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  1. Must these Englishmen live, that I might die! (Junkers Jumo 004!) Must these Englishmen live, that I might die! (Junkers Jumo 004!)
  2. Either Soon™ or When It's Done®
  3. Both Tank Crew single missions for the KV-1 and the Tiger have voice acted lines in russian and german respectively.
  4. Alright, fair enough, but it seems much more like a maneuver where it has an instantaneous -9G element and a less pronounced sustained negative G. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and accept that ok, maybe perhaps -7G sustained is """easy""", but acrobatic pilots are not the same as fighter pilots. The same way athletes and soldiers are different, I don't believe the G tolerance of a modern day acrobatic pilot can be compared to that of your run of the mill fighter pilot in the 1940s, specially considering the absence of G-Suits and, as was the case with the VVS and RAF at the onset of the war, rushed pilot selection and training.
  5. """"""""""""""""""""Easily""""""""""""""""""""""""" FAA considers -5G sustained to be the absolute limit anyone can sustain before incurring severe and possibly irreversible damage to a person's eyes, eyelids and brain due to hemorrhaging and swolen blood vessels. My Source: http://www.avstop.com/ac/ac91-61.html Your source: Your behind, it seems.
  6. "Don't like it, don't buy it" mentality is probably one of the single worst counter-arguments known to man, a shame that you would rather stick to it than perhaps admit that there is an aspect of the sim that is lacking and needs a light shone on. Imagine if Boeing kept the B-17D configuration throughout the whole strategic bombing campaign because if the USAAF didn't like it they'd stop building it instead of improving it. And like he said, in the big picture IL-2 GB is the better product overall, but that does not mean that it needn't be improved. Ahh, yes. This is the kind of reply that answers the age-old question that has conundrum-med countless generations of sim pilots: "Why aren't more people playing flight sims?" Fair enough, but as I have pointed out the online behavior is a DIRECT effect of the poorly implemented G-LOC system. I can fairly and certainly say that I have never seen this kind of situation replicated in ANY other flight sim I've ever played, and I'm no rookie mind you, from 1946 to this, it's only happened here. Although DCS and IL-2 CLoD both have their shortcomings, they both simulate G-LOC to a degree that makes this sort of conduct impractical or impossible altogether. I have seen 109s nose down aggresively to counter Spits in CLoD but that is mostly to take advantage of the precarious carburetor setup on Spit I's and II's more than anything, and it usually just is between the -1 and -2 G range. Also, CLoD models G-LOC to the highest degree of accuracy I have seen in ANY flight sim to date when it comes to biological/scientific fact, the colorblindness followed by tunnel visioning and ending with LOC is the exact step-by-step of G-LOC. I do still however think CLoD is inferior altogether than GB and really not my jam, but I do give it that. In DCS (although positive G resistance is also very gimped, with pilots blacking out after a few seconds of 9Gs) blacking out and redding out are, more often than not, fatal. If you nose down too sharply in any aircraft, BAM! No control and you are sure to be tumbling towards the earth, the same with black out, furthermore they both have a degree of unpredictability that makes pushing your luck quite a risky thing to do.
  7. I have noticed the OP's mentioned behaviour quite incessantly in the previous few months of playing online, though namely one place where it is more pronounced and honestly comically off-place is in Wings of Liberty. I have my own points to make on this topic but instead I'll go ahead and make my own points regarding certain replies here in the topic. As the OP said, a condescending post and furthermore irrelevant. In my observations in numerous WWII and modern flight sims the "snap roll" has about the same effectiveness in combat as the so-dreaded "Pugachev's Cobra", that is to say, nil. 99% of the time a snap roll occurs accidentally as a consequence of uncoordination in a high-G/high-alpha turn and, even when it is used intentionally, usually just ends up being a total waste of potential energy that leaves the aircraft and airman disoriented and unstable for a pronounced period of time, usually ending in the performer of the maneuver getting eradicated off the skies. You are correct in so much as the panicked reaction getting shot at yields and accounts of pilots do make light of that, HOWEVER, there are two main caveats to said argument: 1. Pilots, like fishermen, tend to attach a considerable degree of hyperbole to their accounts of air combat and specifically of air kills. This is the reason why no sane Air Force allowed a kill to be confirmed by a single pilot, otherwise every flight would end with a group of 4 planes having downed 20+ or the likes. 2. Although I am the first to sing high praises of the recent developments and achievements of the sim and proudly say I support IL-2 GB, I do have to say that the sim's current implementation of both G-LOC and "Redout" are, at best, laughable. The onset of G-LOC in this sim is not only slow, predictable and VERY easily countered as there is no actual loss of control at any point in time as a result of loss of consciousness. Say you have a LaGG or 109 on your six, you dive down full speed and pull up/left/right in a 9G constant turn. You will, of course black out, but you never lose control of what you are doing to your plane. You may even, given the right hindsight, be able to deploy flaps, trim and lower throttle to settle yourself for getting out of combat, whereas the poor bastard that was on your tail, be him a LaGG or 109, if he chases you and undoubtedly also blacks out, will have -NO- idea where his target went. Now, with regards to redout, that is PRECISELY the kind of maneuver the OP is refering to. Redout in IL-2 GB is honestly a disgrace. You never actually fully lose your vision like a blackout, and, again, you never lose consciousness. I would go as far as saying that the threshold for negative G tolerance is as high as for positive G but that would be purely anecdotal on my part. FURTHERMORE, commonly what you'll see, both in Red AND Blue players, is an INSTANT -4G~ maneuver to attempt to lose the tail, which is PARTICULARLY effective in the 109 for some reason, as it is the plane with the highest AOA tolerance in the game it seems. I have seen it many times. This, coupled with the absurdly spectacular elevator authority the 109 enjoys at lower speeds (below 500ish Km/h) makes whoever performs these maneuvers almost impossible to hit. It also just drives me up the wall. Here is an example of what I just said: I have seen my fair share of warping, and that can't really be blamed on any particular person, ISP's are not perfect, WoL is hosted in Russia, KOTA is hosted in Hungary and IL-2s netcode is not 100% there yet, but I do say that these kinds of maneuvers can be replicated on singleplayer grounds and on LAN and/or on very low ping (<30ms) conditions. Just my 2¢
  8. I had a bit of a beautiful moment while playing this campaign, namely the mission where it's low overcast and you bomb the bridge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYdjO5IQLvs
  9. Credits to my good buddy kmjavenger for editing these screenshots.
  10. I have no doubt that all the bases for American and German aircraft markings will be covered in no time, my main dismay is the real lack of skins for some of the VVS aircraft, particularly those in the pre-1942 period. It doesn't help that the skin selection for the original BoS Soviet aircraft is in my opinion lackluster at best. Coupled with the lack of a dedicated tactical markings system (which I know Jason has said is in the works, but not a priority) it makes the variety of VVS skins very minute. Another factor that definitely does not help is the language barrier and difficulty to access reliable information regarding the Soviet formations and photographs to identify and skin aircraft correctly, seeing as photos of 1941-era aircraft seem few and far in-between, much less ones with units and pilots identified.
  11. Brief description: Rail bridge southwest of Rzhev on Moscow map seems displaced Detailed description, conditions: Played on both Career and Scripted Campaign modes, the railway bridge southwest of Rzhev (Grid 1105.7) seems to be dislocated upwards from its path. I don't know if this is a realistic design, maybe it moves vertically up and down, but looking at it gives the impression that it's not placed correctly. Additional assets (videos, screenshots, logs): Your PC config data (OS, drivers, specific software): N/A
  12. Considering the A-20 can do it, I don't see how the U-2 could not.
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