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  1. Any way of swapping sides? Tired of being never able to fly as blue?
  2. I admired the Dr1 pilots serene obliviousness to what was going on. His total lack of skill was evident... Yes it was me, if I recall correctly I was still trying to decide if it was a near miss from flack or if I was under attack. It was down hill from there, literally. The coup de grace was brilliant. When you initially attack I love the way you keep looped back (I am sure there is a proper name for this in pilot jargon) until you are onto my tail as you reduced speed in your dive. You learn something every day as when I am flying the Camel I normal damage my engine dropping that much altitude.
  3. Getting ready to once again, die repeatedly, over and over again! On a bright note I have purchased Tacview Advanced. Now every time I repeatedly go down in flames I will at least know why
  4. Thank God, I thought I was going blind, being clearly able to see the plane and then it would disappear until I closed range and it would suddenly reappear.
  5. Jasta 5 Server Flugpark server, where is it based EU or NA. I never get to see it's ping no matter how long I wait.
  6. The only reason I complain or whine is not because I do not like FC1, it is because I had hoped it would have propelled the genre back into the main stream. I know it is a niche market product but I just wish they had spent a little time thinking about the "New Player' experience. If they had added all these bells and whistles to a RoF 2.0 even at a higher price point new players would have been flood with a fantastic VR plane filled world. Instead we have this. An attempt to follow the same business model as the rest of the Sturmovik Battle series. a sim broken up into parts that will someday live up to it's potential. With Microsoft re-entering the flight sim world RoF 2.0 could have been WoW!!!!! But it is too late crying about what could have been. FC1 is what it is a great add on for us multiplayer flyers of the Sturmovik series all you need for it to be great is an imagination...
  7. I love WW1 air combat, so I bought FC1. But, and it is a very big but, if you hope to sell a product you cannot release a half-baked idea of a sim. This seems to be a, "what the hell," let's grab a few pennies more. A ROF 2.0 and you add the price tag of the new textures would have been one thing, I would have easily shelled out over $100 for that but this is a joke of a game. Do not get me wrong, I will fly it and enjoy it when there are actual servers with pilots. But you cannot sell a unfinished product and say "buy me" and I will make it better especially when it is a literal carbon copy of an existing game with better textures etc? What I am seeing is ROF with a reduced plane set and map ported to the upgraded engine. My guess is over the next few month FC2, FC3 and FC4 will be rolled out until the entire ROF plane set is exhausted. Lot's of smoke and mirrors but essentially the same game. Now there is a reason there is no campaign dynamic or otherwise because people will pay more. They remember the ROF heydays when people shelled out $14.99 for a new plane etc. I will be the first to say, FC1 looks miles better than ROF and before someone shouts but we get VR, if they had ported the engine to ROF you would have your VR, who am I kidding, this is exactly what they are doing. FC1 is not a new game but the latest advancements of the Digital Nature engine ported back into ROF onto a smaller map...
  8. Being an avid RoF pilot I really expected better. No man's Land is generic and apart from upgraded textures it is a copy of RoF. The planes are RoF copies as well. I remember when 777 took over IL2 how RoF pilots were told they would not be abandoned and that the new flight models and advances to the engine would make their way to RoF. RoF however was just dumped, When I read that Boddenplate and FC 1 are near release I feel cheated having bought FC 1
  9. The reason this is one of the most popular servers is because it is a war re-enactment
  10. I joined blue from the start to help the reds. My F4 sorties are notoriously short. Normally ending in a crater.
  11. <iframe width="1039" height="621" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ Having been chute shot, I honestly do not care one-way or another. If you play this as a simulator of the war, the tactic was often used. Gentlemen do not win wars. The pilot that killed my virtual life had made the decision to kill me the moment I bailed out. One less plane and one less pilot. It is just the same for me. I play the game as a war simulator. While I will not chute kill my enemy I always wait till my pilot hits the ground before I quit. You will be surprised how many times you get killed hitting trees. To each his own virtual TAW. I do not begrudge the pilot his kills... S!
  12. The new TAW campaign starts on 16.09.18 Sunday European morning. Just thought I would say Good morning everyone. ⏰ F5, F5, F5, F5,F5, F5, F5, F5,F5, F5, F5, F5,F5, F5, F5, F5,F5, F5, F5, F5...
  13. As we prepare for another TAW, I thought I would share this for a little immersion https://youtu.be/Yr-Zz5HbO7Q
  14. Okay steam has suddenly told me planes I bought on this site are invalid, I am assuming it is a bug as when I check here they are all valid. And when I play the game they are all there. Just annoying to be told by steam I am a thief. I gave up trying to figure out how to get steam support to fix it...
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