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  1. Hi BHH1 Thank you (and others) for the guide. Gave me the confidence to jump into the world of headtracking (I'm software jargon illiterate!). Followed the guide easily. best bit of advice for me was disabling roll. Perhaps my dodgy eyes but that worked great for me! Have even dug Rise of Flight out of mothballs!! Cheers
  2. Have had BOS for ages, never really got on with it. Bit the bullet and started to invest a bit of time taking in the marvellous help tutorials produced by community. Still using a fair bit of assistance flying but getting there! Loving it so much have had to get BOM, BOK, BOBP and FC in one big hit! Thank you very much for this set of missions. Brilliant. Enabling me to continue my education in short, sharp bursts!!
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