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  1. I am currently reading The Roman Way by Edith Hamilton. It is a great book for incite on the every day lives and culture of the ancient Roman people.
  2. I think this would be a great addition if your pilot and or gunner's gender was randomized upon spawning but I don't think the devs would or can even put the time, effort, and money into this addition.
  3. This is all incredible and I'm excited for any upcoming cockpits! Might I ask how this is done or if I can get linked to a certain forum post about modding and how to get into it? I'd kind of like to experiment with something like Riksen has done as posted above.
  4. I would absolutely adore a B-17 in a sim with such high attention to detail as IL-2. I have, after all, flown in one myself and it would be a joy to " be in it again " with IL-2.
  5. I boot in offline mode if I'm just trying to test something or are trying to make a video on the game in some light.
  6. I've just tested this myself and was able to take off from the runway and climb to 500m with 60% fuel loaded. Firstly make sure your water rad is fully open and you aren't using flaps. It's best to get your tail off the ground AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and rotate at 200km/h . When you are airborn close your water radiator and pull back your RPM to about 65% of the way. Adjust your A.T.A accordingly at around 10 or so. Once climbing re open your water radiator and tada! You're flying. Your plane is heavier than sin and thus can't climb that fast so keep that in mind oh and you should avoid turning at low alts at all costs. Oh and this was during the summer so flying in winter will be a breeze! ( Small note ; I overran the runway on each test I did from 10% fuel to 60%. You will overrun the runway with this payload! )
  7. I wanted to try making my own missions so I opened up the editor for the first time and I can't reach the top of the property dialog... Anything I can do? https://imgur.com/a/8TWao
  8. I absolutely would. I enjoy flying bombers / attackers over fighters so that kind of DLC would be perfect for me.
  9. I believe in some servers , like TAW , it is vital to save a pilot over a plane and yeah immersion works too
  10. If I'm not mistaken when an aircraft was going down or the entire crew contemplated jumping from the plane the pilot ( player ) would be the last to jump. I'd like to propose the discussion of such historical actions in the game. I've seen this happen since IL-2 1946 and it's always puzzled me quite a bit how in the PE-2 the belly gunner has his own hatch from which to jump meaning the gunner behind the pilot and the belly gunner could both jump at the same time followed by the pilot. Anyway that was just a thought I would have liked to throw into the community.
  11. Have you double checked your controls? It may be something as simple as that.
  12. After I played the H-16 myself and looked at the new weapons aboard I quickly wanted to fight against it myself against an AI squadron. After loading into the game I quickly noticed that the H-16 fights like a fighter! I loaded a game against the H-6 and it flew like a regular bomber ie not flying around in circles trying to get on my six and what not. I hope this can be fixed as soon as possible. I love the H-16 and new FW 190 btw ♥
  13. This happened to me recently and I thought it would be worth bringing to someone's attention on the forums.
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