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  1. I have tried two reinstalls but launcher shortcut warns that the file is no longer there. When looking for it and the other replacement tip from earlier post, they all seem to have been renamed with .backup extension - as are many other files. If I rename them to exe they still don't work. They seem to be referencing other miss-named files. I have the non-steam install, and no trouble from my Kaspersky. launcher.exe.backup rofuplib64.dll.backup rofuplib64.dll.update Third install is a charm! Delete all residual files after un-install and re-boot before new install. Got these error messages, but after forcing launcher to quit and restarting it it finally worked. WTF?! I started game everything worked. The day after all the files have been renamed again!!!!! OK, now it seems it WAS Kaspersky after all, limiting setup and IL-2.exe to "yellow" status. I just didn't get a warning message but had to look manually.
  2. Excellent work, the tank detail is stunning. I just hope that environmental detail will increase in a comparative way. It will look silly if these immaculately detailed tanks are riding around in low poly surroundings. I know everyone here is a fetishist for the machines, but rich and detailed surroundings are also important to bring the experience to life. Stalking other tanks, you will be looking at grass trees and buildings most of the time anyway.
  3. Looks great! Combined arms is going to kick ass. But is there any chance of more intense weathering? Everything is quite clean. Thick dirt and grunge really enhances the heavy experience that tank game-play is. I'd love to see tessellation bump mud tracks - or anything tessellated close range. Ground looks flat, and is always a large part of the viewing experience. Will the grass get thick and dense?
  4. I like tanks for the combination of destruction-power-trip and immersive nature walk. The slow, heavy drive through thick grass, rippling in the wind - as tension builds knowing you're getting close. Finally climaxing in house-destroying blasts and hellish jets of flame as you clash - black smoke blotting out the sun, only charred rubble and timber remaining. It makes for the perfect contrast from the freedom and elegance of flying.
  5. Using noise height-maps and mesh displacement with dynamic tessellation you can really get a lot of random lumpy detail onto a surface without too much graphics cost. So it shouldn't be impossible to have more variation in the terrain. Plus level-streaming/loading allows for on the fly landscape loading. You can just keep loading in new terrain into memory as you go. Can you imagine if IL-2 took advantage of the server tech that Star Citizen or other MMO's use to have multiple servers sharing the burden of an enormous world - to cram a massive amount of detail into a single map? Though personally I find the simplified grass is driving me crazy the most, lol. I hope they fill out the tank-game with a rich and varied flora. This after all is what you will be looking at most of the time. Flying planes you constantly have the beautiful view in sight. Tanks need a similar beauty going on in the background. I counted 5 types of grass and flowers in one area in War Thunder, once - you kind of expect IL-2 to look better.
  6. Unrealistic game-play aside, Battlefield V does have rather pretty graphics (if you turned the HUD off). I wonder if there aren't some technical techniques in there that could elevate the look of IL-2. IL-2 is pretty, but it's mostly the cockpits that have detail. I watched some pilot footage from BF, and it looked 10 times more detailed. I know IL-2 is doing a lot more simulation in the background, but that's done by the main processor, not the graphics card. With level streaming techniques and a little tessellation displacement, wouldn't it be possible to get better looking bases, towns and mountains in IL-2?
  7. As unlikely as it is to be realized, I love the idea of a fully detailed tank game for IL2. If you ran the tank-game on a separate server from the air-game you could raise the level of tank and environment detail - without impeding the air-game. The 2 servers exchange player position data etc so both are the same game, but the calculation workload is divided. You could even have more servers, similar to the Star Citizen work-sharing model. The tank game would also have to be restricted to a small area of the map and only a few tank types, so the density of detail could be increased (got to have the mud deform under tracks, and those destructable buildings The tank and air games would have separate textures and models, i.e: tank game has high detail tanks, but low detail planes - and vice versa, to optimize graphics memory usage. ...but it won't happen, of course. I've set my hopes on "Hell Let Loose" instead, for now.
  8. Tanks could be fantastic in Il2, but they need a lot more detail and functionality. When you're on the ground you can really see the pixels and polygons, so the environment has to bee beefed up too - and destructable. I play a lot of War Thunder Tank-Sim, but often wish for it to be as detailed and historically correct as IL2-sturmovik - or rather that IL2 tank-play was as good. Though I don't think there is room in the game for the additional data it requires. If they made their own version of that map size with tank + plane + environment on equal detail, I would go mad for it. But I also play a bit of Star Citizen, which gives a taste of FPS + ship-sim + environment, and man it is a blast. But in that game too I keep thinking how IL2-sturmovik would be an even better FPS-SIM-MMO with it's insistant sense of realism (I always want get out of the cockpit after crash-landing to fight my way back on foot). Frankly I think the all-in-one sim is the future of quality gaming, espescially with VR coming. The sooner 1C start expanding to this level of content the better. Could they adopt a similar backer economy to Star Citizen? I know I'd pay.
  9. The red star represents Socialism - the rising of the oppressed workers shaping a better, fairer world (though being corrupted and becoming the perpetrator itself). The swastika represents the Nazis - a political ideology of murdering the weak and inferior. It is the intent of Nazi ideology that is so offensive. And today with Trump being directed by Dan O'Bannon, one can feel that that softening the horror of the Nazis is only helping it return.
  10. If the airfields and other targets were more teeming with life on the ground, the reward of finally reaching them with a tank would be the diversity of combat on arrival. People attacking with anti-tank weapons, or simply just shooting at the view slits. More processor expensive polygons and animations, yes - but just one guy with a machine gun would really bring things to life, without just being scenery. If a player could also control that guy then the tactics, danger and excitement would increase.
  11. The reason I started playing WWII flight simulators was the realistic immersion into a beautiful, realistic landscape. Flying long distances didn't matter, because the view and sensation filled me with happiness. If tanks are to be fun for anyone the buildings and vegetation have to be a lot more realistic. Tank sim in War Thunder, for example, is a lot more immersive and fun because it looks better and has more detail. Crashing through walls and crushing farm equipment as you struggle to out-turn an opponent really ads depth to the excitement. But these things, of course, demand a lot of work - and smaller maps, to facilitate the higher level of detail. So it seems unlikely to happen in IL-2. The ability to become AAA, though, seems more feasible. It would add more life to the airfields and bomb targets. A player could perhaps skip between multiple AAA, to fill out the time. Oh, what am I saying - what I really want is the tanks! Tanks that you can exit to repair tracks yourself, or climb enemy tanks and pour petrol down their hatches, stuff grenades into them, cover them with bushes, snipe the commander as he peeks out of the hatch with his Track IR etc I think what I am trying to say is, that if you make something really beautiful and fun, people buy it. There will be a greater interest in tanks if the tank game gets the effort put into it.
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