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  1. I honestly just decided one day on a whim to try a flight sim and it was rise of flight united. Ive seen war movies and documentaries and all that. But I never really paid attention to the technical parts just battles and what not. So while it may seem silly just saying I never realized HOW many variants of each plane there where.
  2. I never really realized how many upgrades all the planes went through and how many variants all of them have I found myself the last hour just reading about all the specifications all of them have. I wonder though what happened to the surviving older models did they still use them or did they become trainer planes ? Before getting into this sim a 109 was just a 109 and a p-51 was just a p-51.
  3. Im not picking on anyones favorite plane they are all fun to fly. I ended up getting the 109 G6 and the better LA5 to finish up kuban as thats my favorite map set. Gameplay wise is like to see a protect vip point system with that transport plane where you have to escort someone flying it to a location with escorts. The only thing I dont have for this sim now is the Ju 52 and the new bomber and the normandy stuff.
  4. Im prob gonna do the Ju 52 because I have slaughtered thousands of them as target practice. And That post won me over. Also I like firepower and a bit heavier BF sounds like id like it more as im more of a fock wulf fan. I really need to start using Soviet planes more however so maybee Ill just get 3.
  5. Ju 52 kinda want it because I always use it for target practice when I play but seems like it would be worthless in Mp same with the u2 soviet bi plane. And also the Bf 109 G6 ( but I mean is it an improvment over the other kuban models) I cannot decide for the life of me also I think im missing one of the yaks and La planes. Can maybee get 2 now what should I get.
  6. Well congrats I do not think I made the cut but you guys all sound awesome 😄
  7. Well I only did for spotters not seeing it now maybee they will add it later but good job to those i do hear you guys sound awesome.
  8. Where all of them added or just a few was hoping to hear myself in the game 😄 Have not yet making me sad but im grateful I had a chance to record it was fun.
  9. I am offline atm which is why im only flying against AIs. I should have internet back in about 3 or 4 months depending on when im promoted.
  10. You have my problem when I first started flying BNZ planes. Apply lots of rudder and if you hear wind ease up on turning. Once you get used to it though its way better than TNB. more fun to hit and run and safer.
  11. Not sure if this is helpful but someone made a comic about lydia litvyak on gofundme was supposed to be historically accurate from what I read. Maybee you would like that.
  12. I am training with 2 planes one is the P-51D when that comes out and one for axis. I am doing this so that I become better at surviving with it. So far I seem to just do better with the A8 never said I would not fly any others which is why I said (Main).
  13. Honestly Ive done several test flights today like 4 for each plane against 4 spit 9s with a20s and 8 of one fighter type scrambling to get in the air while the spitfires attack at close range and I keep doing the best with the A8 for some reason. I survive longer and get the most kills with it so I guess its definatly going to be that. I seem to utilize BNZ more with it because of the not so great turns. I know I said I tnb more but I think im bad at it. Im enjoying hitting and running more. So thanks all your opinions. Im going to stick with my A8 and those MK cannons.
  14. Atm im leaning towards the G-14 After that very well thought out response. I did a few test runs with it. The D9 is winning the vote though. I like the D9 but im so bad at hitting bombers with those rockets which is why I was leaning towards the A8 the other day.
  15. I do like the guns better on both the G-14 and A8. I can fly the A8 but once in a while I screw up and crash because I tend to turn to fast mostly because of my twist stick Hotas. I feel im good enough to fly all 4 though. As before I said im better at turn fighting than BNZ but I like the whole idea of ambushing someone then escaping. Ill go with the highest vote.( wol allows you to check mission route map and see where your at however you have to take your eyes off the sky for this unless they changed it)
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