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  1. Usually I just get bored and start shooting stuff in the trenches. There are tanks and manned machine guns down there.
  2. "Sorry" to No 20 Thomson. Tough going in a Brisfit when you're by yourself.
  3. Just fly the Pfalz. Solved. edit: I usually run at 20% - 30% rad opening with it.
  4. No, not really. But you’re going to be “heads down” while reading it so what’s the best option in that case? IMO, until we get a better option, it is the full screen but that’s up to the mission developers.
  5. Yeah, I knew I wasn’t going to do that.
  6. I believe the context was the Thursday Night event on Jasta 5 Flugpark. No one seemed to be able to complete it. If so, maybe this should be in the specific thread.
  7. I just got in. Wasn't letting me either. Edit: Tried again and now I can't connect. Guys, it's just not the mission.
  8. Well, at least the server is not extinct like I initially thought upon it's disappearance....
  9. Over the span of 3 missions blue lost Kalach and Gromo again. Feels bad man.
  10. Cool vid. Really liked your spitfire video BTW.
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