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  1. Thinking about a starting a new squad "Sky Kings" Must be able to barrel roll
  2. Because your first flight at 14 wasn't stealing a twin engine prop, taking off by yourself and then doing aerobatics probably I think we'll have to agree to disagree. I think what that guy did wasn't easy, if the news is telling the truth he had absolutely zero flying experience. If that's true he must have planned it maybe he's had some in cockpit experience or bare minimum just sitting in it when people weren't looking so he could become familiar with the controls. "What's so hard about the maneuver" It's not the maneuver that is hard for someone who knows what they'r
  3. I claim to know nothing? Did I really? I have a PPL and decades of flying sims and I don't believe a total novice who has never steeped foot in a cockpit could take off let alone do this maneuver. This guy had to have had some flying experience...either that or he was a hardcore simmer and did his research. I did not say it's not possible to do aerobatics in a commercial either. Do you fly? Can you remember your first flight?
  4. There's another video that shows it from the side, he doesn't pull out at the last second, he had plenty of room but stopped pulling back and kept it straight until he was much lower and then pulled out which makes it look like it was such a close call. All I'm saying is I find it hard to belive he'd never sat in a pilots seat.
  5. I see the aircraft were not at as large, nor did he fly aerobatics Apparently it did just happen but I find it hard to believe the narative...do you fly? I think this guy must have had flying experience, maybe he wanted to get a sponsorship and then got shafted because of affirmative action hense some of the things he said. The guy had some skills
  6. I don't believe I said they don't have the power nor capability. I think that saying any old person with zero experience can start up, taxi, take off, navigate to some extent and perform such maneuvers in a twin engine turbo prop is optimistic to the extreme if that person had never stepped foot in the cabin of that aircraft. He must have had a hell of a lot more knowlege than what the media suggests. It's very easy to say " Why do people always assume it takes skill to do basic aerobatics? " suggesting anyone could do these maneuvers with zero experience when they haven't done it
  7. Interesting, have you done aerobatics in a twin engine commercial aircraft then?
  8. Have you seen the maneuver he did? That does look like some very impressive flying (obviously like Gambit says he didn't care if he survived it which helps) but to barrel rolling a twin engine prop like that surely must take some skill? I hadn't really paid attention to the story but saw some trolly videos posted online and when I watched the maneuvers he did I couldn't believe what I was seeing from a non-pilot! Cheers for the info
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