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  1. Simple solution. Lock bomb loads on fighters
  2. There was no bodenplatte planes in last 2 TAW's. La5FN is available on 2 last maps so it's not 1942. We are now at developing new campaign on rheinland map which will cover from 2 to 4 maps as a separate campaign probably. If you have any ideas about it post it here. For now we are preparing standard TAW maps with domination by capture cities and airfields but there are ideas about make for example a map where allies have to aerial bomb many depots like rhur region and others in specific X days and destroy X percentage of depots to win map, Germans has to defend it and not let allies to destroy X percentage of depots in specific X days of map to win. and there will be no groud battles like on old eastern front. It could be a prelude to invasion and standard TAW battles. What do you think about it? Early map of aerial bombing of Germany below. Red dots are bombers airfields, orange allied fighter airfields. Black dots axis airfields and blue squares are depots to defend by Germans.
  3. You must takeoff from an airfield damaged less than 40% and successfully land on an airfield damaged more than 0%. If you successful in transport then you get a Combat Mission
  4. Heavy dogfight with cooperating pair of 109 vs me in Spitfire mk.Vb. A lot of tactical and defensive actions and few offensive ended with unexpected victory over both planes.At first only First person view. After fight external view. Enjoy.
  5. We are doomed...who will pay now? 😲
  6. read the manual first then ask. you die 2 times and one disco so you lost 3 lives and got 24 h ban acording to the rules. why you was able to fly? there is a bug probably in script logic so in some circumstances you maybe allowed to fly.
  7. Today one of our virtual pilots from our little community died in a aircraft accident over Poland in Silesia. 303_Kwiatek was active pilot of virtual 303 Squadron and expirienced real life pilot. To honor His memory we decided to stop the server and our virtual war for 24h. Rest in peace 😔
  8. Lagg is +1 plane on this map. If you die while enemy team has number advantage you will not loose. 1.0 live but percentage difference of enemy advantage or something like that. So I think it was possible to loose 4 lags and 4 lives
  9. I just put 120 he 20mm bullets in almost one pass and was lucky. You want to say that now it is something wrong when your peshka aimbot is not working?
  10. There are 3 groups of pillboxes connected with tunnels that are targets. Rest of them are empty and not count as targets. Despite that all combat wehicles tanks and guns are targets and not all trucks
  11. absence of headtracker seems to help You on aim. it is OP aiming. good job
  12. Ok i thought your screenshot was the evidence/proof that why I asked
  13. Why do You think that it is D9 in A8 skin?
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