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  1. By the end of campaing 26 or 27 pilota Has rank to fly me262. At the begining od 2 map there were about 6-7 pilots that could took off in schwalbe. We can limit IT more for example limitation on fuel that you can take dependant on depot destruction. But we are happy on changes to plane set. Personnaly i think that swap tempest with p51 on first map will be ok. We will balance it sooner or later but me262 will be flyable. Remmember that western front is still on early stage of development and we need a map (BON) and more planes to make IT longer and funnier.
  2. what about separate maps for britain vs germany (market garden) and USAF vs Germany (ardennes) ?
  3. Me262 will be marginal this time we hope. We hardcoded for ourselfs max 4 fighters per map and Hope for even less in the future when we got new map. Potentially i see 6 maps on western front with "kind of battle od britain" or just after that, then pre invasion map and post invasion (maybe invasion itself) and those 2 rheinland maps. If it will happen then plane set will be easier to draw. Be patient. Enjoy what kathon is giving to us.
  4. Learn on QMB the cycle with technochat. default is belly first then wing right wing left i think. Bug with wrong air pressure is fixed.
  5. Is the plane set favorizing anybody? IT looks balanced and semi historical acurate(metalhead explained our attitude). Allies Has slightly advantage with tempest on 1st map. Germans will have huge advantage on second map. We are looking at altitude/pressure problem (we probably adressed the issue) indestructable trucks we are looking at it. Lack of british faction is on progress (kathon spend a lot od time changing russians to americans-tons od script had to be manually checked) we are conisdering spliting allies factions then you will have to choose you fly RAF or USAF.probably after BON map realese or more planes.
  6. First fly in QMB ground strike mission with new P47 D-22 in Early Access to Battle of Normandy. Recrodings on 3440x1440 21:9 monitor.
  7. TAW will surely turn off technochat if it will not collide with other messages like report of enemy attack on targets.
  8. I answered your question check better.
  9. this is your random defence? random troops will trigger when enemy is close and will spawn aaa only after trigger
  10. light armored is not only light tanks but every armored halftruck etc. But not every light armored counts as tank . Clear?
  11. 2 light tanks per random sqaud. Armored vehicles do not count to tanks.
  12. 3 buldings depot are 1 tank destroyed 3:1 ratio. as I understand so it is 3.66 tanks destroyed by buldings destruction
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