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  1. I am very glad that Combatbox is focused on late war plane sets. Got tired of those 41-42 planes during those first 5 years.
  2. Thanks. Everything went fine 15 mins after I had posted my message 😀
  3. Same here. I was able to join and play Stalingrad Scramble 1 hour ago, but failed to join mission that was running just before that one and cannot join Battle of the Scheldt that is running now.
  4. This will not help without checking their 6 o'clock. Those who don't check 6 at 10K away from home base, will not be checking same behind enemy lines as well. Beside that, many people just don't bother to climb at all. They just proceed at deck level towards the target, or whatever their destination is. Can we attack them? Or this is not fair since they don't have altitude? Server is great as it is now. IMHO
  5. Thanks for quick reply, Talon. No problemo😀......this is just a game
  6. I fly every day, score kills, but somehow stat ignores me since 09th of October, like I do not exist 😕
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