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  1. Every time I read one of your posts it hurts my brain.
  2. I would also be interested. Although I have not specifically made a guncam video for BoS, I have made ones for 1946 in the short past.
  3. On a sidenote, I recall someone mentioning some while back the possibility of A-20Bs being integrated with Bodenplatte to use in player careers. Though I was disappointed this was not the case, I still look forward to the B-25 collector plane and, God willing, an A-20G aswell
  4. Every day I wake up and look at the forum waiting for the announcement to drop, all the while looking like this:
  5. Brief Description: Gunsight lamp on the Ju-88 displays incorrect texture Detailed Description: Ju-88A-4's gunsight lamp texture shows instead the skin/livery texture being used by the player. Skin used in the picture is the "Adler" one.
  6. My 80s action movie-esque tribute to the best bomber heavy fighter currently in the game. I know the music choice wont be to the tasting of some of our older members, but this was a long passion project to me. It came out great and I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!
  7. This is some BS excuse to just stall and waste my time, and I'm not falling for it. No one is. You lost. Take the L and just guide yourself to the nearest exit. This ain't russian bias, this ain't Pe-2 laser gunners, this ain't any of your fantasies for why the germans lost the last round. It's plain and simple: Fighters keep flying at 8k meters doing imaginary CAP while the russians have wave after wave of Peshkas pounding away on your ground targets. With an advantage of roughly 300 players (though admittedly, yes there are those who didn't fly) you can only muster 8 more ground attackers in the Top 200 than the russians. Stop jerking yourself off and face the facts.
  8. Ok, now how many of these 497 users are russian and how many are german? Get back to me next week with your results, thanks.
  9. Statistically, with a disparity of nearly 300 users I hardly think that there will be more afk/inactive germans than russians to make the LW team "smaller" by comparison. In honesty, you know this, but this is just a cheap tactic you're using to take away from the fact that your argument is stupid. And no, I won't sort through it because I have better things to do with my time, while you clearly do not.
  10. Did you guys know Germany lost WWII? Crazy, right? By the way, you're not taking into account the fact that the USSR team has 889 registered users, while the Luftwaffe has 1163. So proportionately, USSR players fly more attackers than LW ones, so your argument is basically null.
  11. I'd say at times it can be considerably different, and taking into account the fact that Brazil is a country with a population vastly greater than Portugal, and with a larger playerbase, I'd say it be more beneficial to translate it to PT-BR, which is what I speak.
  12. I've been speaking english now for a good 15 years, so if possible I'd like to take the role of the English-to-Portuguese translation. Much obliged!
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