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  1. Exchange between willing parties is the right of those involved in the exchange..... that is if we are discussing a free market economy. The arrangement can not be on the this forum. Although, your right, some comments would make it seem otherwise.
  2. Laughed thinking of the following vid. Remember, just kidding.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MTc3zcnIZOw
  3. I don't fly the G-2 because of the throttle. That can't possibly represent the real thing? If it does, could somebody explain why the engineers would design the throttle to work in this way?
  4. I submit that an active forum is indicative of a sim or game that is popular, and vibrant. Case in point was the original Il-2 ubi forums, there were plenty of useless forum debates back then. The fact that people want to post should be looked at as a sign of healthy activity, not something to be squashed. In the end the useless posts fade away into eternity.
  5. Agree with above. Half the fun of visiting the forum is reading the debates. If they are real issues, then someone proceeds with the formal data presentation. Simple. Bans are not good.
  6. Beautiful map details. Smoke from some houses would increase the illusion of the frigid landscape.
  7. What do you think, is the impact of the cannon ammo realistic now, or before the last update? I noted that in multiplayer, what once were disabling hits seem only to cause minor damage. The opponent is able to fight on as if nothing happened. Tonight, I flew quick missions in a 109, against the 3 opposing fighters. It now takes significantly more ammo to down a single fighter. High deflection shots have become benign, whereas before it was a way to cripple your opponent. Do you recall the original Il-2, when adjustment was made to ammo power, and the minengeschoss became muc
  8. I'll repeat it for you...... In real life your NOT supposed to taxi with the tail wheel locked. Yes, we NEED to lock it in this sim, thats the point. I take it that the above excerpt is from the operators manual?
  9. I guess we agree for the most part, but I don't think you can assume that a software model = the laws of physics. Certainly there can be mistakes, or aberrations in the results of a quantitative model.
  10. First, I am only speaking in general terms with the following.... What if your quantitative output i.e.) result in the software environment, turns out to be contary to historical descriptions. In particular, descriptions from TEST pilots, not combat reports. For example if a test pilot describes a snap stall at a particular speed, consistently, yet the quantitative software output gives a different result. Is that test pilots information really just anecdotal? I submit that it is not.
  11. If I imagine myself as a developer, reading theses forums, I find myself figuratively banging my head against the wall. Little in life is perfect, except for evanescent moments to savor. Why so much angst, when all info seems to point to better things to come? (rhetorical)
  12. I was the 109 that snuck up to you. I wondered why you started maneuvering, thought you just spotted the extra contrail as I was staying a bit below you until firing I was using a standard skin.
  13. Yes! (above) Very important to understand.
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