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  1. If you have win7 your golden. Amd can be a bother sometimes. I have amd and it works just fine.
  2. Clod don't takes hours to patch... 20 min top. Stealing the thread a bit. Anyone can point me in the direction where I can find good co-op stuff for il46. And how I mod it.
  3. I'm sure there will be some sort of bypass for the unlocks. And it's called CC.
  4. That's hardly the truth. I never post. But I do read plenty. I'm less then happy about this. Towel is thrown. I truly hope my cash helped thy won't be here for the long run.
  5. Clod is awesome. And what about lift-less wings and space? Don't space craft use some other sort of mechanical lift? I'm pretty sure lift need some sort of fluid or gas to work. Or was it just a kick at the space sims in general?
  6. I have that and loads of more pages and info I gathered when I was about to build my "long" thrustmaster 16k. I have a prototype-kinda thing in wood and it works flawless. The base of the joystick is on the floor and the grip is so you can rest your hand on your thigh. I have a busted shoulder so I had to find a way to rest my arm And the total cost for the build was about 40-50$ tools included. So go for it mod them sticks!
  7. So because of a minimini patch with no notes the sky is falling? :/ comon.... Maybe it was just some dev tool or server update.
  8. Why are people so bored of snow? It's like green grass but it's white. And snow will be something rare soon anyway with all the global warming and what not.
  9. I had to up the speed to be able to look down at the dials. But I still have a problem that my vision won't center again after some manouvers and I have to press the TiR reset button to aligne the crosshairs when it's shooting time. Any help?
  10. Oh that's awesome! time to kiss ass for the wife who works as a graphic designer then
  11. I'm not sure I'm posting this right. Are we going to have personal skins? Like, I have one with some marking that's personal to me and you have one that's one of a kind to you so you can id squad members by look.
  12. I've said it before. I payed the same for mega man II on nes-8bit(fanicom for the mercs) when I was a kid back in the days. So stop the moaning about money. Do as I did. I worked extra by mowing lawns and helping people carrying home bags with food. You have 4-5 months of saving so 10$ a month will get you the game. And if you can't afford that. Well.. You should spend your time with other things then playing pc games.
  13. Ah was still sleepy and couldn't get my neurons ticking. So I missed the giggle part. My bad ;/ Don't forum lurk before hot java!
  14. If you up the speed and smoothness it should be better.I couldn't see the trim wheel or anything lower then the flightstick top.
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