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  1. The comparison between a custom skin exploit and this certainly has merit to me but then I’m not certain how much an advantage the former can provide. Not seen that evidence. Again, it’s their decision, their server. Reshade raises eye brows to me but if they think the damage is minimal so be it.
  2. I don’t think anyone mentioned “e-sports”. What we have here is simply two sides trying to win a match. If we collectively say, “never mind, doesn’t matter”, then I’d say maybe it’s fine. But that’s not the attitude anybody shares online from what I’ve seen. It’s always someone grousing about someone not doing something to help out. So clearly it does matter at least a little.
  3. Modding the base game for your convenience or personal tastes and entering into the competitive multiplayer arena is already very shady (no pun intended). I fail to see how any could be surprised by the admins actions.
  4. Cool. Maybe one day the devs will have provisions for localized weather but things like this are nice in the meantime.
  5. Friendly fire affects the ‘fairplay index’ on the stats page which is one of the multipliers of the score for your sortie. The index is 100% usually, but drops by 5% for FF.
  6. Ok, does anybody know the max safe duration the merlin can sustain with 150? I’ve been looking but can’t find it. Bit of a noob on this one. edit: I know it lets you go +25 boost.
  7. Also an option, possibly, is air starts for medium bombers to entice people into a level bomber role. Bombing from even just a medium height is almost never done online due to the time it takes to carry a nominal load that high.
  8. By flying near the field? So you don’t even have to land? Ruh roh.
  9. Ah, it’s working for me now. Not too surprised by what’s in there since I like the early/mid war stuff too. Also, more of a fan of the semi-historical/historical stuff. Good missions all around though.
  10. I like the mix of planes this server has at the moment. Yaks and Il2s need some seat time.
  11. They're still doing this? Every other server allows them.
  12. Make sure your gamma is set as low as you can go in graphic options. Otherwise, you’re just experiencing the same issues we do.
  13. I’d rather not have this thread locked.
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