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  1. Does emergency time change depending on throttle? Like if I go emergency mode - 80 percent throttle, will that last longer then emergency mode - 100 percent throttle?
  2. There also seems to be a mismatch between numbers of allied and enemy A/C. On my Spit 9 career our flight of 4 intercepted 12 Fw190A8's, and then somehow dragged another 8(!) BF109G-14's into it. I scored 6 kills and still had 11 A/C chasing me to my airbase. They really need to look into having a 'Help me' command or a ready flight to call on when your being pursued, as it really is frustrating to be dragging half an enemy airforce around Benelux trying to get a chance to land.
  3. It was more like that the sheer power would pull the aircraft around on takeoff/landings and at near stall speeds. Wikipedia mentions they apparently had to use quite a bit of rudder and aileron just to keep it straight on takeoff.
  4. Chill [edited] out guys the module is still in early access and the new spotting mechanic is clearly still be actively tweaked and worked on. Report on what you see is happening, state calmly what you feel is or isn't working and then move on. [edited]
  5. Interesting discussion about the state of affairs regarding red/blue balance and peoples feelings on it, but I actually intended this to be a more technical discussion centered around other late war axis props, specifically in regards to whether or not we have anything else that's as competitive as our current birds (I can only really think of the Ki-84). Also to clear the air a little bit, I honestly have no problems over whether Red or Blue have superior aircraft as I generally fly whatever has caught my interest at the time. For the moment that's the FW-190A8 which may have inflated my opinion of allied aircraft a little bit...... I suspect he may have witnessed it happening once or twice and then assumed that's why they weren't getting parts and supplies, as opposed to more mundane reasons. I can't imagine the logistics guys would do much to correct that thinking; "Yeah it's was the luftwaffe's fault we're late, we totally didn't muck up the schedule by taking the wrong left and causing a traffic jam or anything."
  6. I'll start this off by saying how pleased I am with the latest group of Allied fighters; they are authentic, very powerful and fun to fly. However they have also noticably swung the balance of power in the Allies favour which left me wondering; are there any other axis planes that can keep up with these allied aircraft or are the Kurfurst and Dora there best performing opponents?
  7. I suspect Korea would come well after PTO expansions, simply due to requiring aircraft carrier mechanics and radart tomake it work among other things. And I honestly wouldn't mind a Korea expansion but only after they have covered the major theatres of ww2.
  8. Honestly careers are much better when your squadron CO as you get to set the speed, altitude and direction of the flight. But you are right in that strike missions get intercepted far too often and the ai gets dragged into fights it should be avoiding.
  9. B-25, Spitfire XIV would be my first two guesses with the third being a wildcard. I mean it could really be anything from a late war yak, to a mossie or even the me410.
  10. Would you recommend this over a Logitech X56? I'm trying to decide between the T.16000 and the Logi X56, and I'm concerned about the apparent quality issues surrounding the X56. Trading out some extra functionality for a set of pedals and better build quality sounds like it might be worth it.
  11. MIdway is interesting mostly because it was a almost certainly failed operation right from the start; at least in terms of actually taking the island itself. The Japanese naval troops where outnumbered and outgunned by the Marine defenders, who had dug in throughly, and had both artillery and light armor support. Add in Japanese inexperience with opposed landings, lack of coordination between landing troops and naval/air forces, the IJN being at the end of it's logistical tether and it's extremely likely Midway would have remained in American hands at the end of the battle. The fleet action on the other hand could have gone either way, especially if the IJN had it's surface fleet in a better position at the start of the battle.
  12. This is why I fly luftwaffle: no dicking around with turbo's and manifold temps. Just forward throttle to go fast and back throttle to go slow :😋 On a more relevant note, when did the zero length rockets enter service on the P-51?
  13. Mosquito is too much of a classic for it to not be included at some point, with the real question being exactly when it will appear.
  14. New Guinea; be nice to recreate some of my service's (RAAF) most important battles.
  15. Fair enough. Must've went over my head.
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