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  1. My one disappointment with FC over RoF: the cockpit textures. The RoF cockpits look very authentic, and the textures almost seem real. The current FC cockpits are, in my Opinion, much further below the quality level.
  2. I truly hope that some day the IL2 series includes those aircraft often left out: French ones. I'd love to see a good example of the D.520 and others. Tim
  3. I'm just now finding out about this. Unfortunately, we're in the middle of a move and I won't have access to my computer for at least a couple of months I think. Pat and Jason, as has been said many times in this thread, this is an off-liner's dream. I spent so many years trying to get better and better at IL2 1946's mission generator, only to have the massively more complex one in RoF and BoX completely baffle me. I can't even figure out how to just set a take off! Anyway, CHEERS to all involved with this project, and I'll be sending some moola via PayPal once I find a new job here in Albany, OR.
  4. So three days ago my CH Products rudder pedals finally gave out after over 13 years of use. We're moving in a couple weeks, so I boxed up my desktop two days ago. One day ago, they announce this! AARGGh the inhumanity of it all!
  5. Since Flying Circus and Tank Crew are both integrated with IL2 BoX, are we someday going to have WW1 era tanks? That would be incredible!
  6. Sorry to post something that may be covered already (some of the previous posts confused me). I own the premium version of Kuban, but I do not have the G-6 and the FN available in game. Are those two collectors planes sold separately? I thought those were the "premium content" of the premium edition of Kuban. I see both of those aircraft available as AI only aircraft, but they are not flyable for me. Did I miss something? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Sorry! I just realized that those two aircraft ARE sold separately, and are not part of any package, including premium editions. Dang! Now when I don't have any money laying around, so that means I gotta wait a couple weeks before I get these two!
  7. Did I miss it? Has no one said the dreaded two words yet? "Two Weeks!" I miss Oleg Maddox and his whole team that brought us the wonderful original Il2 Sturmovik series. I'm also already a dedicated fan of the current BoX team... the work they've shown here is unbelievable. Tim
  8. Thank you very much to all who responded. I'm off now to find and install the C++ redistributables (whatever the heck those are LOL) and when I get home I'll copy/paste the game folder and see if it works. I'll report back here on my progress so that others with the same idea can know what to expect! Cheers! Tim EDIT: I'm going to just open Steam and install the games. They won't play on this crappy laptop, but at least I can get it installed and (hopefully) start building missions today.
  9. Hi all! I currently own all the IL2 BoX games, including all the collectors aircraft, but I'm still completely clueless on the mission builder. I've been reading posts and watching videos on how to use the builder, but I'm still struggling through. Is it possible to install JUST the mission builder on my laptop so I can practice making missions when I'm not at home and able to fly? If not, would it be possible to just copy-paste my game folder to my laptop so that even if the game itself won't work I'd have access to all the resources needed to use the builder? Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions! Tim Aardvark892
  10. The Spitfire is one I've been waiting for the most since I found out about it, and it fulfills all my expectations. Absolutely beautiful. Let the SpitWhining Commence! LOL. I was looking forward to another development, though; that of the ability to assign pitch/rudder or aileron trim to trim wheels on joysticks, but it looks like it still has to be done one keypress at a time. May I ask when or if that feature is going to become a reality? I'm not complaining... IL2 Sturmovik Battle of __________ is fantastic. I'm just wondering. Thanks! Tim
  11. Hi All! I seem to be having difficulty with snap views, and this topic seems like the right place to ask. I also own Rise of Flight, which as you may know, is extremely similar to the BoS series. From what I've seen online and in tutorial videos, the method of setting a quick view is the same. 1) Make sure TrackIR is off or paused 2) Push and hold the desired key for the quick view, and keep it pressed until over 3) Using the INS/HOME/DEL/END/PgU/PdG keys, set the view exactly where you want it to be when you hit the key you're holding down. 4) Hit F10 to save the quick view 5) In-flight, you can hit the desired key and your viewpoint will snap to that saved view Am I missing something? That exact method works just fine for RoF, and seems to work initially in BoS, but my view does not snap back to normal after I release the key. For example, I have been trying to set one hat key as a button that will snap my view to center on the gunsight, zoomed in a bit. However, when I release that key, the view stays where it is, as if I had hit F10 without a key being pressed down. I made sure that my camera settings are for Snap Pan, if that's part of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This one aspect seems to be the one thing that keeps me away from BoS... I'm such a terrible shooter that I need that gunsight! Tim
  12. Thanks again for both responses. I'm off to install it now, and I'll report here if it worked! Just as a note, I'm not using the Steam edition. Don't know if that makes a difference here.
  13. Jade Monkey, Thanks for such a quick response. I kinda figured that may be the way to go. I'm going to go download the BoM installer right now. My version was bought here, not from Steam. I wanted to support the publishers that little bit more. Tim EDIT: That didn't work. It's only trying to download BoM... which I don't want to do until after I get BoS installed, right? Anyone got the link for BoS?
  14. Sorry if this is a weird question, but I'm stumped and not sure how to proceed. I've just purchased both the premium edition BoS and the premium BoM. However, I can only find a link to download the installer for BoM. Doesn't BoS have to be installed first? I understood that BoM is DLC. And, if I do finally find and download the installer for BoS, do I install BoM into the same folder? They do run together, right, like Pacific Fighters, Ace Expansion, and all the other wonderful updates to the original IL2 Sturmovik? Thanks in advance for any and all help. I've been flying IL2 since the very first version, including (so far) 4.13.2 1946, CLoD, and now BoS and BoM. I cannot WAIT to get in the air in a great looking MiG-3!
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