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  1. I think that the real problem for the reds on this campaign is that most of the red squads are not using the TAW TeamSpeak. Most of the player are probably lone wolfs. But when you see in TeamSpeak that there is an organized squad it gives you confidence. And you have to option to escort or join the bombing even without speaking to them. My suggestion is for red squads to try and use the TAW teamspeak and not their own teamspeak/discord. They will have a larger impact that way.
  2. In taw site http://taw.stg2.de/ Just click on city name. For example: http://taw.stg2.de/airfields.php?map=Moscow_North&name=Lukovnikovo
  3. The bars are only for product you bought pre-release. You probably bought BOM after the formal release date.
  4. Yes. The situation at the beginning was ridiculous with the axis number advantage. But now: http://taw.stg2.de/stats.php?page=0&search_name=&col_name=AK&sort=DESC in the 25 first air kill list, only 5 are axis. There were almost no fighter pilot on the axis side. So it was impossible to attack.
  5. Some hotshot fighter pilot defected Not every one can fly fighter effectively.
  6. Actually, the solution I proposed is flowed. For 2 reasons that I can think of. But I won't bother to state them .
  7. This kind of vulnerability is not that important. There is no life or money on the line. So there is no reason to be private on this issue. There is a decent chance that my analysis of this vulnerability is wrong. I haven't tested it ( more then opening replay file in text editor ) and I am not going to invest in it more then this thread.
  8. The information in the replay file can be used for cheating. Just reading the file can show you that there are enemy fighter in 10 km region. You can write a little script that listen on the file and beep when it find enemy plane name. Another option is to have 2 PC with shared storage and playing the replay file on the second PC which will show you the Icons on enemy planes. I haven't tested those options myself. But the content of the file should be encrypted with the key written at the end of it. Or some other measure to prevent cheating.
  9. There is a possibility that while designing short range AA guns the designers took the aiming on a diving fighter as a requirement. There is a chance that they design something that can aim only on ships (slow ships! ) but it is not a necessity.
  10. Destroying 400 tanks will win the MAP immediately for the side doing the destruction. To win the TAW campaign one side must win five maps in total
  11. Haza, When one side has big numerical advantage he can and should focus on attacking. You can let your ground defense position deal with the tank column. And focus your attacks on the enemy defensive position. And yes. The side that is at disadvantage should focus on defending his defence positions. When you are at disadvantage you focus on surviving. As thing look now this map will be won on number off tanks destroyed.
  12. Go to your profile page http://taw.stg2.de/login.php?page=pilot And make sure that only that the Preferred planes Fighters is checked. And not bomber. The 110 is classified as fighter ( so is the ju87 i think. ) for some reason.
  13. Some suggestion to try to balance the numbers. During times when 1 side has 2 to 1 advantage: The side with the higher numbers don't get CM. The side with the lower numbers don't lose plane. It will not prevent players from playing. But it will encourage the desired behaviour.
  14. You can see TWB stats page here: http://www.thewetbandits.org/smf/index.php?topic=285.0
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