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  1. Maybe troll TAW from bad devs to never happy TAW community this time TAW blue vs blue XD
  2. From your stats looks like you didnt hit end mission but leave server wich could end in pilot exit.
  3. Riksen please add arado 234 and spit XIV and you will be promoted to LG recruit o7 i like this plane set
  4. True p47 is fast but cant manouver well on high. its pure interceptor
  5. You should kill the pilot on shute
  6. just for feeling of trajectory and some tryouts on first flight with rockets on PO-2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7n5I-a2juGU
  7. is this on MP server or coop mission?
  8. Lone wolfing on Combat Box server full mission flight time resulted in 8 kills and 1 ship destroyed. First 2 sorties ended in emergency landing at same airfield in almost same conditions after being hit by 110 gunner. 3rd sortie was a bombing run on ship convoy not really succesfull with only one ship sinked but after that happens 2 nice kills on 2 109. Last sortie was short and fights started just after take off. Enjoy
  9. Read then manual on TAW site while its offline it will answer your first questions. About scaling of course there is scaling cause full server means 42vs42 players ideal but some times there are squadros that big or few flying coordinated that You can see big formations up to 20 Pe2 plus fighter cover (i was participant of that big wing)
  10. Please lets end this discution about rewards. Admins will close this topic if we dont calm down. Nobody can Ask when next TAW will start 😛 we, as always will polish all new things in time. So please everybody start asking kathon when TAW starts!!!
  11. IT looks like You trying to input something or start an inquisition/witch Hunt on someone? If so IT is very disturbing. This is TAW topic and if You want start Your discussion about something start Your own topic.
  12. can someone post dots on map where those airfields will be? TAW western front is on its way and we need more airfields!!
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