner, who knows😉)
  3. Some pics from yesterday's flying with a larger group from Hospiz squad. KOTA is perfect server for squadron flying. We love it❤️
  4. Very nice bomb run. It looked amazing from below, when I was flying with my squad in a much smaller Stuka formation. The sight of so many bomber pilots cooperating, finally convinced my squadmates to try a He-111😅. Good job!
  5. Okay, my mistake indeed. Thanks for those detailed manuals, those I've seen earlier gave only a single never exceed temperature.
  6. Brief description: Liquid cooled engines have much lower safe temperatures at high altitudes. Detailed description, conditions: With increasing altitude boiling point of coolant drops significantly, resulting in coolant leaks and engine malfunctions at much lower temperatures compared to flying at sea level. For example, at sea level Bf109E can safely operate until coolant temperature exceeds 115 degrees - then radiators start to leak and after short amount of time, overheating causes engine damage. However, at 10km altitude, coolant starts boiling just above 80 degrees, resulting in the same damage to engine happening much faster. As far as I know, every type of aircraft with a liquid cooled engine present in game, had it's cooling installation pressurized - that means the boiling point of coolant should be constant at any altitude. Currently, all of the liquid cooled engines act as if the installation was unpressurized, and the critical temperature quickly drops with altitude. Testing was done on Kuban spring map, at standard atmospheric conditions - 760 mmHG, 15 degrees at sea level.
  7. Of course it would require huge amount of work to do everything I wrote, but at least part of it could be achieved by doing small steps in certain direction. For example, instead using one pattern for certain type of target (let's say artillery), we could have a pool of several patterns with different layouts and each time target is generated, one would be randomly chosen. Instead of placing the target in completly random location, make a list of map grids where each target type can spawn. I think there's room for improvement and I try to just give ideas. It's up to server owners to decide if they change something or not though.
  8. As much as I love this server, I miss lack of variety in ground targets. Nearly each single objective is just a randomly placed square on the ground, filled with clustered targets, and surrounded by several AAA guns. It completly eliminates need of using different planes with different loadouts - it's always about loading the largest available bombs on a He-111 and dropping them in the middle. It would be amazing if RE+ had more difference in ground targets. Take a look on Wings of Liberty, it's an arcade server compared to this one, yet it offers much larger variety for bomber/attacker pilots. Not only they have different targets types like factories, train stations, trains, ships, ports, transport and armored columns, troop and artillery positions... etc. but also two targets of the same type can be completly different, varying with number, type and layout of the objects placed in the target area. Last but not least, on RE+ targets seem to be located completly randomly - a strategic warehouse in the middle of a grain field - looks weird, doesn't it? Again WoL seems to have targets placed in more sensible locations - strategic targets around towns, troops and artillery operating near frontline villages etc. I am not criticising RE+ here. I am just suggesting that some changes would greatly improve bomber / attacker pilots' experience, give us more enjoyable gameplay and add extra bit of realism. I used WoL just as an example, in my opinion they they did ground targets pretty well, so why not do something similar here?
  9. I had the same problem. Try running game as administrator in win7 combatibility mode - it worked for me.
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