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  1. Well I tend to like having all those heavy guns and taking down enemy planes with one or two quick bursts. And bomber hunting is mu favorite thing to do I guess ill just stick with the A8 all those things I like. Ya I can do it, what im saying is I have tunnel vision i get all excited when I see im behind an enemy and if i dont get a shot off quick I always fall for the turnfight bait.
  2. See I always end up getting into turn fights because im stuck playing the Ai which just turns and turns all day long. Which im getting pretty good at turn fighting with it but i know in mp the other players wont be psychics that know im coming from 2 miles away. I know its a bnz its just hard to practice that when all the ai does is spin over the place Maybee I should just stop trying to turnfight against the ai is the real problem.
  3. So its not a bad choice and I love central his videos basicaly taught me how to fly amongst other things been following him since his rof days which i started playing about 5 years ago. Ive just been on an airplane haitus as I like other games came back to try out the jet I bought and started experimenting for when i finally get a stable internet connection again. Basically I love the A8 and really want to use it as my main axis plane but im curious about what I should be usonh it for.
  4. Hello I play on and off. So anyways my question is do you guys think the a8 is bad ? Like will it be used in mp and im assuming if it is ita mostly for killing bombers and ground targets ? I have been testing out which plane for the axis side im gonna want to use and I keep coming back to this one for bodenplatte. I actually prefer it over the dora ( i suck so bad with the rockets) im mostly interested in killing bombers and ground stuff anyways but it ia occassionaly fun to take out a fighter. So I guess my question is should I try to take fighters with it if need be or run. Thanks. Edit: i love the guns and how it handles compared to the dora which seems to flightly at full power.
  5. You have to be online as in on the internet to make a new pilot and fly thr missions career mode does not show up if you play offline. You can fly quick missions or scripted missions offline but cant create new pilots ect.
  6. My connection isnt that great and I can get on mkst of the time. With that said though why cant I play careers innoffline mode? Im not really into stats and how many planes ive shot down vs someone else in an sp part of the game so to me it kinda makes no sense that this part of the game has always been bound to being online ? I know there are mods to go offline but I dont like using mods for games anymore for personal reasons.
  7. I like it better just because its more manueverable honestly. But not as light feeling as the k4. I pit the k4 and a8 against eachother alot to see which axis plane I want and they both have had there pros and cons ove flown this thing like 4 times. And its like a hybrid of boths best traits. Allied side i keep playing with the p47 and spitfire and have a simular thing going.
  8. The D9, it does everything I wish the other fw190s did. Im still kinda a newer pilot and all but after flying it like 4 times today I already love it better than the other variants. Especially loving the gyro sight Ive been learning to use them lately. Looking forward for the p51 also.
  9. Im actually very easy to get along with and am smart enough to be kind humble and considerate to those teaching me new skills im interested in. Not sure if they will want me though as im an NA player and the timezone diffrence migbt ruin it. So if they decline my app I totally would get it.
  10. I put an app in even if I dont make the cut I wanna say you have an amazing website. I was very impressed with it.
  11. Awesome and thanks I will defiantly take a look when im able to im on lunch at work now thx. I put in an application and looked over your beautiful website and I am loving it. Few things though im ok at shooting and I struggle with formation flying and sometimes my landings can be a little rough.
  12. I kinda want to make my own personal skin, maybee join a sqaud hopefully really soon and add like a sqaud logo or something on it.
  13. Like do tanks take over airfields and push back pilots while planes are trying to bomb tanks ? And will you be able to switch from pilot to tank after landing or dying as both ? I know they will both work together just trying to figure out how the matches will work.
  14. I finally tried the tanks out today and a shell flew over my head and I jumped out of my chair that instantly sold me on getting this later.
  15. I honestly love the map a lot its a beautiful place to blow things up.
  16. Hello Im new but have about 2 years of experiance im looking for a group that wont mind my sparadic work schedule and is willing to help me get better at the game. I can easily fly the 109s and 190s and most soviet and american fighters. Im still adjusting to full realsm but think with thw right group I can pick up more skills. I have been watching lota of videos also preparing for this day as learning to fly this sim is alot of work. Send me a pm or reply thx. Currently learning to dive bomb I am mostly interested in being a hybrid fighter divebomber depending on the situation.
  17. I wish we had a seperate tab for keymapping tanks. There is so much stuff to go through.
  18. Loving the dr1 atm for me though I want that albatross and pflaz d3 I was really good with both.
  19. Glad you guys listened to me though I already bought flying circus for the 69.99. Lmfao. I guess I wont ask for a refund though considering I want FC to be successful and want more ww1 content.
  20. Im sure people will disagree but other than my logitech pro, im using a saitek logitech x56 and Ive been loving it for about 6 months it just needs to be recallibrated once in a while and it has more than enough buttons.
  21. Amazing that it was buried under all that ice and they fixes it up. I read a story about a fw190 that some guy found in a swamp and he restored it.
  22. Using Nvidia geforce 1050 ti from evga no issues at all if that helps.
  23. I think it would benifit the game overall a lot. Then the other side cant hear what you are planning on doing and we wouldnt have to take our hands off the controls to type. I know people use teamspeak and all that but you really cant plan out stuff if people eavesdrop in your channel and not everyone on the game uses it.
  24. Wish it had integrated voice chat for teams it would be so much easier to communicate than having to take my hands and reach over my controls to type. Teamspeak is fine but everyone on both sides can hear what you say and there is problably multiple channels and all that.
  25. Gonna also say thanks despite my discount fiasco I really like it alot more than rof and I want more ww1 content.
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