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  1. can someone post dots on map where those airfields will be? TAW western front is on its way and we need more airfields!!
  2. LG is switching sides every campaign and we dont know when the werehouses spawn. On addition we almost always are loosing side so please stop those accusations. As i wrote IT spawn something every 20 missions rotations plus minus few sometimes both sides on one mission sometimes one after another. Werehouses are visible on map with same icon as depots. On Kuban instead od werehouses we have ship convoys.
  3. i think they spawn every 20 missions or so
  4. You are just a little hungry troll who i'll not feed again. It seems that You get more satisfaction from trolling on forum or game chat when your side is loosing and you can't bare it so you channeling your anger to everyone that is saying anything here on forum...me for example or my not perfect english writing skills. i'm so sorry that my languageskills are not worth your reply. See You in the sky. hope You will encourage your side to fly more than discourage enemy side to fly because they can and want to.😬
  5. and yet you comment from my piont of view this campaing is super well balanced. after 5 maps there is draw. Reds won 2 first maps with the most disadvantage in fighters then lucky draw from blue side and 2 wins of the blue side i would say second was a lucky win. when reds was holding last map it was super cool than something happend to attendance of red pilots and they started to loose and circle of death started they start whine and stop flying in the same time...it is not a simplification it is just simple as it is and im not a Dev. im just in squadron with dev in it...so this is my opinion not the TAW dev team
  6. when reds recognize that they are start to loosing they stop flying. this is why blues have numerical advantage and win. just look at the new map. i thought it is because of holidays but it seems to do nothing with it
  7. tank boost due to supply by center depot spawn Russian side got it too. lost of tanks is not auto win.
  8. Go back to WOL or other more populated servers, take your he111 fly 100m above enemy artillery drop your bombs destroy everything and land without a scratch and be proud on yourself. But stop writing here that you are able to fly 48h on your private sp campaign without loss od plane and it is good and when you Die 3 times on TAW in 5 h and it is bad. TAW is hard and best mp pilots struggle to survive here so polish your skill on other servers or learn in hard way here how to survive. Rules here are hard and unforgetable for balance overpopularity of this server and encourage best pilots to fly here and test your skill. It is like hell mode on Diablo game with Ironman mode on almost .
  9. Broken FM...this forum is about TAW server. Post your tears on bugs forum. We are not devs of FM or this game...we are devs of TAW server. I ate so much popcorn reading those post that I will be fat because of you guys...shame on You!!! I will blame you all if my girlfriend will brake up with me cause I'm fat... Ps. Please continue...i like popcorn and your tears
  10. Simple solution. Lock bomb loads on fighters
  11. There was no bodenplatte planes in last 2 TAW's. La5FN is available on 2 last maps so it's not 1942. We are now at developing new campaign on rheinland map which will cover from 2 to 4 maps as a separate campaign probably. If you have any ideas about it post it here. For now we are preparing standard TAW maps with domination by capture cities and airfields but there are ideas about make for example a map where allies have to aerial bomb many depots like rhur region and others in specific X days and destroy X percentage of depots to win map, Germans has to defend it and not let allies to destroy X percentage of depots in specific X days of map to win. and there will be no groud battles like on old eastern front. It could be a prelude to invasion and standard TAW battles. What do you think about it? Early map of aerial bombing of Germany below. Red dots are bombers airfields, orange allied fighter airfields. Black dots axis airfields and blue squares are depots to defend by Germans.
  12. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. If you successful in transport then you get a Combat Mission
  13. Heavy dogfight with cooperating pair of 109 vs me in Spitfire mk.Vb. A lot of tactical and defensive actions and few offensive ended with unexpected victory over both planes.At first only First person view. After fight external view. Enjoy.
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