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  1. Max_Damage

    P47 Performance Stats

    It is remarkable that you could keep up with k4 in a p47. Generally speaking, k4 is one level above p47d in tech. But you could keep up never the less.
  2. Max_Damage

    Yak series Dive and high speed behabeour too good?

    " This is a big contrast with pilot reports than never were able to follow 109s on the dives...." Thats very untrue. I dont know which pilot reports you listed. The yak7 pilot said that it was a good diver and could dive with bf109 easily. Maybe yak1 was a worse diver but not yak7 and yak9. These two technically can dive with or even outdive the bf109 initially depending on the circumstances. The whole premise which lead you to this topic is wrong. Regarding the elevator authority. I just want to make sure that people understand that max structural speed and elevator authority are two very diffirent things and are not interconnected. Wartime pilots were no kill steal retards and they knew very well to not dive and chase the fleeing enemy. Because it was often too risky. To eventually chase the opponent your plane needs to be at least 20 kph faster and it will still take too long to chase. Yak1 and yak7 were 10-20 kmh slower. Yak9 was only even with a 109 on speed. So the yak planes are not best to dive and chase 109s. You want la5 for that and experienced hunter pilots.
  3. Nice testing. But how did you manage a pilot kill? Where did it hit?
  4. Max_Damage

    P47 Performance Stats

    Just how much potential energy does that b17 have. Which doesnt make it a good fighter lols.
  5. Max_Damage

    The gamer vs the sim/history buff P47

    It is a large plane and very easy to be hit It also has no armor to protect the engine or fuel so there you go.
  6. Max_Damage

    P47 Performance Stats

    109s are not even particularly bad at 7000m. 109s switched to pretty good high altitude engines since the f4 variant. f2 used to be bad at high altitudes but f4 and g2 are not bad anymore. You got a theoretical advantage of +50 kmh for p47 at 7000m. You can try to acheive a rope dope ONCE during WEP time and that is your chance. But really energy fighting in a 7 ton plane?Pick one: energy fighting or 7 ton plane.
  7. Max_Damage

    How should emergency limits be treated?

    Unlimited WEP in old IL2 games is a bad bad habit that you should get rid of before long. Pilot manual limitations are there for a good reason especially when the manual says that you can only use an engine mode for 1-3 minutes LOL. RTFM is the answer. Most planes even have a clock in the cockpit so you can use that for safety.
  8. Im happy with the patch and i ve always disliked the amount of wing kills that occur in this game. Btw this is going to be a huge benefit for bf109 and fw190 which often lost wings under fire. Also i think that something has changed with AP ammo because the amount of UBS/shvak pilot kills has reduced by A LOT.
  9. Maybe you are right but only to the point when it takes a hit and loses a wing .
  10. Thats very funny gl with that.
  11. Well i185 m71 were also manufactured i guess we need this in game ok then.
  12. 25 lb is unrealistic and im glad they didnt incude it big props to the devs. I mean yes maaaybe they intercepted some v2 rockets and thats about it. Im sure that K4 will get similar treatment: 1.8 ata, ~580 kmh speed at deck.
  13. Max_Damage

    BOBP: Where are the bombers?

    Pretty impossible to include more multi engine bombers as flyable planes. Only simple flight model bots i think.
  14. La7. Adversary to a D9.
  15. Lagg 3 66 series is essential for Kuban. Literally a +30 kmh lagg in comparison to 1942 variant. The one we have is very out of place in 1943. There is a huge gap between la5 8ser (540) and la5fn (580). I want to see la5f (560 kmh) as an intermediate aircraft. These two are essential for the first period of the war.