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  1. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    I understand Your Piont Riksen. My reaction is just summery of frustration because it is frustrating for me. And how frustrating it is for Kathon? cant imagine. Of course my piont about paying for fly as German was a little joke and overreaction Patreon good idea we should think about it 😄
  2. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    Each edition of TAW Kathon is providing new and new solutions for team balancing but people are just people they will exploit and exploit again and again witch is...You know...maybe another solution will be: You want fly as LW you pay a donation when choosing a side?? Funny?
  3. =LG=Coldman

    Tactical Air War

    This. Winning conditions are: -lost all airfields -lost all pilots -lost all airplanes lost all supply trucks all tanks didn't mean you lost. Team that has no tanks/trucks can still draw or even win by killing all pilots and destroying all planes or destroying airfields of enemy.
  4. =LG=Coldman

    Il-2:Great Battles Po-2/U-2VS Raw rocket test

    i have no idea. I did not know that they used rockets on this small plane i was scary that when I fire all of them plane will stop in air 😄 but you cant launch all at once i didn't try attack from higher altitude and angle, maybe it wolud be easier. It's fuuny how You have to imagine the gunsight and aim it properly beacause this mechanical sight is hard for me to set my head on it Maybe in VR it's easier but my headtracker is pushed to the limits
  5. You can see how many players are on specific airfields before you choose side like on widukind screenshoot.
  6. Practice flight on 72AG training server with new modification 8x rockets!!! same as the Il-2 can carry!!! Unlimited rockets on! My first try on it so a lot of misses. It's tricky to aim with those but very fun to do.
  7. tested the U-2 rockets anti tanks and it is a new challange to me learning how to aim those but it is possible 😄 and fun
  8. =LG=Coldman


    Lieutenant-Colonel Pilot Jan Zumbach rests on Powązki in Warsaw in the avenue of well-deserved Poles. Honor his memory. Thank You for this skin
  9. =LG=Coldman

    Solo antishipping sortie on KOTA server

    It was firing. im not able to set firing skill on this server but i do agree that is too easy on KOTA server to not get shoot down by AI crew.
  10. =LG=Coldman

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    If it's Yours, thank You for it. it's amazing!!! I tried to look who made it to tag the maker of the skin but i fail in that. I will edit if it's Yours 😘
  11. =LG=Coldman

    Thunderbolt. (almost) perfect tank killer. Il-2:Great Battles

    P47 is stable in dive plus easy to control the "ball" in center