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  1. Then diverse how many pilots are in Europe zone and other zones. I will create 2 separate squadrons then counting in time zones will work. Example: ILS 15 pilots Europe ILS 5 pilots America
  2. In the link below You will be able to check current balance for next TAW. Squadrons can start write here on forum what side they will fly on next campagin. Please Use this pattern: Squadron name: LG Number of active pilots: 20 Side: Russians Time zone: (Europe, Asia, Americas) screen is filled with hypotetic examples for now. We will consequently update this sheet to provide current balance on campaign. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1YTAYzCL_MTXNQ-CSM6yZCi3AGcsGoS81O8rHlqJDtes/edit?usp=sharing
  3. They are on the same level of accuracy but its true that US aa is worse but its because of game bug on contrary the amount of ammo needed to kill this aa is significant higher than to german ones. You need 3-4 passes with 20mm gun to made IT suppresed and even more to destroy IT completly. We even started to use bombs or rockets or dedicated fw190 with 30mm on those armoured .50 cal aa and we died many times because we thought that aa was dead and suddenly IT start shooting again after suppresion. As soon as devs will add new better aa from normandy set we will add them. Or we consider other
  4. You mean he's spying for Red side...SRS check for 3 min. Land switch side kill free planes. You really want us to made more and more rstrictions for regestering and switching sides...🧐😤🙄
  5. I dont get Your point. Both sides has 4 fighters available. In addition germans have me 262 that is a unicorn cause only 1% can take IT. So more like 3 fighters plus me 262. G14 is much slower than p47 150 octane. This is plane set from bodenplate.
  6. disco is the same as death. same punishment. cheers
  7. Oh so You wasted Your time to check all our flights 😄 look at time between eject and disco. If You are so astute You should notice and conclude that he missclicked leave server than end mission. He could survive if he wouldnt made that mistake. Cheers. Next case please 😘
  8. So I will tell You. He did that first time in his long career. Thank You.
  9. so take Your time and check his deaths if he does that instead of writing some unchecked accusations.
  10. He was already shot down man. Its diffrent than DC before being hit by enemy. He was in a dive spin without wing. He raged that he cant jump and gonna die and he quit. Kill was awarded. Disco punishment was taken.
  11. Those are completly diffrent servers for diffrent players. Most players like simple and not demanding servers that's why finnish Has more and always willa have more players. As players progress their skill they starting to look for more challenge and eventually they jump to TAW. When they learn this hard learning curve and achieve succes on TAW they will never come back to simplier servers if TAW will be online. Other servers arent bad. They are diffrent.
  12. Finnish is for begginer players that like to start from frontline and be in action instantly like berloga. That like laaaaags and teleporting planes. That like to strafe undefended airfields. And for Uber pro players who need 12+ kills on flight to get more likes on YT. And for players that cant leave their comfort zone to learn to fly without technochat...i can do a bad PR too. Dont You think?
  13. This is TAW forum so stop talking about other servers. You fly on others servers go to their forum. Thank You.
  14. it's off since cheat application showed on that was using live data from tacView
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