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  1. Mission 1. The Tail wheel is not locked on the Fw190 and you can't lock it all. As you taxi down the runway it locks and unlocks by itself. I would assume its a bug in this scripted campaign? Most of the time when powering up I just spin out and crash. Not fun.
  2. My game updated to 2.009B. New changes? i don't have VR so might not apply to me?
  3. guess it was an online issue. It's now fixed.
  4. I posted my request for help in the 2.009 vr discussion topic and got no response. Also emailed IC tech support and no response from them either. I am getting a #10036 error personal package not available for your account or your game copy includes modified configuration files. Since installing 2.009 my game gives me this error and is unplayable. Really frustrating because I am not regular player of the game and it worked great for me up until then. With the 2.009 coming out I purchased, downloaded and installed BOM ( I have BOS and the LA5 and FW190 planes) on steam but realized they don't offer the premium edition which I wanted. So they refunded my purchase. When I next logged on the BOM icon's were gone as expected and 2.009 was downloaded and installed. Now the damn game doesn't even work. I was about to purchase BOM premium but not now. The crashing and lack of support is making me shy away from this sim and any further purchases.
  5. Bogus patch if it crashes your game. Like it does for me.
  6. For update 2009 I get an error #10036 Personal package not available for your account or your game copy contains modified pilots configuration files or weaponry configuration files.Game can't work correctly in this case. What's going on here. I purchased BOM from Steam but wanted BOM Premier addition which they don't offer (Why I don't know they offer everything else) so I got a refund as was going to get it from the IL2 site. Could this have something to do with the crashes I am seeing????? Please advise.
  7. Thanks, I saw the sale post about IL2-BOM Does the price on the IL2 website for IL-2 BOM premium already take into account the discounted price mentioned in the currently running sale???
  8. Hi guys, I have IL2 BOS on Steam but I wanted to get IL2 BOM Premium edition but its not on steam. If I purchase IL2-BOM Premium through the IL-2 site can I play it and have it integrated with my BOS on Steam?
  9. I purchased the LA5 and FW190 on Steam and it says installed on my steam account but they are still locked in the game and when I click on the say the 190 for instance it asks me if I want to purchase it. What the heck is going on here?
  10. Hi everyone, Is there a way to add the game pins/tags and a tags section to your profile? How is this done? David,
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