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  1. is it possible to have new missions for tank crew? 


    now we see and play only the usual missions ... online has become almost impossible to play (too much disparity between the parties and the Russian tanks make impossible shots .. not to mention the constant air cover that does not make you play), so if it were possible ...

    Thanks in advance for answers.


    I regret having bought tank crew, now the t34 destroy you with a single blow from 7-800 meters. instead you have to shoot 3 at a minimum. playing online has become impossible and boring. 100 players on the red side and 3 on the German side. I hope they will remedy these problems.

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  3. ...forse sembrerò stupido ma vorrei capire come posso considerare finita una campagna del gioco.

    Mi spiego...ho sbloccato tutti gli aeroporti ma non posso ancora usare le skin scaricate.....uso solo quelle predefinite.

    mi dicono che prima devo finire le campagne...ma come?


    grazie in anticipo.

  4. Qualcuno di voi sa indicarmi per favore quali sono i settaggi da mettere su questa scheda per aver la massima qualità grafica nel gioco?


    io vado nella gestione delle impostazioni 3d, ma i parametri sono tanti e non ci capisco molto.

    Grazie in anticipo.

  5. great idea.      I hope very soon we can have skins and more missions and campaigns for Tanks, Otherwise it is useless that the producers have also given us a Tank simulator in this game!

  6. Why  there are no tank mission in quick mission builder?  


    it does not seem right that simulator can do use tank but if you want drive them , you must play only in  Multiplayer.


    I can use internet for a lot of months and I can't drive  tanks...........only 1, 2 mission that you can find and download on the site. :(


    I hope that this great simulator can solve this problem very soon......maybe with new "Battle of Kuban".

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