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  1. This is what makes a good fighter pilot. Having met you in the skies during this TAW few times, I can say you are really hard one to catch. Never engaging in a long fight, never being greedy - you just pop out of nowhere, strike, and disengage before enemy can react. Accept my sincere congratulations!
  2. Yes I know that there was a quite large number of them made, but there were problems with spare parts, engines and fuel, due to severed logistic chain and damaged industry, and that kept many 262s out of service. Of course those problems kept other types on the ground as well. It's not that only 262 was a rare sight in the last year of the war - any german plane was a rare sight in 1945.
  3. War is always painful, but this time pain will be rather short. I'd say that we can get a taste of alternative history where german industry was able to put jets into mass production.
  4. Don't forget that this edition is considered as a large scale test rather than a fully fleshed campaign. The planeset is just a placeholder, quickly put together just to have something to test on. If there will be large imbalance, you won't suffer for long as the second map will be over in two or three days. Next one will probably be much more polished, based on the feedback gathered during this one.
  5. Close to friendly lines? Not so much. At least not by standards of most players, like you, who do not go more than few kilometers behind frontline. And stop complaining about that 37mm. You didn't score a single hit with that big cannon. Only machine gun scored some hits from far away, because you couldn't catch a poor 88 with a LaGG. That MG hit both radiators though and it was the sole reason I had to ditch, the plane was otherwise perfectly flyable with only minor damage. Shoot better next time...
  6. I know Russians have long tradition of shooting their own soldiers if they refuse to blindly charge at the enemy, but it's not a general rule everywhere in the world. In most of the other armies there's a bit more initiative left in the hands of NCOs and officers commanding on the field. If an officer realizes that his unit can't seize their objective, because enemy is much stronger, he does not order a suicidal attack, but holds position, sends a report about situation to his superiors and waits for new orders. Situations where an unit is ordered to defend a position to the last man, or perform an assault at all costs are very rare. Trained men are valuable resource in war, and while they are expended to achieve strategic goals, they cannot be expended carelessly simply because you cannot win a war when you are out of men.
  7. 50 lives for ground attackers? Why not 100 or 200? Is it really that hard to just not die in every second mission? My squad flies exclusively bombers/attackers, yet we were able to keep our death count low. Out of active players, only two guys got 10 or more deaths. One is kinda suicidal pilot who doesn't care much whether he dies or not. Other got his 10th death in the last day of the campaign. Last TAW was probably the longest and most intensive campaign ever, and still with the 10 lives rule, most of our guys would be able to fly to the end. You want TAW to be realistic? Start flying realistic. In reality you want to survive the war first and foremost, while getting your job done. All that propaganda about sacrificing yourself for the noble cause (which is present on TAW in form of suicidal guys who "don't care for stats, just for victory"), quickly disappears as friends around you start to die. TAW should try to simulate that, your virtual lives should be the most valuable thing, and returning to base should be more important than getting huge amount of kills.
  8. And still you bothered to reply... as you do every time. You've even posted a "proof", it's a pity it is worth nothing - it's the end of a mission, players tend to quit sever if there's not much time to fly again. It's funny, you are very biased when interpreting facts, choosing only those that suit your point of view and completely ignoring and negating the rest. Whining on the forum became your specialty, you are really proficient in that activity. Now look at your very own signature. Hypocrite - that is correct word for someone like you. Oh, I've recently heard from my squadmates, you disconnected when you were chased. So you are also a coward. Hypocrite and coward - you have lost any respect I had for you, as I have respect for other human beings, but you are no longer a human being for me, and I will not treat you as one, for you are a creature that insults human race by pretending to be called human You are an abomination called Chimango.
  9. The planeset on this one is promising. Pre order done. I hope that there will be major improvements to the game engine though. It just can't handle large battles. On any MP server making a coordinated attack of thirty aircraft on a single target causes enormous lagging. All previous theaters were mostly about tactical aerial operations. Small skirmishes between small groups of planes, across a large terrain during a long, steady campaign. Even Operation Bodenplatte was rather a simultaneous attack of smaller groups on numerous targets. Normandy is other story though. D-Day was a single, focused, large scale operation. With current engine, creating the invasion fleet, and the massive aerial operation that supported the landings will be impossible. Otherwise it will be basically eastern front type combat, just on western map with western planes. If the dev team wants to ever make it to the PTO, Normandy is the perfect, and the last chance to improve the engine when it comes to handling larger operations. Initially Kuban, with it's Black Sea shores, was supposed to be a testbed for naval aspects. It's nearly three years after it's announcement, over one and a half after it's release, and we still don't have any larger ships, torpedoes, depth charges etc. If BON won't make it, then we will probably never see PTO unless devs decide to scrap this engine and make one from scratch. Current one was made for WWI kites and it was 10 years ago after all.
  10. Good to hear that. What exactly was changed in the planeset?
  11. I prefer deadly surgical strikes to carpet bombing. Seriously, why can't we just report people like these? If someone is sketchy, all that needs to be done is checking his TAW log page. If he's repeatedly disconnecting only AFTER dropping bombs (scoring ground kills), ban him. Simple?
  12. I don't think it's a good idea. It hurts players with non-perfect internet connection, and we all know that when server is crowded, sometimes problems with connection arise. Okay, I can just take break from flying when my connection goes fubar, I usually do anyways, just to save my nerves. However I think it is just unfair to lose an aircraft for next mission just because I get random disconnect five minutes after takeoff. Perhaps plane should be ditched only after player scored a GK? It would be less painful in case of connection issues, and still discourage disconnecting right after dropping bombs. Of course there is still a problem with people who miss the target, because they will be able to quit without punishment, but if they can't hit anything they won't be able to exploit that 😁
  13. So as @SCG_Riksen noticed.. After making a debut on TAW in Luftwaffe service, this campaign Hospiz is flying for the Soviets. See ya in the sky.
  14. If someone wondered why there are so many squads flying and repeatedly visiting Knights of the Air, I want to share with you 10 reasons why we in =/Hospiz/= do it: 1. Waiting for engine startup is not boring😴, it looks awesome.😊 2. You have that great feeling of replaying history when you and your buddies form up to fly another dangerous bombing mission. 😮 3. Flying in a formation is much more enjoyable, and you all together have a lot of gunners to defend. Or even dedicated fighter squad covering your back😊, like =LG= did on this sortie. (I am wondering why we didn't take any pic with both squads together.🤔 A must have for next time.) 4. When you finally bomb the target, you create a real mess down there. 💥💥💥💥💥 5. Even flying back home is better in a group - for example you can make friends with Hungarian people, they are really nice guys. 😉 (As a sign of Polish-Hungarian friendship our leader takes Hungarian camo whenever possible😆). 6. There is a great feeling of accomplishment when nearly everyone makes it back to base.😅 7. You can do some experiments, impossible to do alone. Here you can see a prototype of Bf110Z😁 - twin tailed variant of popular Zerstorer developed by =/Hospiz/= in order to improve combat capabilities in a harsh environment of KOTA server..... 😉 ...And here is brand new 110 with VTOL capabilities.😨 Another plane can safely 🤔 taxi underneath of hovering Zerstorer as shown in the photo. 8. Think of how effective ground pounder is a single 110. Now multiply it by 6.💪 Same with good old Stuka 👴 - even if you all are average pilots and can take out 2-3 tanks with that short ammo supply, together you are capable of wiping out entire column.😈 9. Cooperation and teamwork🤝 helps with swift completion of objective. When one pilot wrecks 🤜AA guns...... ...others can quickly and easily take out tanks.😎 10. And if something bad happens to you and you will fall in combat, your sacrifice will be remembered by your comrades😢 and stories will be told about how you rammed an enemy tank after taking a lethal hit from the enemy 😄 So don't wait any minute longer - find yourself a squad of your nationality, jump on KOTA and have fun together. I guarantee you will have unforgettable moments and maybe you will even make new friends soon! As always, thanks to [HRAF] for such great server, with every big action on KOTA, we enjoy the game even more. See you next Thursday (maybe sooner, who knows😉)
  15. Some pics from yesterday's flying with a larger group from Hospiz squad. KOTA is perfect server for squadron flying. We love it❤️
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