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  1. Hey Boys and Girls Here is my second Video - which is slightly better in my opinion. More action, shorter and a little bit of a "story". Enjoy and share your thoughts! easyla
  2. Hello Cujo! Thank you very much, means a lot! Im using the ingame recorder to record the whole flight and then i use nVidia Shadowplay to record the scenes i want. I really recomend it - but i think you have to have a nVidia Card to be able to run it. I uploaded my progress on YT and will share it soon! stay tuned and thx for the feedback easyla Hey Icky! Thanks man! Yea when im finished (about 3:30min long video all in all) then i will definetly publish it in HD. I hope I get no trouble because of the music... I uploaded my progress on YT and will share it soon! stay tuned and thx for the feedback easyla
  3. Hey guys. Long time no see, fellow pilots. I want to be honest with you, im a total noob at Sim Flying and in Conten Creating. But im having a blast doing it! I made a Montage/Tribute to IL2:BoS and i want to share my first Version (Not finished) with you! I really would appreciate some criticism. Tell me what you like and what you dont. Be aware that this "film" is in no way historically accurate or does make a lot of sense. It's just shots from planes i like in a Montage. Have fun guys, enjoy and give me some feedback! Much appreciate it easyla ***FINISHED PRODUCT*** [SWASTIKA VISIBLE!!!] Keep in mind that this is my very first attempt in Content Creating like this. I appreciate criticism! I know here and there are little flaws, i will do better in the future! easyla
  4. Hey JimTM Thanks for your answer! Yea i already checked the mission editor out. Looks quite complicated :-) But the question is more, how to HOST a game session when u have ur mission ready? Is there a way with hamachi or something to host a 'server' for you and your friend to join?? Thanks for your effort!
  5. Hey guys. Im pretty new to the game. I played IL2 1946 and Cliffs of Dover a little bit. BoS/BoM is now my new main game and i really really like it. I bought the game for a friend and now we are tryin to play missions together. (Bomber missions, Intercept Missions etc.) Is there a way to host a game and play with a friend against AI and stuff?? I dont think so.. Shame
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