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  1. Oh hell no. Climb rates, turn times and top speeds do not lie the mustang comes close in speeds but the climb rate is universally worse. It also had a vicious stall and stability problems. It has the fuel amount though which is useful for certain types of missions. Acceleration of a plane is in direct relation with its climb rate. It might have been a good accelerator but there are planes which are better accelerators. Now there may be some element to its laminar wing but in the end what it gains in laminar flow it loses in being a large aircraft. The reason why p51D was so good is because it had a large number superiority, it had a long range and it totally outclassed pre mw50 planes like the A8 or the G6 which were the norm in LW. You can easily check it in DCS where they have recently added the A8 it is a total sitting duck.
  2. 150 octane is a really bad idea. This setting was very unreliable irl and i doubt it would be used in mass because it is detrimental to your airforce. They did 25 octane in WT already and it was a mess. Generally 1.98 ata is a big mistake in the game. This is just not a ww2 flight sim anymore and i would not hold my breath about playing BoBP altogether because all we get is d9 + k4 spam. We have had this in DCS already and it is bad enough. G14, a8 and g6 are perfect german plans for this timeframe imo. They are good enough and are balanced with the american/british planes without being pony unicorns at the same time. I dont blame the devs for 1.98 spam but hopefully the server owners will restrict things like these. Which as we all know they wont anyway (like the 24/7 removed me109 pilot armor etc).
  3. May be a good advice but damn does it make the game look awful.
  4. Elevator trim has been introduced only after the war.
  5. In game all planes besides the p39, the lagg and la5 can very easily check 6. Regarding the armament those 7.62 that can not even converge are literally dead weight and useless. It was sluggish like that IRL too and for the same reasons because it was heavy and underpowered. It had good top speed though and thats why it needed some time to get going. And not all russians liked the cobra. Cobra is of course much better than i16 and p40 and the hurricane and it was all they got at the time so there was nothing to choose from. They wanted the spitfires in 1942 but were not allowed to get them. Maybe its better than the lagg but im not sure in game because the rear visibility is just too poor.
  6. p39 vanished because it has terrible rear vision, ineffective wing mounted 7.62, slow 37mm and generally takes a lot of time, speed and altitude to get going. Thats not unrealistic though and that s exactly what that plane was IRL. But IRL it also killed a lot of its pilots outside of combat on top of it because it stalled everywhere every time. p40 is just a terrible fighter by 1942 standart and lags behid any contemporary soviet craft and even the lagg. You might want to use it solely because it has 6 50 cals and infinite ammo. Im not sure why blame the game because its not its fault. These planes were just generally sub par and extremely overweighted. And especially so in the face of things like a3, g2, f4. But they wcould work well against finnish brewsters etc. Exceptions for US planes? Why? They arent as good as described on history channel? I can guarantee that there will be no exceptions as the devs have already proven again and again. All planes will work by the same rules. You might have noticed how mw50 boosted engines can last for 10+ minutes on 1.8 and 1.98 ata. Thats exactly because mw50 provides cooling and prevents detonation. Test bench results refer to engines which work in super cooled conditions which may not be as effective as mw50 but still it makes a large diffirence allowing to run on higher boost and for longer.
  7. The engine limits are set based on the fuels used and cooling provided or mw50. Low octane fuels are impossible to use at high pressures. Nothing to do with doctrines its just chemistry. Supercooled test bench engines would run 3 minutes at 1.42 ata. But NOT when installed onto a 109 with 87 octane fuels. C3 fuel on fw190 provides 3 minutes 1.42 ata and likewise the mw50 system gives large benefits because it was designed to do just that. No matter which year and which manual you can increase WEP time by increasing cooling, preventing detonation using mw50 and or using higher octanes which themselves prevent detonation. Now, separation of timers on mw50 based aircraft is an interesting concept and i think it could require some analysis.
  8. If you find any german planes spend their timers separately you better report it as a bug because it definately works against the spirit of the game and its rules.
  9. Some skills rite there. Hate being chased by a 109 in a lagg. And that high deflection scissors shot was good. And was your only chance 😄
  10. Well of coure the timers when present limit the use of timed modes? Including the la5 and it only has 5 minutes. I m just confused why are you guys trying to regenerate timers when using timer limited engine modes? It does not work like that. Your plane has engine durability which is spent on ANY timed mode. The diffirence between 15 minute mode and 30 minute mode is that the latter spends your engine twice as slowly. If you want to reset the time you cant do that by spending the timer more slowly see? You need to stop spending any timer altogether and that means using continious mode. It is almost as you have been trying to find a loophole in engine time limitations which isnt there anyway.
  11. Why are you trying to regenerate emergency mode when using combat mode which has a timer itself? If you want to regenerate anything at all you ought to use a continious mode with no time restriction and it is the same for every plane in the game. You cant regenerate timer if you are spending said timer. No other plane has an engine warning system either. So the rules which are used for p47 engine are similar to any other plane in the game.
  12. Simply put. Engines using C3 fuel have 3 minutes@1.42 ata. For example the focke wulf 190 in game. Engines with 87 octane have only 1 minute@1.42. IF even allowed to use that. It is unsafe to use high pressures with low octane fuels thats why it was restricted. Any mention of 3-5 minutes 1.42 ata obviously refers to engine test bench results and or higher octane fuels. As long as the engine is installed into an airplane and with low grade fuel it should not be allowed more than 1 minute. here it says 1 minute
  13. Mig 3 is heavier to control at high speeds.
  14. It is remarkable that you could keep up with k4 in a p47. Generally speaking, k4 is one level above p47d in tech. But you could keep up never the less.
  15. " This is a big contrast with pilot reports than never were able to follow 109s on the dives...." Thats very untrue. I dont know which pilot reports you listed. The yak7 pilot said that it was a good diver and could dive with bf109 easily. Maybe yak1 was a worse diver but not yak7 and yak9. These two technically can dive with or even outdive the bf109 initially depending on the circumstances. The whole premise which lead you to this topic is wrong. Regarding the elevator authority. I just want to make sure that people understand that max structural speed and elevator authority are two very diffirent things and are not interconnected. Wartime pilots were no kill steal retards and they knew very well to not dive and chase the fleeing enemy. Because it was often too risky. To eventually chase the opponent your plane needs to be at least 20 kph faster and it will still take too long to chase. Yak1 and yak7 were 10-20 kmh slower. Yak9 was only even with a 109 on speed. So the yak planes are not best to dive and chase 109s. You want la5 for that and experienced hunter pilots.
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