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    Solo antishipping sortie on KOTA server

    It was firing. im not able to set firing skill on this server but i do agree that is too easy on KOTA server to not get shoot down by AI crew.
  2. Solo sortie on KOTA (Knights Of The Air) server. Almost perfect because miss of one bomb and one rocket. I did managed to kill 7 tanks in 9 ordnance approaches plus 4 AAA destroyed with guns. Gunsight and external replays.
  3. =LG=Coldman

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    If it's Yours, thank You for it. it's amazing!!! I tried to look who made it to tag the maker of the skin but i fail in that. I will edit if it's Yours 😘
  4. =LG=Coldman

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    P47 is stable in dive plus easy to control the "ball" in center
  5. =LG=Coldman

    KNIGHTS OF THE AIR Multiplayer Server

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles. KOTA Server
  6. =LG=Coldman

    compilation frag type movie edit.

    Interesting style of editing. You have Your own style. I like it
  7. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War Videos

    Compilation of LG gunsight perspective on TAWXVI
  8. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    But supply on 100% dosent mean 100 % repair. It will use the supply to slowly repair airfield in couple of missions. Like in real life you can destroy airfield In few minutes but you can't repair it in one day or 2. There is only limited percentage per mission that can be repaired by gathered supply on airfield
  9. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    It was damaged by paratroopers and supply is 100% so everything is working I think
  10. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    For me it's an exploit of the holes in the rules so I call for permanent ban but it's only my opinion not the LG devs. Thank You
  11. Dive bombing in night with cut engine power (silent running) on unaware artillery positions.
  12. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    I was able to land and start on road easily on po-2
  13. mine too if they are set to less than 5sec delay. Min 5 seconde delay on fuse and it will explode Is this hole in the lower right wing kind of bombsight?
  14. my very first flight in QMB Is this hole in the lower right wing kind of bombsight?
  15. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    confirmed but we have to check if its working now New plane new possibilitties. Post your ideas/fantasies about usage of this plane on TAW!!!
  16. 100% agreed. Something bad happend to the DM. it's 100% dmg on one shoot or indestructible planes. It's unplayable now on MP servers. Please look at it fast BTW Po-2 is great