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  1. God have mercy on us poor luftwaffles, because that bastard Spitfire sure as hell won't. I whine, but I'm still super stoked to fly it 😆
  2. Yay. American-centric racial politics, my favourite flight simulation topic. On a more relevant topic, I really don't see the appeal of either aircraft beyond that there historically relevant. I really hope they have something interesting in the way of options or mods, otherwise I probably won't touch them past an initial test flight.
  3. Happens to the best of us, you found and fixed the issue so I say it's nothing to get worked up about. And I wouldn't take Bilbo Baggins tantrum too personally, people tend to get emotional overinvested in there pixel warbirds if you ask me.
  4. Is it though? From what I've heard it's fairly inline with reality; nothing I've seen them do is outside of what it could do IRL.
  5. I would be pretty cool to have some black pilots for the Brits and Yanks.
  6. Which is still a far cry from needing a new engine and you still haven't posted any proof of supposed engine limits.
  7. Where did you here that? Last I checked there engine is proprietary, and we know they are actively developing it so this argument that they need a new engine never made sense to me.
  8. I would absolutely love some carrier ops in the Med or Atlantic. The FAA really doesn't get enough love in my opinion.
  9. Or more generally the performance difference between them and the yak-1B, from what I can see there very similar.
  10. If I had to choose between no Japanese aircraft or speculative performance, I would choose speculative performance. But that might not be representative of the average consumer, so I can only hope the team has better luck going forward.
  11. What if they implemented a 'skip to combat area' function? Like you take off from Rabaul, set a flightpath/waypoint to your designated combat area and hit a key to skip the 1-2 hour flight time. You could have it calculate whether you get intercepted, stumble across something or if have engine/fuel issues and then drop you out of skip mode to deal with that.
  12. So there has been several short discussions on this forum about this particular topic already, but since we have had BoN with its V1 missions announced I felt it was a good time to start a topic about it. Examples of things to discuss are the aircraft used to intercept V1's, how these missions where done and what potential new mechanics (like radar ground control) might be needed. I'm also interested in any data about potential tuning or modification done to these aircraft to aid in these missions.
  13. That doesn't change the fact that they are not worth making right now for 1CG. And there's a decent chance we will see a flyable B-25/B-26 in the future. It's important to remember we are not dealing with triple A devs here, they are working with limited budget and staff so there's always going to be something left out.
  14. It seems premature to argue about the G6/AS seeing as we don't even know what mods the G6 Late will have on release. It would be nice if they included it, but that depends on the dev's having the resources for it.
  15. The heavy bombers unfortunately have several issues to overcome before implementation. I've ordered them in most difficult to least: Time and money needed are considerably more then even twin engine bombers and would end up eating into the budget and man-hours set aside for other aircraft, even more if you want them to do anything other then daytime level bombing, The final product would likely be expensive and it is difficult to pin down exactly how well it might sell, which isn't a great thing to say to investors, They push the current engine to it's limits in any reasonably sized formation and additional assets required to simulate flak zones, bombing targets and intercept fighters would make this even worse, And finally they are somewhat outside the tactical scope of the game, and likely wouldn't be as fun as people hope they will be. A large part of heavy bomber simulation is navigation, formation and systems management, none of which have much depth in the game at the moment. Overall it's something I would like to see at some point, but it is probably not going to happen within the next couple of years.
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