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  1. TAW will surely turn off technochat if it will not collide with other messages like report of enemy attack on targets.
  2. I answered your question check better.
  3. this is your random defence? random troops will trigger when enemy is close and will spawn aaa only after trigger
  4. light armored is not only light tanks but every armored halftruck etc. But not every light armored counts as tank . Clear?
  5. 2 light tanks per random sqaud. Armored vehicles do not count to tanks.
  6. 3 buldings depot are 1 tank destroyed 3:1 ratio. as I understand so it is 3.66 tanks destroyed by buldings destruction
  7. nothing against the rules unless your behaviour
  8. i found dead paratrooper on chute. when yak was doing second pass he killed jumping soldier. look at the track second approach of yak on your left wingmate beeing attacked. cheers
  9. I don't need apologies. You can be sorry if you shoot in the same time or shouldershoot. in this case it was intentional killsteal witch im showing here. Plane was burning over a minute. So killstealer note to Your name will be enough for me. https://streamable.com/n2hal9
  10. troopers tend to die in every uncasual situations. Kathon said that very often they die when hit trees or other objects thats why all dropzones are on almost flat surfaces but a tree can happen so maybe one of those just died and didnt reach his platoon. TAW is so much realistic so best way is to have this one ju52 more in that case
  11. Rear airfields will repair regardless if it was or wasnt damaged during mission. Those with dot.
  12. If he see someone on list he shoot everyone chute...maybe it was that guy. xD
  13. Chutekillers. new season arrived only on TAW forum πŸ˜„
  14. He was still in air. His damage just stopped damaging maybe oil dry out or something similar. Ask him what happend to him. If he would land or ditch IT would be on log
  15. You want to fly or you want to read the rules? Kathon wrote here that he wanted to give us oportunity to fly while lockdown than updating the rules. It is quite old rule that not the front line is deciding factor to be or not to be captured but how close to the enemy or friendly troops you are like tanks defence random troops briges etc.
  16. Let me be your game master. You were shoot down over friendly lines but some times over friendly lines are enemies advancing too like random troops that reporting enemy planes. They saw you jumping and they drive to place where you landed and they execute You because they can. End of Your sad adult life. cheers. I wish You better luck next time. Now enjoy Your real life for those next 18hours of ban. 😘
  17. It wasnt personal to You. Rather overall comment on balancing problem. Cheers
  18. Ok so what now? This will be always a disbalancing factor and IT will not change we want freedom to people to choose side. Just stop taking it so serious and fly enjoy it. You loosing? Good someone Has to. Germans on WW2 were winning and then they were losing same as russians. You can just feel their pain. It is good to be sometimes balanced sometimes disbalanced IT is good to be sometimes outnubered and superior on numbers. It was like that in real war. So again enjoy all of you the changing tides of war we propose and fly. enjoy holidays for all too. Best wishes from chutekillers LG 😚 Skin made by iksde iksde L/R Todeskvlt πŸ˜„
  19. If you enter another aircraft before your probably kill plane ditch your shot downs from earlier sortie will not be counted.
  20. Update 4.005 postponed so we will fly in two DM scenarios old and new one. Also DM of engines will be added too
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