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  1. Ill be honest, I got a bit hotheaded when I posted that and keep going back and forth on it. Honestly im not sure what I want to do. Guess will see. I deleted my one topic because of this. Its really 50 50. On one hand I feel justified that I am correct and on the other hand if I do buy it I know it will be good and worth the money. That is my dillema. And the whole doom2 thing is totally diffrent from this scenario. Darksiders and skyrim are 2 examples i cam come up with i got the free remasters for on steam because I owned the original. Im fine paying something for FC but it is still only slightly better version of rise of flight. To me its pretty much the same thing as the darksiders warmastered edition Or the hd upgrade of skyrim. Will see I keep going back and forth on it but for my own sanity since I cant seem to decide im gonna do it alone and trouble the forums no more with this.
  2. I sent you something, but im gonna say it again anyways. If you where gonna offer me your personal codes I respectfully decline to me it is and is not about the money its about the fact that this whole timeframe being cut off 5 years ago is an aweful decision. I bought everything for rise of flight summer of 2015 and have been playing the hell out of it and assumed it was just done getting content. Unless you work for 1c and are giving me a code thanks but no thanks they should change the time to the day before they announced flying circus my 2 cents. Ill problably give the tank crew a shot instead since that is at least diffren content i have not tried yet but idk yet. This. Sorry for the double post my phone is acting screwy.
  3. I wasnt to excited for this one but, I already own ROF and missed the discount deadline and this seems like it would add more to the IL2 experiance. And my son who is 11 and likes to just crash my planes can kind of control the tanks better so this is a win win. Not to mention this I think would add a lot to Multiplayer having air and ground units interact. And my son likes tanks alot so I can watch him play while he watches me fly and good times will happen.
  4. I Guess that could be it. I do know the pricing was diffrent for steam I remember seeing on the site you can buy the planes one at a time. Someone else said other people maybee paid more for it. Who you replied to maybee thats the case though I do recall when I found this on steam debating on uninstalling and juat straight buying it through the dev site but noticed you had to buy one plane at a time that way which is why I ended up buying off steam as I knew how steam works and seemed easier at the time. Im not really that mad but this I dont know all of 777 or 1c's history and I have had a lot of fun with both there products and feel like im actually learning a real life skill playing both rof and il2 if anything learning how to fly a plane. Biut at the end of the day im still a gamer and seeing it from a gamers point of veiw which is FC is just a slightly better version of Rof which is what Il2 is in a way. I guess though what the other guy said about paying more could be true and i did get the spad 13 and the albatross dv.a for free with united. Idk because 1c is small and this game is actually good I will prob just buy it later on im torn between FC and the tanks to be honest I can prob only get one seeing as I already bought Boddenplatte recently.
  5. Ive been using the a3 a lot in my career and really trained myself alot on that thing as im not as skilled as alot of other people on here im prob inermediate now. I have about 2 years of experiance flying this sim. The thing about the a3 i loved was the speed and the big bad guns. Im about to start kuban on both my soviet and german pilots so im about to start uaimg the a5 which Ive only flown like twice. But wow the power diffrence on the a8 was a pretty big upgrade for me.
  6. Loved it omg loved it just flew it for like 30 minutes. The black skin with the hypno prop and the 2 additional guns is so bad ass. Im a big fan of the fw190 prob my favorite german fighter gonna lose my mind though when I get that P-51.
  7. I get that they are small. I really do, and im not asking for anything for free i would buy this on payday for sure for 50 bucks. And I will problably still get it and forgive them eventually. All im saying though is 5 years ago was a long time ago. And if i did choose not ro buy this because of the lack of discount which I may that is going to be a sale they could of had. The cutoff point should of been the day they announced flying circus. I,ve had simular game companies do things like this. Chances are im for sure going to buy the tanks as I do think this company makes very good sims and have been trying relentlessly for 2 years to get my cousins and freinds into simming with me but again. I am really turned off by this. Not asking for a freebie though just a little something to show they care about steam users. With that said wish me luck I have a new fw190 from boddenplatte To fly.
  8. I would of gladly bought the game at launch had I knew it existed then is kinda what im saying. I never saw it at any game or retail store prior to steam. And I already own Rof and could always just be content with it. What im getting at is why should I pay full price for something i already kind of own because of when i purchased it ? I have no ill will towards anyone and wish 1c nothing but success and good things but this decision is kinda dumb. Whats better though 1c selling me the game for 50 dollars or me not buying it at all over some arbitrary timeframe for buying it ? Also it had to be from 2009 to 2013 and additional discounts if you bought all the planes so ya it kinda is about loyalty and how much you previously spent. If i decide to be salty and not buy it since it is basically just a pretty rof slightly upgraded by doing that it would hurt 1c and I really dont want to not buy ot but im on the fence now I could go either way havent decided yet.
  9. I first got into Rof around 2015. I downloaded it to try loved it still love it (Steam version) and bought everything for it and I do mean everything. Without the steam version I problably would of never found out about it and or il2 Ive spent alot on both despite being late to the party. So why only do users from 2009 to 2013 get the discounts ? Other than the spad and albatross dva ive dumped at least 150 200 into this game before flying circus was announced. I was looking forward to this a lot amd will still problably buy it later but was my money not as good as everyone elses ? Id be happy with 10 more dollars knocked off. I get rewarding loyalty but I have bought all of rof and all the il2 battles so far I feel like im kinda getting jipped because of when I bought it. 😕 and its kinda leaving a bad taste in my mouth.
  10. Sorry kinda new to these forums and havent been online a while old comp died and apent the last year building a new one peicw by peicw thx though bit i did all that already.
  11. Hi, I've Contacted Support several times. Emailed support back from both accounts with screenshots and keys in both and opened another ticket with same screenshots the other day and was wondering when my issue will be fixed ? I would like my email for my login changed to the one I asked for in the ticket. Just wanna make sure no one forgot about me anyways thanks.
  12. Ive had this and rise of flight for a while now love them both. Was wondering in this if there is a way to manually do everything required to start up the engines instead of just pressing one button. Ive played around in the controls and while i can fly in rof decently now not sure what i should be looking for thanks.
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