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  1. I suspect Korea would come well after PTO expansions, simply due to requiring aircraft carrier mechanics and radart tomake it work among other things. And I honestly wouldn't mind a Korea expansion but only after they have covered the major theatres of ww2.
  2. Honestly careers are much better when your squadron CO as you get to set the speed, altitude and direction of the flight. But you are right in that strike missions get intercepted far too often and the ai gets dragged into fights it should be avoiding.
  3. B-25, Spitfire XIV would be my first two guesses with the third being a wildcard. I mean it could really be anything from a late war yak, to a mossie or even the me410.
  4. Would you recommend this over a Logitech X56? I'm trying to decide between the T.16000 and the Logi X56, and I'm concerned about the apparent quality issues surrounding the X56. Trading out some extra functionality for a set of pedals and better build quality sounds like it might be worth it.
  5. MIdway is interesting mostly because it was a almost certainly failed operation right from the start; at least in terms of actually taking the island itself. The Japanese naval troops where outnumbered and outgunned by the Marine defenders, who had dug in throughly, and had both artillery and light armor support. Add in Japanese inexperience with opposed landings, lack of coordination between landing troops and naval/air forces, the IJN being at the end of it's logistical tether and it's extremely likely Midway would have remained in American hands at the end of the battle. The fleet action on the other hand could have gone either way, especially if the IJN had it's surface fleet in a better position at the start of the battle.
  6. This is why I fly luftwaffle: no dicking around with turbo's and manifold temps. Just forward throttle to go fast and back throttle to go slow :😋 On a more relevant note, when did the zero length rockets enter service on the P-51?
  7. Mosquito is too much of a classic for it to not be included at some point, with the real question being exactly when it will appear.
  8. New Guinea; be nice to recreate some of my service's (RAAF) most important battles.
  9. Fair enough. Must've went over my head.
  10. I'm not really a mustang guy, so I actually was thinking about the D-30's performance compared to the earlier blocks and didn't realize it's post war. And your right that most of the differences from what I could find where little factory improvements like landing lights and switches.
  11. Always did wonder why 20mm cannon wasn't more popular with the USAAF/USN, so it's good to finally get an answer. On a more related note, anybody know what block P-51D where getting? I've heard there's some noticable peformance differences between the blocks, so it would be good to know what exactly we are getting.
  12. I'm really kind of want the Spitfire XIV and but I also kind of don't. I really want it because it's a beautiful aircraft and has very good performance..........but I also don't want it because it has better performance then my beloved Dora 9. And since I'm a campaign guy, the AI's super spotting abilities and terminator level of determination it will probably make it a colossal pain to fight......... Nethertheless it fits the timeframe, it's a beloved aircraft (therefore very marketable) and it will almost certainly make the game more fun so it gets my vote.
  13. I wouldn't mind seeing a Ta-152H or C, as well the Do217. Me410 would also be pretty fun.
  14. I believe the real value of Typhoon rocket attacks is how disruptive, rather then destructive they where. I mean constantly losing men, fuel trucks, half-tracks, artillery and very occasionally an entire tank to air attack is fairly demoralizing, especially when after everyone of those attacks you have to make repairs, salvage wrecks, deal with casualties and then get everyone organized and ready to fight again. Even an attack that doesn't damage anything or cause casualties is going to rattle nerves, so subject a unit to enough of them and they will start losing combat effectiveness well out of propotion of the actual losses, and hence start taking more countermeasures to prevent it.
  15. Pretentious drink metaphors aside, I believe that giving the Tempest V bombs is unlikely to affect the possibility of the Typhoon appearing in the future. Mostly because the decision to make a playable Typhoon is far more dependant on things like potential sales, access to documents/resources and whether or not it fits a future theatre. Plus, At the end of the day this is still a game and if the devs feel there game would be more fun or profitable with bomb hauling Tempests (or flyable Typhoons) then that is what they will do. Also consider that they already restrict armaments in campaign to historical service dates, so you may not even be able to use bombs for most of the campaign or they may even make them an optional thing.
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